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I Wanna Be

“Just a few days before our first day of college, you excited?” Omari asked looking over at his girlfriend of one year and best-friend of seven.

“Yeah…I guess.” Dominique mumbled looking out the window

“Baby please don’t be like that, I know you wanted to go to UNC but USC is a really good school too.”

“Omari I could care less about the education because I’m going to get one regardless, I just had my heart set on being a Tar Heel ever since I can remember. Playing soccer for them was a dream and now I’m going to be playing for a school who isn’t even ranked. So could you please let me sit over here and mope?” she asked looking over at him.

Omari let out a sigh as he got off on the very next exit. He pulled off to the side and put the car in park.

“And in other NCAA sports related news Christopher Brown has officially been taken off of U of A’s roster. This is a complete shocker to the college basketball world! A definite shoe-in for the NBA has literally disappeared off the face of the planet. We’ve tried reaching out to the university but…”

Omari cut the radio off and looked to Dominique.

“Babe forgive me if I’m trying to put you in a better mood, but USC was the best choice for me. I swear to God I appreciate the sacrifice you made to be with me. But sweetie I want to go pro and this was the very best way.”

“Omari you were the number one running back in the nation, you put every single personal stat and national record to shame. You could’ve went to a school that had a class size of only the football team and you’d still get drafted!” Dominique explained irritated.

“But you’re the number one midfielder in the nation, so why not put your skills to use and get USC ranked?”

“Please leave my ego be.” She said rolling her eyes.

“What I gotta do to make you happy?”

“Keep driving and let me adjust to this at my own pace.” She said reaching in the back to grab a pillow.

Omari watched her turn in her seat towards the window while snuggling up to the pillow. He sat there for a second and let the guilt eat at him. She was right, he could’ve went to any school especially UNC who was also throwing offers at him, and he would’ve been drafted. He knew she knew he was bulls***ting her about great opportunities. In all honesty he wanted to move from the country. Austin was cool but not where he wanted to be, he wanted the glitz and glam the City of Angels had to offer. He wanted that celebrity feeling he knew he’d get playing for USC. He wanted her right there by his side to experience it with him. Two national number ones on one another’s arm would’ve been a good look for them. Constantly on Sports Center, sharing the cover of ESPN and Sports Illustrated magazine, the sky was the limit for this power couple. But above all else he loved her and couldn’t imagine them an entire country apart from one another. Omari would’ve absolutely died if she were to fall in love with another man, especially if it were his fault and selfishness had anything to do with it.

“Baby” he said reaching over and touching her shoulder.

“What Omari?” she grumbled half asleep into the pillow.

“Come to the back with me.” He said unbuckling his seatbelt and moving to the back of his Range Rover.

She rolled her eyes as she did as he requested. Omari was leaning up against the window with his legs stretched out and Dominique climbed in between them and laid up against his chest. They sat there for a few minutes in silence.

“Dominique I love you with all my heart baby and it’s killing me that you’re unhappy because of a decision I made and begged you to make. I need you sweetheart, I mean I could do this without you but nowhere near my fullest potential. I’d probably get my scholarship pulled from how horrible I’d be playing.”

“It’s ok Omari, I just need some time to adjust. I’m sure I’ll be happy here, I just have to get over the fact that my mascot is a damn condom.”

“It’s not a condom baby, it’s a Trojan.” Omari said laughing.

“Well when I think of Trojan I think of the condom.”

“I don’t see how.” Omari joked grinning.

“Just cause I don’t f*** don’t mean I don’t watch TV Ishmael. All of those ridiculous commercials it’s hard not to notice.” She said irritated.

“I’m just kidding baby, chill with the Ishmael.” He laughed again knowing that he was upsetting her from her use of his middle name.

“Whatever, so why we back here anyways?”

“Multiple reasons main one being that I just wanted to hold you for a little while. Secondly I’m a little tired from all the driving.”

“Who wanted to drive though?”

“Me but I just wanted to spend more time with you on this little road trip. If I’d of known you would’ve been acting like this I would’ve had my s*** shipped too and dealt with you on that short ass flight.” Omari teased through laughs.

Dominique quickly spun around in his arms and kept hitting him in his arms and chest. Omari was laughing the whole time while trying to contain her arms.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I was just kidding baby.” He said still laughing.

“You play too damn much.” She laughed straddling his lap.

“But you still love me so deal with it.” He said leaning forward with his hands on her hips.

“Keep it up with that smart ass mouth of yours and I’ll be loving you from North Carolina.”

“Don’t play babe.” Omari said getting serious and making Dominique laugh even more.

He knew this to be true because just the day before they left UNC was calling her to make sure that she was completely sure about her decision.

“Now it’s your turn to stop tripping cause you know I ain’t leaving you.”

“You bet not break my heart like that.” Omari said leaning forward kissing her lips that were formed into a smile.

After a sweet make-out session the two sat there holding one another, having meaningless conversation and sharing laughs. The two were content with one another’s presence.

“Ok you, it’s time to go.” Dominique said getting off of his lap and making her way to the passenger seat.

“But I was enjoying myself.” Omari complained from the back.

“I was too but we gotta go baby, we’re only 6 hours or so out.”

“You say it like it’s not a long time.” Omari said making his way to the driver’s seat.

“It’s not” she said snuggling back up to her pillow but this time facing Omari.

“That’s because you’re not driving.” Omari huffed.

“Then maybe you should’ve listened when I told you we should fly.” She teased laughing.

“f*** you man” Omari laughed.

“Maybe one day.” She grinned.

Omari nodded his head while gazing at her.

“Given your past I know that this must be hard for you, but I really do appreciate your efforts and how patient you’re being with me.”

“It’s nothing ma, I love you and if you want to wait to make love then I’m willing to wait until you’re ready. Even if you want to wait these next four years until we get married I’ll gladly do it.” Omari smiled meaning every word he said.

“Trust me it won’t be that long.”

“No?” he smiled.

She smiled back and shook her head no.

“Can I get a round about time frame so I know when I need to be ready?”

“Nope, it’ll just have to be a surprise. Hold up…what you mean be ready?”

“Well I don’t want to disappoint you so I’ve been practicing to keep myself up to par. High five!” Omari said reaching out with his right hand.

“Eww baby that’s gross.” Dominique laughed shoving his hand away.

“No it’s not, that s*** is natural.” Omari said putting the truck in drive.

(((7 Hours Later)))

The two arrived in Los Angeles and looked around impressed with what they saw. Omari followed the directions his navigation gave to the USC campus. They pulled up in front of a building that the navigation led them to and out front were a few students. They looked older as if they’d been attending for at least a year or two. They held a certain presence about them that screamed confidence. Only a few things could give off that feeling without words, popularity, money, or athletes. In this case it was all three. Omari rushed around to the other side of his truck to help Dominique out.

“Omari Grandberry and Dominique DeLorme it’s a pleasure to finally have you here.” One of the guys greeted smiling, descending the steps.


*does the running man* YES!! IT'S ABOUT TO HAPPEN! THE RELATIONSHIP IS INEVITABLE! I can only imagine how omari would've felt seeing the passion and chemistry ignited beaten them through their lil make out session :) I'm hooked on this story. ITs my crack! I need another hit like now!!

Run it!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Loved this last add! I just did a little happy dance! Chris and Dom are just too cute! They seem so perfect for each other. I'm happy they finally know how they feel about one another. & those kisses!!! Omari is about to have a fit, honey! RUN IT!!!!!!

Happy Valentine's I'm going to enjoy some well earned sleep. As always please let me know what you think.

(((The next morning)))

Dominique woke up not recognizing where she was at but didn’t worry for too long once she caught a glimpse of a familiar tattooed arm. She tried to gently get out of the bed but the arms wrapped around her tighter.

“Where you going?” Chris asked.

“I don’t really know. What time is it?”

“Early, maybe six or seven.”

“Want me to go get a nurse?”

“Why? My healing process won’t continue with you gone.”

“Charming, but in case you wanted to stay here we’re gonna need a nurse so she can get the doctor and he can release you. Plus your whole body is starting to wake up.” She said raised above him, slightly leaned to the right on her knee.

Chris began to turn bright red as he gently pushed her away from him.

“I’m so sorry”

“It’s fine” she laughed walking out of the room.

She found a nurse but stalled to give Chris a few extra minutes to get himself together. She and the doctor both went at the same time, checked Chris’s vitals, and when they were satisfied with what they saw they left the room. The nurse promised to return shortly with his discharge papers.

“Well how kind, they dried our clothes.” Dominique said grabbing the two plastic hospital bags with their things in them.

After they dressed they waited around for Chris’s papers and as soon as he got them they left. Out front waiting for them was the soccer team, basketball team, Omegas, and Deltas.

“You still mad huh?” Zoe asked.

“Where are my keys?”

“Yeah you still mad.” She said walking up to her with everything she dumped out of her and Chris’s pockets.

Dominique walked straight to her truck and got in. Chris wasn’t too far behind.

“We’ll talk later.” Chris said to his brothers.

“We need to talk to you too.” The President of Delta requested.

Chris guessed what she wanted and responded with a grin and a head nod. Then he hopped up in Dominique’s truck and she drove off.


That week Chris and Dominique hardly let the other out of their sight. Aside from the occasional different class or bathroom break the two were attached at the hip. Basketball and soccer were over for the year so they spent their extra time down at a beach or park playing ball. Then once that was over they’d usually head over to Dominique’s place seeing as she had two bedrooms. Chris found himself wanting, needing and almost craving to be around Dominique. She didn’t mind at all because his company was always more than welcomed. She was no longer mad at anyone about the situation but they were still clueless to this fact because she and Chris were always out and about as soon as they were done with school.

“So where we headed?”

“It’s a surprise”

“Well I hope it’s a surprise not far from LAX cause I still gotta get you down there.”

“That’s at like ten or eleven tonight, it’s only six.”

“I have to have you down there two hours prior to your flight so at nine.”

“I already checked in over the net and even printed off my ticket. I don’t have any bags to check and boarding starts at ten thirty, so really I don’t have to be here until ten twenty.”


“Ten fifteen”


“You trying to get rid of me?” Chris asked peeking over at her as he drove.

“Yes” she replied immediately with a fake attitude.

“Oh I know why you’re mad.”

“I’m not mad because Shaffer said he’d let me borrow an arm.”

“So now he’s taking you and Zoe to the dance?”

“Dinner, dance, and after-party. He’s going to be a busy man. But then again I’m sure I’ll find someone to spend my time with don’t wanna block Zoe like that.”

“Someone like who?”

“You sound concerned” she giggled looking over at him.

“I kind of am now.”

“Well don’t be, I’m a big girl.”

“You make me wanna stay.”

Dominique only laughed as she admired how serious Chris was.

“Don’t, your family’s get-togethers are important to your mother. She’d be mad if you weren’t there.”

“She’d get over it.” He mumbled.

“Oh stop” she laughed more. “You’ll be back just in time to hit up El Torrito for taco Tuesday and you can tell me all about the wonderful time you’re going to have at home.”

“Why don’t you come with me?” Chris requested of her once again.

“Because I really wanna go to the dance. How about next year or any other time for that matter?”

“Can we maybe…take a vacation somewhere?”

“I’m pretty sure the Dean can find a way to make it look like a legit expense.” Dominique said with a smirk and shrug.

“No, I meant I would like to take you on a vacation on my dime. Just me and you.”

“Chris I can’t let you do that.”

“Yes you can, I don’t see the big deal.”

“Because it doesn’t feel right when someone spends that much money on me.”

“The school spends tons of money on you.”

“It’s also a school that can afford it. I work for that school by playing soccer and they over pay me.”

“I can afford it.”

“It’s different Chris.”

“Please, I promise it won’t be anything too expensive. I pay for airfare, hotel, food and drinks.”

“That’s everything Chris.”

“Yeah but I swear it’ll be reasonable.”

“Define reasonable”

“Tell me the off limit areas and we won’t go there.”

“Asia, Hawaii, Europe, South America.” She said quickly.

“Deal!” Chris said excited.

“So where we going?”

“It’s a surprise.”

“What’s up with you and surprises tonight?”

Chris smiled and shrugged his shoulders. A little while later Chris was pulling up to his destination.

“What are we doing at South Weddington Park?”

She watched Chris smile as he turned off his truck and got out. He smiled the entire time he walked around the front of the truck up to her door. Dominique rolled her eyes and smiled as she got out. They walked arm in arm when she began to take notice that they were walking towards a large group of people. Half were wearing red and the other half purple.

“Please tell me we’re headed towards a gang fight.” She said with a roll of her eyes.

He stopped walking when they were close enough to be seen but not heard.

“What happened to me could’ve happened anywhere. I now plan on being just as cautious as you are. Brand new bottles, brand new cups, thumb over my beer bottle when I’m not drinking out of it. Everyone has learned from their mistakes including them. Never again will they question you, your character, or your word. They thought for the longest that we were sneaking around talking and that you might’ve been trying to take the call so we could meet later that night or something. They know you’re loyal and they want that in their organization. A woman of your stature, intelligence, charisma, and I could go on and on. They want you.” Chris smiled taking her hands in his.

“I understand their intentions but I question their judgment. What do you suggest?”

“I suggest you do whatever makes you happy. But I would really like it if you joined. I’d be able to take you as my date to the Greek formal. Let’s not forget what we went through being apart, there will be nothing shown for it and our time away will be in vain.”

“What are you talking about? It was in vain! They did that s*** just to f*** with me.”

“They were testing your loyalty, but trust they will never ever ask you to do something like that again.” Chris said pulling her arms around him, staring down at her. “If you don’t want to do this I’ll give you the keys, but if so then we should get going so we can celebrate and make it to the airport in time.”

Dominique stepped away from him, slowly pulling her arms away, but keeping a hold of his right hand once she wasn’t hugging him anymore.

“So?” Zoe asked with a hopeful smile as they came closer.

A mere nod of Dominique’s head had every single Delta there cheesing hard.

“We’re ready for you to cross over if you would like to do it right now. It’ll be formal but informal. Simply state the creed and you’re officially an active member. Or we can do the official ceremony for you, it’s all up to you Dominique.” The president of Delta informed her.

“I’m a simple girl, right now is as good as time as any.” Dominique smirked.

“Proceed whenever you’re ready.” The president smiled.

Dominique released Chris’s hand, held up the Delta sign with her hands, then began reciting the creed word for word without a pause, hesitation, or mistake. Everyone applauded smiling after she finished. Dominique finished it up with a long and loud Delta call.


Her sisters didn’t hesitate to return the call just a long and a little louder. The president of Delta approached Dominique with her pin and jacket. She held onto the pin and held up the jacket and showed her the back of it. The nickname “Diamond Eyes” was stitched in black.

“Turn around”

Dominique did as she was asked and allowed her to put the jacket on her.

“Everyone agreed the name fit you perfectly.”

“Thank you Chantal, I love it.” She smiled before she accepted hugs from her Sorority sisters.


The ladies turned towards the throat clearing and saw Chris smiling. Then he turned towards his president, held up the Omega sign with his hands, then too recited the creed he knew all too well. Once he was finished the president presented Chris with his jacket and let him put it on himself. Stitched on the back in black lettering was the nickname “Breezy”. The men dapped him up and congratulated him.

“Here you go Breezy” Chantal said handing Chris Dominique’s Delta pin.

“Thank you, Drake let me get mine.”

“Here you go bruh” Drake said after digging in his pocket for it.

“Thought you already pledged?” Dominique smiled as Chris approached her placing his pin in her hand.

“I didn’t pledge with this chapter though. May I do the honors?” he asked holding up her pin.

“Please do.” She smiled. “You didn’t have to do this did you?” she asked once he was done.

“Weelll…no buuuttt I wanted a fresh start with my college life so that meant pledging my loyalty to Omega all over again but I honestly just wanted us to share something special.” He admitted once she was finished pinning his on him.

Dominique could only blush and smile.

“I bet they’ll be sharing something special alright.” Trey joked quietly to Drake.

“f***ing date already!” Zoe expressed walking past them pulling a humored Shaffer along.

“The day you can keep your opinion to yourself is the day Chris and I will start dating.” Dominique commented following her while pulling Chris along.

“Guess ya’ll won’t be happening.” Veronica laughed linking arms with Drake.

Everyone else followed behind them, headed towards the <a href="">Universal</a> <a href="">City</a> <a href="">Walk</a>. As they all walked Omari kept his eyes on Chris and Dominique. How she went from holding his arm to holding his hand. Then how Chris let go of her hand just enough to intertwine their fingers. This was the first time he had ever seen this. His heart began beating faster and his head felt like there was a vice grip tightening around his temples. Once they arrived they all stayed together touring the area, stopping in random shops to look around, being loud and obnoxious from time to time. All they wanted to do was laugh and have fun that night. The entire time Chris and Dominique never released hands. Matter of fact they seemed to be detached from everything going on. No one seemed to notice and Omari did everything in his power to avoid seeing them. So while they walked in the very back of everyone, Omari led the way. At least an hour had passed before someone mentioned that they were hungry. They agreed to walk around until they found a place all of them could agree on.

“I wanna talk to you in private right quick.” Chris said quietly, dipping down by her ear.

She agreed to his request when she stopped walking. Everyone else kept walking away and carrying on as they did so. Chris looked around and found a quiet area that wasn’t very populated by anyone at the moment.

“What’s up?” she asked releasing his hand to lean against a low wall.

He scratched the back of his head as he shrugged.

“Oh come on now, something is on your mind.” She smiled.

“You make it difficult to speak the truth some times.” Chris smiled closing the space between them.

He began to play with her hair.

“Is that what you wanted? To play with my hair?” she continued to smile.

“No, I wanted to be alone with the most amazing and beautiful young lady that I know. Is that alright with you?” he smirked.

“Sure, but being alone and saying what you have to say is two different things. You’ve never had a hard time saying anything to me before, but what makes now so different….well let’s just say I have my theories.”

“Care to share them with me?”

“I think you may have a little crush on me.”
“If that is in fact what I’m having a hard time saying then I can definitely tell you that it’d be more than just a little.”

“So then you do got a thing for me?”

“If I said yes would that be ok?”

“If I said no?” she smiled.

“Then I’d tell you that you were crazy and being presumptuous.” He smiled back.

“If I said yes?”

“Then I’d ask if it’d be ok to kiss you.” He said placing his hands on her hips, completely closing the space between them.

“Do you like me as more than a friend?” she asked placing her hands around his arms.

“Yes I do, is that ok?”

“Yes it is”

“May I kiss you?”

“I wouldn’t be offended if you did.”

Chris hesitated then chuckled.

“What seems to be the problem?”

“I’ve never asked a woman if I could kiss her before. I’m nervous right now.”

“For what? It’s just me.” She taunted smiling, knowing she was making the situation worse.

Chris laughed turning his head away but returning his attention right back on her.

“Ok…I can do this.” He chuckled.

Dominique slid her hands up Chris’s arms to the back of his head and brought him in close enough to be face to face with her. Chris smiled then dipped down a little lower to place his lips on hers. He pulled back but just so he could kiss her again. That continued for a few minutes before both of their pockets’ began vibrating at the same time.

“I think we’re being summoned.” Dominique smiled inches away from Chris’s face.

“f*** that flight.”

“Chris no!” she laughed while pulling away from him only to get pulled right back in.

“Dominique yes. How am I supposed to act at home now?”

“Act like you.” She said pulling away a little further to completely see his face.

“And what do you suggest I do to pull that off when all I’m gonna think about is how bad I wanna kiss you again.” He said dipping down and kissing her again.

“You have an IQ of 131, you figure it out.”

“You have an IQ of 133 so how about you help me.”

“I can’t do that when I’ll be thinking about the same thing.”

“Multi-task” Chris laughed.

“Fine, make me stop liking you and we can resolve this.”

“So you like me?” Chris smiled.

“Wouldn’t have kissed you if I didn’t.”

“When did this start happening?” Chris asked.

“I dunno” she said with a shrug of her shoulders.

Their phones buzzed again and at the same time they pulled them out equally irritated.

“They’re at Jillian’s” Dominique informed him after reading her text.

“And I must agree with Shaffer, we do look good together.” He said showing her the picture text he received.

“True” she said looking at the picture of them kissing on his phone.

“Hope you ready for their mouths.” He said taking a hold of her hand again.

“When will it end?” Dominique said with a roll of her eyes.

“When we start dating.” Chris said raising their hands up to his lips and kissing hers.

Dominique blushed once again and was caught off guard when Chris suddenly wrapped his arms around her and lifted her up to his height. Chris kissed her so passionately that she forgot where she was at. Her legs began to rise and eventually wrapped around his waist. He took a small step forward and had her back up against the wall and his hands under her thighs.

“We gotta stop” Chris said breaking the kiss momentarily.

“Ok” Dominique agreed, but going right back in to the kiss.

They kissed for a few more seconds before Chris broke the kiss.

“It’s not a secret anymore that I’m attracted to you, what we got going on right now is really turning me on. I’m trying my hardest to remain in control of myself and not disrespect you. We seriously gotta stop.”

“Disrespect me how?”

“Remember that morning in the hospital?”


“Well that’s starting to happen again.”

Dominique laughed, pecked his lips, then unwrapped her legs from around him.

“I’m sorry” he said after she took a hold of his hand.

“Don’t be” she giggled looking over her shoulder.

As they walked to Jillian’s Chris kept sneaking peeks at Dominique. He took a deep breath before they walked inside and Dominique giggled at him.

“Where the hell did you two disappear off to?” Zoe asked.

Both Chris and Dominique eyed her for a second before Shaffer appeared next to her.

“That’s between us.” Shaffer smiled towards Chris and winking at Dominique.

“No, it’ll be between US!” She said shaking Shaffer’s arm off her shoulder and looking up at him with attitude.

Chris and Dominique found humor in that interaction as they walked away towards the tables everyone was sitting at.


Maaaaannnnn f*** it! Gimmie a second and I'll give ya'll an add

s***! I'm pretty sure I already knew bad...playas f*** up

@CJ, its Danyell. A pleasure meeting you hun.

WOW! I am truly impressed/happy about all of the comments I've received after that post! Makes a girl feel really good! My apologies for not being able to post yesterday or tonight but I'm super tired from work. I put in so many damn hours it's not even funny! However, I've got a pretty legit post for your ladies tomorrow. I'm almost positive you'll love it =0) So thanks for being patient with me and thank you SOOOO much for taking the time out to read my story.

@QUEENSf***ingKILL I actually go by CJ, what's your name? I don't wanna have to keep calling you by that long ass name either lol.

Smh, Shad and Omari can't be trusted... and awwww, I already figured Dom was in love but now I know for sure... Her and Chris are the cutest, RUN IT!

Smh, Shad and Omari can't be trusted... and awwww, I already figured Dom was in love but now I know for sure... Her and Chris are the cutest, RUN IT!

You had me Rollin with drake comments to O , the nigga capped on him!
That is LOVE !
Dom and Chris are gonna be the next power couple and O hating on that. Ugh they foul as s*** for letting that happen to Chris their brother .
I wonder if this is enough of a move for them to realized they like each other or love!??
Run it

I'm a silent reader but after this shxt i must speak!

That's that shxt I don't f*** with!!!

As badly as I want to pledge, one day, I'm not for that hazing bull! They only did tht no talking to Omegas bull b/c she would have demolished any other hazing idea they had! Dom just to beastie for them!

Dom and Chris will soon be together its inevitable! You don't RUN a mile and have asthma attack for somebody you don't love!!! Omari is a lil punk bxtch and Shad is a lil punk axs fxck boy bxtch nigga for sitting there watchin that heaux drug Chris. I hope Dom find her and plant her foot in her axs!!!

Run This!!!

Wow, ya boys ain't ya boys!
They better let Dom get her letters!! RUN IT!

I love this story!!!
I am a Delta and I dont blame Dom for her behavior! Ima need her DP to be more understanding about the situation. Shad and O know they wrong for sitting by letting that happen to Chris!

I'm mad at Delta because she tellin them that its important and they still wanna play. Zoe should know better since those are her friends. Delta also told Chris she said f*** Delta but they didn't tell him why she said it. They still should let her pass but then again she might not want too because of trust. Ready for more story....Run it

Bummy ass niggas!! RUNIT!!

He better tell her he loves her if he hasn't already! I love the way you tested their friendship and loyalty. Even under drugs Chris wasn't capable of having sex which proves A LOT! That he isn't faking his change but that he's really about that life! And Dom risking her induction to a sorority.

Omari and Shad are just seriously being extra about this whole sex thing. Why they so pressed about another man's d*ck? If Chris ain't tripping why should they?! Omari should've been in that hospital right with Shad! i would've kicked him in his sh*t too! Love Drake. That's the closest thing Chris has to a male best friend. He's not afraid to tell the rat pack about themselves.

Love this story! I was hurt when the add stopped lol. RUN IT!

Ok shad was wrong for letn that girl do that to chris and so was omar bt im glad he told the cops everything and for everybdy dats mad at them should be mad at they self to cus it took a girl that hav a breathing prob to run a mile to gt that boy to a hospital wat the hell yal was doing smh yal need to realy look at yal iwn self run it

Ok im a new reader jus gt dn bt the story is dope dom be layn mf out lol like damn girl chill now as for her chris n omar thats sumn cus omar did cheat he betraded her trust n broke her heart bt she neva gav him another chance to be her friend again yet she gav chris a chance wen he lied to her bt hey it is wat its i thought her n omar was cute together he did f*** up n thats his fault and he did try to stay faithful now as for chris i dnt no he seem sneaky bt they cute together to bt i think they should jus stay friends cus even doe he changed for the betta whos to say he wnt slip up jus like omar did the back ground is the same only diff is omar aint hav his life changing experience for the betta yet bt all n all i hope her n chris remain friends n hope her n omar be best friends again cus it sims like that's wen they wer there happiest the wnt to college n let the ppl there break them there relationship and friendship bt im loven every chapter of this story run it

Been MIA for a little while. School has been keeping me so busy, but now I'm finally caught up again. This adds are giving me life! They are everything! So this last add has me feeling like Dom and Chris will definitely be an item in the near future, and I'm so excited for it to happen! Run it!!!

Been MIA for a little while. School has been keeping me so busy, but now I'm finally caught up again. This adds are giving me life! They are everything! So this last add has me feeling like Dom and Chris will definitely be an item in the near future,.and I'm so excited for it to happen! Run it!!!

Wow....that add was EPIC!! That's love to the fullest extent! Omg I love their love for each other...esp since there's nothing physical involved. It makes it so much more powerful and intriguing. They are so a couple now. f*** that friend shyt lol. f*** omega and delta too for putting them in this situation. What if Dom hadn't answered the phone?? Smdh. Things would've been cray!! I definitely am ready for the next add like now...

Run it!!

What's the deal with Shad and Omari being so interesting in Chris sex life?? Lawd let the boy breathe if he want to be celibate then let that man do him...They so darn childish it's ridiculous, but anyways Chris & Dom are too damn adorable! It's time they make it official though

Yo, I love this friggin add!! This just showed Dom's loyalty to Chris. Now if he doesn't make her his girl when they wake up in the morning i'm going to be so pissed. At first, I thought Chris had a girlfriend and Dom found out about her that's why she wasn't talking to him, but then I realized it was because of the pledges. I bet Chris was mad confused too. Haha. Shad and Omari are grimy as hell for that s***. How do you just sit there and let some thirsty ass b**** do some s*** like that, right after y'all pledge? They are grimy as f***! They disgust me! That b**** was mad thirsty too! Ratchet ass b**** could have killed Chris!! I hope Dom finds that b****. Damn, she got these doctors hitting on her. Thats how you know she's fine. Lol Her and Chris were meant to be, you can tell. She was crying for him and everything. Chris was mad as hell at all of his boys. s*** I would be too! Shad deserved that kick to his f***ing chest. Dumbass nigga. Shoutout to that president of Omega who threatened Omari and Shad. And Drake, you ARE that nigga!! Love him, he is too funny.

Ps. Whats your name hun? I really dont wanna call you by your username anymore.

Run it

I'm loving this story..... Dominique and Chris need to stop playing and get together, cuz I know ain't no way in hell ima run that far and put my life in danger for someone I don't care about. Keep it coming. RUN IT!!!

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(((Months Later)))

“What up babygirl? You ready for this test?” Chris asked.

Dominique looked up at him then walked away.

“Whoa! What up?!” he asked stopping her in her tracks. “Did I do something? What’s wrong? What’d I do?”

She continued to look away from him as she tried to make her way to class.

“Dominique….what up?” he asked stopping her again.

She didn’t make eye contact and she didn’t move. Chris looked down upon her and noticed that she didn’t have anger nor animosity. He understood.

“I know you’re going to the same class so I’m gonna walk with you.” He said as he stood next to her.

She walked away without giving any sign that she acknowledged him.

(((Three Weeks Later)))

“This is it! We made it!” Shad celebrated jumping on the couch Omari was chilling on with three other females.

“Seriously I couldn’t take another one of your games.” Trey said to Chris taking a seat next to two beautiful women and placing his arms around them.

“I bet you got a few pointers from Dominique.” Drake laughed with an equally attractive woman sitting on his lap.

“Nope, she’s not allowed to talk to me remember?” Chris said sipping on his drink.

“That’s the only hazing she got?!” Shad asked shocked.

“Towards the end, yeah, well actually she couldn’t talk to anyone from Omega. But the no interaction with Chris is what’s killing her.” Shaffer said also enjoying a drink.

“How you know? She told you?” Shad asked.

“No, can’t talk to us, remember?” Shaffer said with a roll of his eyes. “Zoe told me and they all feel f***ed up about doing it to her. But that’s all they really could do to her.”

“And in a few more hours I’ll have her right back by my side.”

“Girlfriend?” One of the women with Omari asked.

“No” Chris replied sipping his drink.

“You sure seem to care a lot about her.”

“I do”

“And she’s not your girlfriend?”


“f*** buddy?”

“Watch your mouth” Chris warned. “And no, she’s not like that.”

“Then why care about her so much if she’s not your girl and you’re not getting sex?”

Chris only responded by chuckling.

“What’s so funny?” One of the girls asked taking a seat next to Chris.

“Women like you.” Chris said.

“What about women like me?” she asked smiling, thinking that Chris was flirting with her.

Shaffer stood and walked away to the kitchen to refill his drink laughing. Chris also stood up laughing, but he went to the bathroom.

“Told you he was a d***.” The female with Drake commented.

“Not to worry I got some act right for him.”

“Doubt that” Drake laughed sliding the girl on his lap off to refill his drink. “Trey get a room dude.”

“Mmhmm” he said never breaking his kiss.

The female that was sitting next to Chris pulled something out of her pocket and Omari watched the entire indiscretion happen.

::20 Minutes Later::

Chris began rubbing his temples and then his eyes.

“What’s wrong honey?” The girl next to Chris asked rubbing his thigh.

“Nothing” he mumbled slapping her hand away.

“Awe don’t be like that.” She said straddling him. “Just relax” she said leaning down to kiss his neck.

“Don’t” he said trying to push her off.

“Just go with it Chris, it’s about time you got you some pussy.” Omari antagonized.

Chris began recognizing his symptoms and with all the strength he had he pushed the girl away. He tried to run away but he fell. He quickly made it to his feet and managed to bump into everything made of glass.

“What the f*** is going on?!” Drake asked shooting to his feet.

“Get away from me.” Chris said dragging himself up the stairs and into the first bathroom he came to, locking the door behind him.


“Don’t you dare answer it.” The President of their Delta Chapter said taking Dominique’s phone out of her hand once she saw the caller i.d.

“It could be important though.” She said trying to take her phone back.

“Or it could be a trick.”

“If it were a trick you wouldn’t have taken my phone. Now give it back.”

“Not ah” she laughed while tossing it to another Delta.

The phone stopped ringing then started right back up.

“Seriously give me the phone.” She said walking towards her.

“Nope” she said tossing it to a different Delta.

“Zoe please tell me where the Omegas’ are at?”

“Dominique it’s just a little bit longer sweetie, don’t throw everything away because he wants to talk.” Zoe replied.

The phone stopped ringing and started right back up.

“He knows I can’t talk to him! Why would he call me if it weren’t important? Even if one of you asked him to do it he’d say no. Shaffer or Drake, maybe, but Chris wouldn’t do this. Now give me my gotdamn phone.”

“You’re really willing to put your admission to Delta in jeopardy because someone is probably drunk dialing you?” The President asked holding Dominique’s phone.

“f*** Delta!” she said snatching the phone out of her hand.

That was when Zoe’s phone began to ring and the phone at the Delta house and even the President’s phone.


“Dominique” Chris said weakly into the phone.

“Oh my God, Chris where are you?”

“Omega…” he said just before he began vomiting again.

Dominique was terrified as she ran out of the Delta house and as hard as she could towards the Omega house. She had no clue what was wrong with Chris but he sounded like he was in pain and him getting sick with her on the phone is what threw all logic out of her mind. Instead of driving she decided to run. But at the pace she was going it didn’t matter because she was gonna get there just as fast as if she drove.

“What’s going on?” Riley asked.

“Something is wrong with Chris.” The President said grabbing her purse and rushing towards the door.

At the same time everyone noticed Dominique’s truck still parked out front but no sign of Dominique. Zoe unlocked the truck and hopped in the driver’s side. Weather there’d be a trip to the hospital or not she knew Dominique would want her truck. A few of the girls jumped in and they all sped away towards the Omega house.

“CHRIS!” Dominique shouted as she threw the doors open.

“Wow…you’re quite the looker. No wonder Chris likes having you around.”

The entire time she was talking Dominique was looking around at the mess. Dominique pushed her out of the way and went on looking for Chris.

“Plus you two have lots in common, can’t seem to keep your hands off of me.” She said with attitude.

“Dom up here!” Shaffer shouted.

Dominique ran up the stairs not taking notice to her breathing, ignoring the fact that she was having an asthma attack.

“He’s in there” Shaffer pointed.

“Chris…sweetie I’m…here, open the door…..Chris….CHRIS!” she shouted beating on the door.

All of the Omegas’ made their way up the stairs when they heard how frantic Dominique sounded. They all watched as she took a step back and kicked the door open and slightly off the hinges. Everyone saw Chris laid out on the ground, barely breathing, vomit on his cheek and the side of the toilet, and sweating profusely.

“Oh God! Oh God!” Dominique panicked. “Someone call 911!” she said as she quickly made her way to his side.

She wiped his cheek off as she searched for his pulse. It was weak but it was present.

“Oh my God!” Zoe said once she saw Chris. “Dominique here” she said trying to hand the little kit she took out of Dominique’s glove compartment to her.

“Leave…me…alone.” She said as she started a cold bath.

“Take it! You’re having a gotdamn asthma attack!”

Dominique took the kit, ripped it open, grabbed her <a href="">EpiPen</a>, then tossed her self-made first aid kit which also contained her inhaler to the side. She took the cap off and stuck it in Chris’s thigh. His breathing sped up as did his pulse. She ripped his shirt from the front then off of him. She emptied his and her pockets then went and grabbed him up under his arms.

“Shaffer get…his legs!”

Shaffer quickly did as he was told and helped Dominique place him in the tub. He was lying on top of her, head against her chest. Shaffer grabbed the kit and took out the inhaler then offered it to Dominique. She snatched it out of his hand took two quick puffs then threw it as hard as she could against the wall, shattering the plastic and causing the canister to explode upon impact.

“Dom…” Chris mumbled.

“Yeah honey, I’m here.” She sniffled.


“I know but you’re…very hot, I’ll keep you…as warm as you need….to be…I just need you to stay…awake.”


Everyone stood there shocked at everything going on.

::Three minutes later::

“Make a hole!” a paramedic shouted.

Everyone quickly got out of their way. Two of them reached in the tub and picked Chris up then carried him down the stairs and placed him on the stretcher. Dominique was right behind them, still breathing irregularly.

“What happened?” one of them asked Dominique as they rolled him outside.

“I don’t know, I found him on the…floor, low pulse, sweating, and he was vomiting before I…showed up. I gave him my Epipen, took off his…shirt, then got in the bath with him to keep him warm so his…body wouldn’t go into shock from the cold water.”

“Pre-med?” he asked impressed.

She shook her head no.

“Well come ride with us so we can get your breathing under control.” He said gently taking her by the elbow.

Everyone watched her get into the back of the ambulance as they made their way to their cars. Once everyone arrived they ran right up to the reception desk and the woman directed them to the waiting room. A few of them tried to argue but she paid them no mind after she told them there was no information she could release at the moment.

“Dominique….hey….how are you doing?” Zoe asked.

“Get the f*** away from me please.” Dominique requested with her head rested against the wall, eyes closed, tears sliding down her cheeks.

“Dominique he’s gonna be ok.” Trey said sitting down next to her.

“No thanks to any of you.” She said looking over at him.

He quickly stood and moved away from her when he saw that her eyes were black. She was pissed.

“Why are any of you even here? Obviously none of you give a s***.”

“We’re his brothers now, we care Dominique.” Shad voiced.

“Is that right? What was he doing before he got sick?” she asked standing to her feet.


“Then what?”

“Then he just flipped out.”

“Did he leave his drink at all?”

“Yeah, so”

“Are you really that dumb? He’s not allergic to alcohol so what the f*** do you think happened Shad?”

He knew for a fact what happened as did Omari.

“If you really gave a s*** he’d of been on his way to the hospital long before I got there. Or maybe you wouldn’t have let it happen at all.” She accused just as two police officers walked in.

“Ain’t no one scared of you Dominique so you better back the f*** up! Secondly it’s time for him to chill the f*** out and get him some pussy. It was getting on everyone’s nerves how he be acting all high and mighty just because he tells b****es no. So yes, I let the s*** happen. I didn’t know it would f*** him up like this! I just thought he’d get some ass.”

Dominique was shaking from anger. Without hesitation she booted Shad in the chest with the bottom of her foot and sent him flying into and over chairs. He landed on the floor and immediately began holding his chest. She walked right up to the cops and held her hands out.

“From what I heard he had it coming.”

Dominique put her hands back down by her side then went and sat down. She closed her eyes and leaned her head up against the wall as nurses came rushing to Shad’s aid. They took him in the back and everyone took a seat away from Dominique.

“I feel like this is somehow my fault.” The President of Delta commented quietly to Shaffer.

“That’s because it kind of is.” Dominique said with her eyes still closed.

An hour had passed and hardly any words were spoken for fear of upsetting Dominique any more than she already was. The police were still there waiting to hear the results. They were there per the request of the hospital once they realized that Chris didn’t do this to himself. After they knew what was going on with Chris then they’d know how to go about the situation.

“Here for Christopher Brown?” A doctor asked after coming around the corner and walking right up to Dominique.

“Yeah” Dominique sniffled.

“Wow, your boyfriend was right on point. He told me to find the prettiest girl in the room, that looked like she cared the most about what happened to him, and probably has the most space to herself.”

“He’s not my boyfriend. Is he ok?”

“Yeah, he’s doing just fine. Had to get his heart rate down amongst…other things.”

“If he’s ok then why are the cops here?”

“Because if it weren’t for that Epipen of yours his heart might’ve stopped, he’s allergic to one of the drugs we found in his system, he had a reaction. The situation was pretty serious so the police got called, they’re gonna start questioning everyone pretty soon, once I tell them that it went from him being drugged to poisoned.”

“Jesus” she said shaking her head.

“My guess is someone was trying to rape him. There was a large amount of Rophenol, ecstasy, and Viagra. The third one is a dead giveaway that it was a woman, which is a good thing.”

“How is that good?!”

“Would you rather it possibly being one of his frat brothers?”

“I would’ve rather it didn’t happen at all, but I suppose since that’s obviously not an option I would have to say that you’re right.” She smiled then giggled.

“Would I be completely out of line if I gave you a card that possessed my number?”

“If I say no will you take me to Chris?”


“Then no” she said holding out her hand.

“<a href="">Dr. Jackson</a> but you can call me Avery.” He said handing her his card.

“Must be nice to get hit on by doctors.” Riley whispered to Veronica.

“Sexy ones too” Veronica whispered back.

“Right this way Dominique.” He said offering her his hand.

As soon as she stood so did everyone else.

“What happened?”

“Chris got drugged, had an allergic reaction to one of the drugs, plus it went from being drugged to being poisoned because too much was used on him. Thanks to Shad and whoever else saw what happened Chris is laid up in a hospital and almost a rape victim.”

Trey let a little snicker out after hearing Chris was almost raped.

“You want to be the third Omega requiring medical attention?”

“I’m sorry” Trey said looking away.

“Are you the one that kicked that one kid in the chest?” Dr. Jackson asked slightly shocked.

“Yeah is he gonna die?”

“No but he won’t be doing much with his life for the next few weeks.”


Dominique followed the doctor to Chris’s room leaving everyone wondering if it’d be a good idea to go back there as well. They decided to wait a little longer.

“Let me know if you need anything.” He said pushing the door open and holding it for Dominique.

“Ok thank you” she said before walking in.

Chris’s eyes were barely open but he smiled as soon as he saw Dominique.

“How you feeling?” she asked making her way to the side of his bed.

“Better now that you’re here.”

A few tears slid down Dominique’s face.

“Hey now don’t cry”

“I’m sorry”

“I’ll be fine”

“I know but still, you shouldn’t be here.”

“If it weren’t for you I don’t think I’d be in this part of the hospital. You saved my life and for that I am forever indebted to you. So how can I start my repayment of gratitude? How about dinner at my place?” he asked trying to brighten her mood.

“That’s a good start” she sniffled but smiled.

“Come hop up in here with me.”

“Is it safe?” she joked wiping her eyes but pointing down at him.

“I think so” he laughed.

She gently crawled in the bed and he wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly.

“Thank you”

“It’s fine Chris, what I look like letting you die?”

“True. So why are you rocking scrubs?”

“My clothes were wet”

“Oh that’s right, we took a nice cold bath together. What else am I forgetting?”

She shrugged her shoulders as she yawned. A sign that all of the adrenaline racing through her body from the recent events had finally dissipated.

“Go to sleep sweetie”

“No, not here”

“Might as well because no matter what anyone tells your stubborn ass you won’t leave here until I do which isn’t until tomorrow morning.”

“True” Dominique agreed.

“Besides I feel like holding you right now. Near death experiences make me sensitive and s***.”

“Ok” she giggled.

Not even ten minutes had passed before Dominique was passed out on Chris’s chest in his arms. His door slowly opened and he looked up to see most of the Omegas and Deltas.

“How you doing?” Shaffer asked.

“I’ve seen better days.” He said looking at everyone skeptically.

“I didn’t know man.” Shaffer defended himself noticing the look right away.

“But someone did.”

“Yeah and he’s laid up in this b**** just like you.” Trey explained.

“What happened?”

“Dominique” everyone said in unison.

“I don’t mean to make light of the situation but dude, a chick tried to rape you. What in the f*** are you doing that drives b****es to that point?” Drake asked.

“Say no”

“Naw I’m good, cause if a chick want it so bad that date rape drugs is an option for her she can just have the “D”.”

“Someone explain to me what happened tonight.”

“The chick sitting next to you put some s*** up in your drink. You locked yourself in the bathroom after you kind of f***ed up the house then a few minutes later Dominique came busting through the door. She had to kick in the bathroom door to get to you.” Drake explained.

“She sprinted the whole way to you. She had an asthma attack but she wouldn’t stop to help herself until she helped you.” Zoe added.

“Ya’ll still gonna let her crossover right?” Chris said more than asked.

“She said f*** Delta before she took your call.” The President explained.

“That’s f***ed up, obviously it was an emergency.”

“No, she literally said f*** Delta then took your call.” Zoe explained.

“Oh” Chris chuckled. “What happened to Shad?”

“He admitted to watching the girl f*** with your drink and said that he thought a little bit of pussy might do you some good. Then Dominique kicked him in the chest across the waiting room. Your doctor says his social life is pretty much shot to hell for a little while. Last I checked they were doing more x-rays. Two fractured ribs so far.” Shaffer explained.

“Good. I’ll see ya’ll in the morning.”

“You kicking us out?” Trey asked surprised.

“Yeah, I got what I need right here. Now take it easy.”

“That’s cold, we just waited out there for you for a hot minute and you do us like this?” Drake asked.

“Go wait on Shad and just add the time you waited on me to his time.”

“That’s f***ed up, you really serious?” Riley asked.

“My bad, I didn’t realize that Dominique had assistance when she kicked a bathroom door in to help me tonight.”

“Oh I get it, you mad cause we kept Dominique from you.” Veronica commented.

“If you ladies were a little more creative with testing her to see her prove her loyalty to you and she was allowed to be with me would I be here or with her? I’m also upset that it took her running over a mile when I had brothers in the house, some of which allowed the s*** to happen. So yes, I am mad. Now get out please.”

After everyone walked out Chris placed a kiss on Dominique’s forehead then closed his eyes still holding onto her.

(((Thirty Minutes Later)))

“Dominique is gonna kill whoever did this s*** to Chris.” Zoe commented after the extended amount of silence.

“Which is why the cops know everything I know.” Omari commented.

“Yeah, I don’t think the Dean would be able to bail her out of first degree murder.” Trey added.

“How could Shad let that happen?” Riley asked in disbelief.

“Was he the only one that knew it was happening?” Shaffer asked looking from Trey to Drake to Omari.

“I didn’t see a damn thing.” Trey said first.

“And you already know I ain’t gonna let my boy go down like that. He’s a damn sure shot for the NBA so if they trying to rape the nigga why not go one step further and get knocked up by him. What if he would’ve caught something? I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. I don’t have an issue with his celibacy only immature niggas and the hoes do. Besides we ALL know that his “no sex” crusade is as good as over after him and Dominique start dating.” Drake explained, finishing with a huge grin on his face.

Everyone began to snicker and giggle, except for Omari of course.

“What has you so f***ing convinced they’re gonna start dating?” Omari asked killing the mood.

“Dude when a girl runs over a mile in three or so minutes to get to you, has an asthma attack while pretty much starting your heart back up, suffers through a cold water bath with you, then in front of the cops kicks a nigga’s chest in when he admits to knowing what happened, you tend to fall for that girl. Nothing says I give a s*** about you like almost kicking a door off of hinges. Mark my words if he hasn’t fallen for her when she first walked in that room he will when he sees her in the morning. Then when she’s ready do you really think he’s gonna say he wants to wait? Nope! You thought we barely saw them now, just wait.” Drake said fully amused by Omari’s anger.

“You think this s*** is funny? You’re supposed to be my brother and you’re saying s*** like this to me?” Omari asked.

“You’re supposed to be Chris’ brother and you were gonna let some f***ed up s*** happen to him. Don’t give me that brother spiel. I’m not gonna waste my time asking you if you saw anything because I know you’re gonna lie. There’s nothing you could say to make me change my mind. Cause Shad saw what happened and you two were sitting next to each other. Good luck explaining that one to Chris. But f*** all that let’s focus on the bigger picture which is Dom and Chris. What if he would’ve caught something tonight, didn’t know he had it, then gave it to Dominique? All because you and Shad decided to make decisions for him.”

Omari tried to charge at Drake but Trey, Shaffer and a few other brothers were quick enough to grab a hold of him.

“Must be killing you knowing that your ex ol’ lady is practicing laying up under the man that’ll be occupying her time and space if you know what I mean.” Drake said with a wink and a laugh when Omari tried harder to get at him.

“Drake cut it out man.” Shaffer demanded.

“Sure, I’m out anyways. When Shad gets done with all the x-rays and bulls***, tell him to get over to the house cause he’s got some cleaning to do.” Drake laughed.

“His ribs might be broken and you want him to clean?!” Omari shouted. “He ain’t a pledge no damn more!”

“Actually after the bulls*** he pulled tonight he’s lucky I’m not gonna push for more than just setting his ass back a few weeks. So Omari, personally make sure his ass has every cup, shard of glass, drop of puke and puddle of water cleaned up as soon as he’s released from here. Argue with me and you’ll be a pledge again too. Holla.” Drake said walking out.

“He can’t f***in do that!” Omari shouted.

“Actually he can because I’m going to allow it. If you or Shad don’t like it, bounce, pledge elsewhere.” The president of Omega voiced, standing, and leaving.

(((The next morning)))

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