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'Pilot Jones

"Babe, have you seen my white dress? I brought it home from the cleaners the other day and hung it up in the closet but now I don't see it." Audriana said standing in her robe, with her hair and make up done. "I never saw it in the closet, you sure you put it in there?" I asked buttoning up my shirt. "Do you mind checking in the laundry room?" She asked from the closet, "okay." I walked out of the room and down the hall towards the laundry room and flicked on the light, scanning the room, I didn't see the dress whatsoever. I turned off the light and walked back into the room to see <a href="">her</a> with the dress on and slipping on her red heel. "Found it." She said a smile on her face as she slipped on the other heel, I chuckled and walked past her grabbing my bow tie and putting it on. Walking over to where I was, she adjusted it, smiling as she finished. I grabbed her by her waist and turned her around and making her face the mirror. "You look stunning as always my dear, and don't you forget that." I said my hands on her waist, she smiled at me through the mirror. "Thank you. You don't look so bad yourself." She said now facing <a href="http://necoleb****">me</a> and pecking my lips. I chuckled, "let's get going before we're late." She nodded and grabbed her clutch, walking out the room as I trailed behind her shutting off the light. I helped her with her coat and grabbed mine as we walked out to my silver <a href="">Bentley Continental</a>. I opened the door for her as she got in, once she was inside safely I walked around the car and into the drivers side.

"The night is soon coming to an end and there is one person we haven't mentioned yet. This young man is one of our youngest pilots, but don't let this fool you. At the age of twenty six, he has been to more states, countries, and continents than any of our most experienced pilots. Everyone, I would like to introduce Dominic Jones!" I smiled and stood up as everyone clapped, making my way to where Gabe stood in the front of the restaurant in which he rented out. He shook my hand while handing me the 'Employee of the Year' award. I thanked him, "go ahead and say a few words." I nodded and faced the crowd, looking over to where Audriana was, I winked as she blew me a kiss. "Uh, first and foremost I would like to say thanks to everyone for letting me into your family here with the airlines. Gabe, for giving me a chance and my lovely girlfriend, Audriana, for being there even when I can't be there for her. Stand up baby." Blushing, she shyly stood up and waved. I figured now would be the time, slowly and nervously I walked through the tables over to where she stood. Setting my award down, I knelt down on one knee, I could feel everyone's eyes on us. Reaching into my pants pocket, I pulled out a black velvet box. "Audriana Marie Torres, you have been with me through my struggles and success and not once did you ever complain. I never took into deep consideration about how much you meant to me until the day I almost lost you to someone else. You understand me better than anyone else, and you understand that even when I want to be here for you I can't. I know i'm rambling, but Ana, will you marry me?" I asked opening the box with my shaky hands, I looked up at her, her right hand over her mouth as tears glossed over her eyes. She nodded extending her left hand, smiling. I slipped on the <a href="">ring</a> and stood up, pulling her into my arms as she wrapped hers around my neck. Sharing a kiss as everyone clapped.

"This ring is so gorgeous." She exclaimed while admiring her hand. "Well, I needed a gorgeous diamond ring for my gorgeous soon to be wife." She smiled, admiring her finger one last time before leaning over and pecking my lips. "I have to tell my family, and we obviously have to tell you're family. Oh my gosh! This means I have to plan an engagement party." I chuckled, "Ana, chill. We just got engaged. Let it marinate between us two before we let everyone know." I looked over at her resting my head against my arms as I laid back on the bed. "I guess you're right." There was silence in our room as she rested her head on my chest. "I love you Dom.." I kissed the crown of her head. "I love you too."


I like itss

Awww their engaged!!!
Run it!!!