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Advice Needed

Sooo my Ex and I have had an rough past 4 months. I love this boy with all my heart but he is just soo f***ing stubborn.

Over the last 4 months we've gone weeks without talking he's f***ed other girls and even got back with his baby mama for awhile. And the whole time I was at home being basically being a shut in because my heart was still loyal to him. So one day in November I had sex with somebody else and I thought I was pregnant (Thank God I wasnt) but I felt so guilty afterwards that I decided to tell him.I told him I needed to talk to him and that it was importanT he said okay but he never texted or called back after that. I would text and call but no answer.

Soo one day I decided to try again and I get a text from his baby mama telling me to leave her man alone and stopped texting his phone. That they were engaged and apt shopping in Cali. This girl was calling me every name in the book and he just let her. Still no text or call from him. Finally one day I said f*** it and just left it alone. A month went by and I decided to text him again and asked him if the ring he gave her was the one her had bought for me.

He said it wasnt and that they wasnt engaged. But eventually like always he stopped replying again. Afew days past I asked him what was wrong with me and why he just upped and stopped talking to me like that. He addmitted to sleeping with his baby mama and that he had a new girl he was interested in. I told him I was hurt he was always choosing other hoes over me and he got mad, cursed me out and stopped replying to me.

So the next time I texted him I decided to just come out with it. And now he's pissed as s*** because he think I hid it from him even though I tried on MULTIPLE times to tell him. I I wanted to hide it I would have never told him. But once he's mad about something there;s no talking to him.

He basically called me a liar and hypocrite and said he never wanted anything else to do with me and even went as far as threatening to harm the person who it was with if he ever found out. He also said he felt like a fool for ever believing I was down for him. When it truth, he's not down for me. Whenever he needed me I was there. Always was and I still am.

So my question is what should I do? Am I in the wrong here?

Please Help :/


I would never let anyone else's opinion sway my decision to do anything. If that was the case I would have been left him alone. I just wanted a neutral's party view on the situation.

Regardless of what I wanted to do,

He wont talk to me and says he wants nothing more to do with me...

So I'm taking that as a sign from God that he isnt supposed to be in my life anymore...

in my opinion i think you should try to move on with your life because of the fuxked up things he said to you even though he was out there doing YOU wrong. yall were not together when you did what you did, hell i was in your shoes before and honestly i didnt tell my dude shyt because it was none of his business and the same for you because you had no loyalty to him because he left you hanging. you shouldnt allow any nigga make you feel little because we are all human and we have needs and you were trying to move on from him but at the same time i understand why you told him what happened, in the back of your mind and in your heart you still felt you did him wrong and thats cool and all but at the end of the day he really didnt care about you when he was out doing what he was doing and going to this other chick who he says he has feelings for. and he's reasons for being upset with you was bullshyt.! he wants to be able to keep you on lock and still do him with any bytch that will give him the time of day and that aint cool. at the end of the day none of us on here can make your decision on what whether or not you should try to be with him or not but i think you should take a step back and really look at everything you been through with him and decide if its really worth the pain and hardship you've been going through.

ima be honest never ask for dvice wen it comes to anything lik this cus noone knows the feeling vus noone has been in your shoes or felt wat u felt do i say stay w him no obviously he dnt want yu n im not going to say move on kus its nver that easy but i will say take a time out n find yourself wat u like explore the world do new things dont jump into a new relationship so quick if u still wanna b friends w him thats cool but nothin more then friends one day he'll realize wat he had n he'll want yu bak but by then eother a. u'll kno his not worth your time n ur dead his s*** or b.u'll go bak n try it again wateber u chose thats ur chocie n urs alone never let anyone make u feel bad about wat u choose to do w YOUR life ya diggz im only sayin this cus i can understand even thou my sitution has similar points but its also different but yeah just take time out n find ur self before doing anything else

Thanks y'all....

In the back of my mind I always knew this...

Ive just never been good with s*** like this..Lol..

True s*** Bree lol

Sooooo . . . .
Since you KNOW he not trying to do this with you why you keep chasing him . . .
Yeah I understand about loving hard because I'm that same way but at some point you need to think about yourself and not his ass because he not think about you nor is he whining or crying.

Let that man alone.
Find you somebody else that WANTS to be with you that you do not have to chase and do the run around with. Or hell try being by yourself for a while to better yourself and find out what you really want.

When he beg, ignore his ass! Just like dogs beg for food while you eating, if you tell them no, they'll soon go away lol.

Naw,, You're not being mean at all... And I understand completely where you're coming from I do.

Alot of the time, I do be wanting to just move on....

But when I love, I love HARD and its even harder to let go...

Every timne I try to leave him alone for good, he begs and pleads for me to stay... And like a fool I do.

I gave this idiot my all and for him to tell me I'm not down for him is like a slap in the face.

Now I don't mean for this to sound mean or rude I'm just being honest and genuine.

Sooo my question is why you keep running behind him after he keep showing you and telling you he don't want you or want anything to do with you? Like okay first time let it go whatever that's fine but after he told you he was interested n some other gurl and he fckd his baby mama you should've stopped then. If he's interested in some other girl there was nothing else for you and him to talk about and there was no reason for you to tell him that.

Sometimes you gotta use your brain cause your heart can have you looking like a big ass fool. Trust, every time he stop talking to him and you go running behind him like some puppy trying to get him to talk to him he telling his boys or whomever how he can make you do pretty much whatever because when he's wrong you act like you did something like you're in the wrong. No,, stop talking to him and make him work and plead for your attention so he can see how you feel.

A man will only do to you what you allow him to do.
And honestly you letting him make you look like a fool chasing behind him.
Think about yourself and your happiness cause apparently this isn't making you happy. You can love someone but that doesn't mean you have to be with them.

Like I said I don't want that to sound mean I'm just giving you my honest opinion.

Thats the point though! We werent even together when all this happened. But he just feels so betrayed because he THINKS I hid what I did from him, when I didnt have to tell him s*** in the first place.

Then he was also mad because he told me everything he did. But its not like he did it on his own. I had to drag that s*** outta him. Whereas me, I did it on my own.

In my opinion I don't believe you are not in the wrong.
I know 2 wrongs don't make a right but, he obviously wasn't acting like a good boyfriend.
I think you should drop him, he will soon realize the good thing he had.

Again this is just my opinion, go with your heart.