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Thuglife | I'm Bout Dat

sup tho! i missed y'all <3



Awe Dany that's adorable


if your not first then your last
"shake n' bake"

Awe, Dany that's sweet...

He's adorable, he's this special ed kid named Sam.

See, now he bout to get his ass whooped and be on the couch, telling our personal business! what exactly has this nigga told you?

Sweetie Trigga is my nigga!
We go back like four flats on a Cadillac
He tells me stuff

Oooh that's great Dany!

I made a new friend today.

Interesting.... Lol

Wait, wait, wait, What? See now me and Trey need to have a talk pronto, you spying on him and issh, i am now qutie curious as to what you found in your investagation?


Trust I'm the small private eye && Trey my nigga so I know

me && j are committed so if you know what we do
we don't give af lol
We'll tell ourselves s*** lol

See, Nani, Trey and I are secret lovers if you will with me being his mistress and all so what we do goes on beind closed doors so what dirt could there really be? Now you and J on the other hand well...ummmm!

i gotta ass so big like the sun
hope you got a mile for a d*** i wanna run
slap it in my face shove it down my throat
nigga where your blunt?i can make this pussy smoke :d


Summer you're trey's mistress
OF COURSE we have dirt on you!

cause im an angel im pure *bats eyelashes*

Aye, at least i admitt it! I was skimming then i seen ya'll airing out dirty laundry, i was done, smh ya'll sum, ya'll are sumthing else, i am just glad you have no dirt on me

i would just like to say it's worse when you airing people out drunk, funny but worse...


Aye Summer be ghost reading.
Just like a few others. Lol



Check mate

Check these nuts @lexxi lol


Check Dany

Checkity check lexi. Nah, im kidding haha

how the hell i come before lexi.. and nani
the fizzznuckk lol

i wanna check check checkity check check checkers


Nanita!! Check.

Ole freak body lol

Check lil one

Check nani

lmfaoo ana the devil is a lie
you know damn well you the #1 freak outta everyone

Trick YOU the leader!!
Yes YOU, Ana . . .Duh lol