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Erotica `*PART TWO

Erotica `* PART ONE



"Now, this is how it's gonna go. I need you all to get her in this building in ten minutes. There's an exit door to the back of the building on the right side and as soon as you open it, there's a stairwell. Go up the stairs and make it to Room 333 without anyone seeing you and I'll let you all go. Everyone got it?" "Yes." "Any questions?"

One girl raised her hand as she bit her lip. "What?" "What if someone is using the stairs?" "You kill them." I said shrugging my shoulders. "Anymore." Jody raised her hand as she smiled. "Yep?" "What if it takes us 11 minutes to do it?" "Look, I won't kill you over a minute but I will cut one of your legs off and make you my prostitute." All of them laughed. "Wow, a one legged prostitute." Kae said as she shook her head.

I grabbed my glock and put to her head. "Whoa! Aubrey! What the f*** you doin?" "b**** shut up and get out! Go get her out the trunk. If you cuss at me one more time I will blow your f***in brains out all on that freshly painted concrete, you hear me?" She shook her head. "Now get the f*** out!" I said pushing her out. She fell and slid on the raining street as I chuckled to myself. "This b**** funny."

She got up, ran to the trunk and lifted her out. I unlocked the doors and made all the other girls go help her finish the task. I sped off and made my way to the parking lot. "I hope these b****es do it right."


Lol don't judge me
I love Aubrey/Jimmy.
But I don't like drake emotional b**** ass lol

FYM lol

Eww Nani lol


Aubrey aint bulls***ting.
This nigga is uuuuh . . . . Kinda attractive in this light.