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A Special Client

Clients come and go all day. It's either day or night. Some are cheap,some are poor. But they all have one goal: to get a girl and have sex. I am a prostitute, my name is Kat but my girls call me Kit-Kat. I've been out in the streets for two years now and in three months it will be my third. All day is the same for me, I get at least four to six clients a day because i'm young and I got a good body. But one day there came a client who changed my entire life around. If I tell you would YOU believe me? Well it was Chris Brown.


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Run it

Forgetting Maddy, maybe? RUN IT!


What about Maddy??

Run it!

I can't wait to see how this plays out

Chapter 9:
It was 5:02. I walked in and sure enough there was Mijo waiting for me. I walked towards him and he stood up.
"Hey." I said.
"Hi." he replied.
He kissed my cheek and we sat down.
"Oh, I brought you these." he took out a bouquet of flowers that were next to him.
"Thank you Mijo! They're beautiful, you shouldn't have."
"Anything for the world's prettiest lady." he started smiling.
I think I learned something today. Either Mijo is very corny or i'm his first ever crush.
I shook my head. "I don't get it."
"Get what?"
"Why do you like me? How did you get a crush on me?" I was really confused.
He gave a confused look. "Whoa,why are you asking me all of this? I like you because you're beautiful,sweet,nice and very chill."
"But i'm a prostitute! Can't you see? I'm not worth anything. There's a lot of other beautiful girls trying to hook up with you, and they are actually worth something." I said.
"Yeah, but you're different." he grabbed my hand. "Also, right when I saw you I felt something, something I've never felt before with a girl."
"You felt bad for me. Because i'm a worthless piece of s***." I felt tears start forming up in my eyes but quickly wiped them off before Mijo saw me.
He started shaking his head but then looked up at me and smiled, squeezing my hand tighter.
"No,no not at all. It's just that... I want to help you. No pretty face like that should ever be out in the streets. I could help you. I could give you shelter,food and new clothes."
I first I thought he was joking but his face was pretty serious.
"Thank you, so much Mijo but I-"
"No but's, just please accept my offer." he said cutting me off.
"What's your offer?"
"Come with me. I'll supply you with anything you need if you promise to stay off the streets."
"Stay off the streets? That's all I need to do?"
I grabbed his pinky and put it together with mine.
"I promise."
I smiled and he smiled back.
"Okay so you can get all your stuff from the hotel and then you call me up and I'll pick you up."
He grabbed my phone to put in his number. Then he gave me his phone. I put in my number and named it 'Kit Kat' with a kissy face. We exchanged back phone's. As I went through my contact list I saw that he put his name as 'Hubby' and he took out the heart from Chris' name. I laughed. After getting the food that he ordered for me, we just started talking about our self's.

run it!

Aww mijo likes her

Chapter 8:
I woke up with the smell of pancakes. I got up to see McDonald's pancakes on the counter with a sticky note attached to it. It read: "Good morning Kat! Since it's your day off, I bought you pancakes! Oh, and by the way I hid his shirt so you will never find it, HA! Happy Friday! Love, Maddy." I smiled and shook my head then went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. After, I got the pancakes turned on the T.V and sat on the bed. I turned to see the people in the T.V talking about the pictures with me and Chris.
"Oh god." I said to myself.
I turned off the T.V and started eating my pancakes. My phone started ringing showing I had a new notification on Instagram. I had three new. They were '@f***yopictures liked your post, @f***yopictures commented on your post and @f***yopictures started following you.' I immediately started screaming. Then after a few seconds of screaming I hear a bang on the wall.
"SORRY!" I screamed towards the wall. I clicked on the picture to see the comment.
"You look goood!Lol." said the comment.
I smiled then replied. "Thanks."
I was about to put my phone away when I get another notification, it was Chris.
"Aye, you up early! Anyways, gimme your number I need to tell you something." he said.
My jaw dropped as I finished reading the comment. I pinched myself in the arm three times.
"Na, this is real." I said to myself.
I quickly wrote down my number. He replied "Aight." I erased the comment with my phone number and waited until my phone rang. Three minutes later it did, I answered.
"Damn it didn't even ring twice! Were you waiting for my call?" Chris said joking around. His voice sounded even sexier on the phone.
"Um,no. What was it you needed to tell me?"
"The motel called me up. I have your shirt."
"Oh, that's... embarrassing."
"Don't worry, it's coo. I also have two more things."
"And they are?"
"Have you seen what's on in the T.V lately?"
"Yeah, i'm sorry if that caused you any problems."
"It's aight. I just wanted to say that their gonna stop soon. I made my manager take care of that."
"Thanks. So?"
"The last thing! Alright, you remember Mijo right?"
"Oh, yeah. He's with you?"
"Yee, but wait lemme tell you something. Mijo's feeling you." he whispered.
"Feeling me? Stop playing Chris."
"No joke."
"He told you or something?"
"Yeah, yesterday when he got mad because I told him I was about to hook up with you."
"Aye! You feeling him too?"
"Well, no. I barely even know him but-"
I got cut off by Chris and this guy arguing.
"Hey, Kat! This is Mijo." in the background I heard Chris saying "Give me phone b****!"
"Hey Mijo!" I was very happy to hear Mijo again.
"Aye, today at five meet me in Denny's aight?"
"Denny's? Okay." I laughed.
"Bye Kat!"
"Bye Mijo!" I gave a loud kissing noise then hanged up.
I saved the number as 'Chris' with a heart. I can't believe Mijo likes me. I went into the bathroom to take a shower. After I put a buttoned-down collared shirt, jeans and Jordan's. I looked pretty good, like an average girl. To think anybody would lay their eyes on me, a prostitute, I doubted it.


Lol That Post was Funny...
Run It...

Chapter 7:
I went to the hotel's office to get my keys then walked up to our room. I opened the door slowly.
"Maddyyy, i'm home!" I said.
Right after I said that Maddy got out of the bathroom and started running towards me.
"Watch out!" I screamed as she pushed me down to the floor with her on top of me.
"Oh my god, you're on T.V." she said.
She got up and then helped me up too. She turned on the T.V to see the News. This channel wasn't just regular news, it was just stupid rumors about celebrities and what goes on in their life. It was called 'Celebrity Watch'. Maddy loves it, I think it's a bunch of trash.
"LOOK, LOOK! You're in the News!" she screamed.
I turned towards the T.V. There I was walking to the motel with Chris. They took 9 pictures: when we were in the entrance of the motel, getting out of the car in the parking lot, in the lobby of the motel and walking into the elevator.
"How did I not see them?" I said to myself.
The people on the show were talking about if I was his new girlfriend or just one of those girls he brings. After they finished talking Maddy turned off the T.V.
"I hate you so much." she said.
I laughed. I could tell she was really jealous. She was always a bigger fan than me, but I feel that I admire him as much as she does.
"We didn't even do anything." I said. "He had to leave."
"Still! He talked, kissed and touched you! I would have fainted right when I saw him, man." she said.
"No, of course not!"
"Wait, I'll tell you what happened after I change, this sweater makes me hot."
I took off my sweater and Chris' shirt and walked towards the closet. I got a tank top and put it on. I turned around to see Maddy staring at the shirt.
"Is that his shirt?!" she asked.
"Oh yeah he gave it to me." I replied.
"What happened to your shirt?"
I stopped to think. "Damn. I left it."
She started walking towards the bed where the shirt was. She picked it up and started hugging it. After awhile, she put it on.
"Thank you so much Kat you don't know what this means-"
"Um, excuse me? Who said I gave it to you?" I said cutting her off.
"Don't be like that Kat."
"I'm kidding we can share."
"Share? Um, sure." she smiled while walking away.
"Madison, where are you going?"
"Nowhere. I'm just going to-" she was saying as she ran out to the hallways of the motel.
"Maddy!" I screamed while chasing her.

Omg lol she tagged him in the picture...

lol, well uh that was interesting! I'm a new reader and I like this story, RUN IT!

I wonder is Chris gonna be mad she tagged him, but run it!!!

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Run it

Lol that girl looking like a hella groupie
I think Chris is going to be pissed when he finds out that she took that picture in his shirt and tagged him
Run it!

Chapter 6:
We arrived at the same motel that Mijo took me to. I guess they bring all their girls here. He booked up a room and then we went to the elevator. As we walked in Chris asked me a question.
"So how long have you been a prostitute?"
"2 years."
"So you have lots of experience?"
"Yes. Yes I do."
He turned to me, but my head was turned towards the elevator wall. I was smirking, when I saw from the corner of my eye Chris scratching his head and smiling. Then the elevator stopped in our floor. We walked down the hall into we found our room. He opened the door and I entered first.
"Thanks." I said. I slightly turned my head back to see Chris staring at my ass. The inside wasn't as beautiful as where Mijo took me but it was pretty good. I placed my sweater in the counter and turned around to face Chris. I jumped to see Chris right in back of me without a shirt. Before I could say anything he immediately started kissing me. It was so passionate, I loved it. We started heading towards the bed but our lips never separated. He was unzipping my shorts when his phone rang. I grabbed his head towards mine's but he pulled away and picked up the phone.
"Damn." I said to myself as I zipped up my shorts.
"Hello?" he said.
After about seven seconds he ran to the door and closed it. I thought he left already but then I noticed he left his car keys, his wallet and his shirt. I felt relieved. He spent a long time outside so I just walked towards the bed and layed down. I turned to my side to see his shirt. I grabbed it and started stroking it. Suddenly an idea popped up. I pulled the shirt towards me and put it on. I looked at myself then walked to the mirror. I started laughing so loud to the point I had to cover my mouth for Chris won't hear me. It was so big! I took out my phone and took a picture of myself. I went on Instagram and uploaded it with a caption that said "Wearing Breezy's shirt. @f***yopictures" As I put my phone away the door opened.
"I'm sorry, imma have to leave-"
He stopped and looked at me with his shirt on. He started cracking up.
"Aye! It looks good on you." he said.
I started blushing then shook my head. I quickly took it off.
"Keep it."
"Thanks, a lot."
"Can we finish this another day? I need to go to the studio and work on a new song."
"Of course."
He smiled then kissed my cheek. He grabbed his stuff then left. I was so disappointed I really wanted to have something with Chris. I grabbed his shirt and put it on, then grabbed my sweater and put that on as well. I left the motel and got a taxi. I was heading towards the hotel, I couldn't wait to tell Maddy all about it.

Lol I would have fainted


I would have been at a loss for words too lol
Nice of him to sign her sweater.
Run it!

I would have been at a loss for words too lol
Nice of him to sign her sweater.
Run it!

Aww he signed her sweater such a sweetheart lol run it

Chapter 5:
"Are you okay?" Chris asked.
I couldn't reply, words just didn't manage to come out of my mouth I was speechless.
"Oh you nervous? Well i'm Chris and you are?"
"I'm Kat." I replied with a nervous voice.
"What you doing out here?"
"I'm a prostitute..."
"Oh, okay. That's coo. Want me to take you to your spot or something?"
"I'll really appreciate it."
"Alright, let's get in the car." He pointed at the black beautiful Lamborghini. It looked so familiar... Suddenly it hit me.
"Where?" Chris started looking around.
"No, no. It's just that Mijo came in with that same car when he-"
"Oh s***ttttt." he cut me off. "Mijo hooked up with you? And he took my car? Little b****."
"Oh hold up. You're the Kit-Kat he's been talking about lately."
I blushed. "He's talks about me?"
"Yeah, he says you're the best."
I started cracking up. Chris just looked at me and then said
"Aye so you working right now?"
"Yeah, why not."
"Well, maybe I could be your first client."
He winked at me and we started walking towards his car.
"It smells so good in here" I said to myself.
In the backseat there was a blue hoodie that said the words 'Black Pyramid' on it.
"Hey Chris, I have that same exact sweater."
"Foreal?" he said. "Take it."
"I'm sorry I already have one. Plus, I can't take it, it's yours."
"Funny thing actually, that's your sweater." Chris started laughing.
I had a flashback. I remember before I got off the car I took off my hoodie. Mijo must have put it in the backseat. I grabbed it and right there I knew it was mine's. But there was a new detail to it. It had Chris' signature. I turned to him and he was smiling but looking at the road. I turned back to my sweater and smiled and hugged it.

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