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You First. (Finished!!!) 4-9-13

"This s*** is unbelievable, we can't be late on the first day." I vented to my best friend, <a href="">Breana.</a> "If we don't get to campus on time, we will be, and that's gonna be our asses." She really didn't make things better. As soon as our feet touched campus ground we sprinted towards the building, in mid-stride we both bumped into some niggas that were probably late too. <a href="">They</a> dropped their books and so did we. "My bad." <a href="">I</a> apologized, picking up my books. Bre did the same and then stopped when she noticed them not helping. "Well damn, I don't believe we were the only ones that dropped our books." She huffed. "I just gathered my things and stood up to be blocked by them. Bre stood up and looked at them the same way they were looking at us. "May I help you?" I asked them. "Nah, my bad, I'm Chris this Trey." The light-skinned one introduced himself. "I'm Clarissa, that's Breana. Nice to meet you." I stuck my hand out and they both shook it firmly. "Well uh, we gotta get to class, see you around." Bre grabbed my hand and pulled me to class.

When we walked in all eyes were on us. "Holy s***." Bre and I cursed. "Umm ladies, profanity is not allowed in class. You must be Clarissa and Breana. Please join us." The <a href="">professor</a> said. Just as we took our seats the two guys from earlier walked in. "Sorry I'm late Ms. O, we had some stuff to do." Trey explained. "More like hangovers to get rid of so you can listen in class. Now back to class. Or do we have anymore late students?" Just as she said that the door flew open and these <a href="">people.</a> "Sorry, you know we get caught up in practice." The Hispanic one said, "You need to get caught up in your work because how your grade looks I can tell you aren't giving it any attention. So sit down." The class of course ohh'd and the girl walked up to me.

"Out of my seat hoe." I chuckled. "b****. Swerve to the left and out of my face. Thank you." I focused back on the teacher as the whole class focused on us. "I don't think you heard her." The black girl said. "No, I don't think she heard HER." Bre interfered. "Do we have a problem?" Mrs. O asked, noticing none of us really paying attention. "Yes, this girl is in my seat." I rolled my eyes. "I don't see your name." She pointed to the top left corner. "It's right there. Its in marker." I rubbed it off then put my name on it. "I don't know what you're talking about." I said with a smile on my face, then Mrs. O tapped the ruler on her desk causing us all to jump up. "I have had it with you interrupting my class, everyone that came in late, you now have an extra assignment." We all groaned and threw our hands up.


mann you playing with my emotions right

Lol, you mad tho??? Lol I might come back or.....i might not. I don't know. Like on some R.N.S I really don't know.....or do I? Bwahahahaha!!!

Hell Nah, yo ass better come write so more lol you can't leave me hanging like that!!!! I DEMAND MORE lmao...ughh this ain't mad lol


Wait wat we need to no wst happn cnt leave us like dat lol

You can't leave us hanging like this! I want a sequel!!!

what ?! no! sequel please?? :D
i like the Don and her moment it was cute
i like that they were on good terms even after he did all that to her
dam poor Chris :/
her gang all shooken up :/
hopefully she makes it but was sup?? made it seem like she went to hell or something...
ahh u cant end it just yet :(
run it? :)

Oh wait!!!! I forgot to add something. THE END!!!!

To all my readers it was a joy to read all the comments. I especially loved it when yall tried to figure it out and try to put pieces together. I loved it! You all have actually inspired me to keep on writing. I hate that it has to end this way, but thanks again. This story lasted a short time, but its actually the first one that I finished. Or will I come back and do a sequel?? You never know....BWAHAHAHA!!!! Love you all and thanks so so so so so much!!!!!


Chris' POV

I knew something sounded familiar by the name Desmond. That nigga knocked up my sister and hasn't payed not one cent worth of child support. She doesn't even want his money, she just wants her son to have a father unlike us. "Chris? Rissa ain't back yet? I feel like something is wrong." <a href="">Josh</a> worried. "Me too, but we can't be pessimistic about this. I just hate myself for letting her go through with this." <a href="">I</a> shook my head. "I know, I was just thinking. Remember last time when we got all the girls involved. I don't want anyone hurt." Just then my phone rang. "Chris, this is Kebo, imma need for you to come pick us up." I sighed in relief. "Yall done already." I could hear other people screaming. "No! Somebody was at the club and killed Desmond and his crew, but we don't know who. What I didn't know was that this nigga was well-known in these streets and now his nigga think we did it. Look, just come pick us up." I hurried and started putting on my clothes. "Whats wrong, are the girls hurt?" Just then Trey, Pachino, and Nick crashed into the room. "The girls are hurt! What the f*** we standing here for, lets go!" Pachino rushed. "They not hurt nigga! Calm yo short ass down! They are being looked for so lets go!" We all ran to my rental car and packed in.

Rissa's POV

It was all going so well. When we had walked out the club I heard gunshots and then my hand jerked back. I let go of Jai's hand to see him bleeding. I pulled out my gun and started firing at wherever the gunshot came from. Then I started looking around checking the crew. Next thing I know, some random ass group of niggas pulling they glocks out on us. We took off running, luckily we were by a corner so they didn't hit any of us. We kept on running, and then my asthma started catching up with me. "" I wheezed and coughed. "s***, I left it!" I noticed the near by store. "That's right, honey will do." Bre said. "Come on RiRi, stay with me." He picked me up and they all hauled ass to the store. "Help! Help! She's having an asthma attack!" Kebo yelled as soon as his foot was in the door. The clerk rushed over to me and looked at me. "We need honey!" Dakota yelled crying. "Please Rissa. Please! Don't go!" Bre, Barbie, and Gina cried. I looked at all of them, my heart felt heavy and it slowly started beating, my eyelids began to fall. "I love all of you thank you so much for being there for me. Please know that if I die here, tonight, I don't want you all to be sad. Be happy,and remember me for the happy person I was. Tell Chris to love again and I will never forget him. I love you." I said and I just passed out. Maybe forever, maybe just for now.

I watched as my soul was gently being pulled out of me by God's hands. I felt my heart flutter as I looked up to see
<a href="">Don.</a> "Hey babygirl, long time no see." I smiled and nodded. He pulled me into a deep hug. "I've missed you." I confessed hugging him tightly. He smiled too and pushed a few strands of hair behind my ear. "You're even more beautiful now." For some reason, I started remembering everything I went through. When me and Barbie didn't get along, I always wanted to hit her in her mouth, but now I just wanna hug her. Too bad I won't be able to see my nephew. I hated that everything was ending this way. With me going out like I did. I tried to kill someone, I did kill someone, and I hurt a lot of people. I didn't even get to say good by to the most beautiful people in the world. Chris and my parents. I missed them and loved them with all my heart. I just hope that Chris doesn't go into some depression or something. I can't believe I actually killed Johina! I'm a badass angel. I laughed at myself. "This place looks so beautiful." I said, about to go through the gate. "Slow your road boo. You aren't quite there yet. See?" He showed me over to this birdbath with water in it. He lightly grazed his finger over it and I saw everybody crying at a hospital. Josh was holding my hand and Barbie as she broke down. Bre was outside the door crying and falling out. Dakota, oh Lord, she was shaking all over. Then she passed out. Then I appeared. I watched as Chris poured his heart out to me, in front of everyone. something Don never really did. "Wow, he's so much better than me. He's a real gentleman." I had a huge grin on my face. "Yes he is." Don slid his hand over the water and it went back to its natural color. "So fight for what you love. Don't give up now. I can't tell if you are going to make it out of this alive, but I do know that everyone around you would really appreciate if you came back." He hugged me one last time and kissed me on my forehead. "Goodbye, and don't try to be such a badass anymore okay." I nodded and then a hand pulled me out of heaven. I began fighting with all of my strength. I felt like I was on the losing side. My heart began racing and I felt this power come out of nowhere. Then everything went white and I heard muffled noises. But they weren't familiar. I opened my eyes and gasped at what I saw. Who is he?



dam chris just gave the ok... but s*** the dude freaking burned a little kid! u aint a man for that ugh
dam the girls a re some killas
run it


O they aint plyn run it

Kebo's POV

The <a href="">girls and I</a> were sitting down at my house going over the plans. ”So Daki, imma need for you and Rissa try to seduce him. Then when he offers to take you to his crib follow him to his car. On the way to his house tell that nigga to pull the f*** over. Make sure he doesn't have his gun. I know he'll take at least two more guys with him. We like to gang bang down here. Thats where Gigi, Bre and Barbie comes in. You three try to seduce them, you know tell them its role play. Then imma come up and blast Desmond while yall blast the other two. Desmond isn't well known so we should be good for about a month. Kapeesh?” They all nodded their heads and took another shot. ”One thing.” We all looked at Barbie. ”Why is this plan so sexual?” I shrugged my shoulders. ”Cause he a horny muthaf***a!” Bre yelled. We all just laughed, hopefully this plan goes right, we can't pay for any screw ups.

We had stopped by the gun store to pick up some more ammo. ”Damn, I feel like a topnotch assassin.” Rissa said. I just shook my head. ”Ummm, can we party with the nigga? You know, you can act like yall cool and s*** and then it wouldn't make following that hard to do.” Dakota suggested. ”See, thats why you my twin, you smart as f*** and that makes me look good.” Rissa laughed. We soon made it to the club and it was time to act. We all hopped out the car and headed straight to VIP. We immediately were served bottles. I soon spotted <a href="">them</a> by the bar. ”There they go.” When Rissa, Barbie, and Bre saw them they gasped. ”Thats Jai and Rakim!” I scrunched up my face. ”Nah! Thats Desmond.” She smacked her lips. ”Nah! Thats Jai and Rakim. We met them in the states. Their Chris' boys.” I sighed and Rissa got her phone.

Rissa's POV

”Hello.” Chris yawned into the phone. ”Baby? Are you done killing them bastards?” I shook my head as if he could see me. ”No, but babe you won't believe this. Desmond is Jai and his friends are Rakim and some other guy.” Chris gasped. ”I knew the name Desmond sounded familiar. Kill his ass, he did my sister dirty.” I said ok and hung up. ”Well that was easy. He said its cool.” I told Kebo he somewhat squealed and started walking towards them. He pushed me and Daki to the front and walked away. ”Jai? Oh my gosh!” I exclaimed walking over to him. He smiled brightly before hugging me by the waist. ”Wassup RiRi. Long time no see.” I hugged him back. ”I know right, what are you doing here?” He bit his lip and looked at me. ”I was here on a vacation. What about you?” I leaned against the counter. ”I just broke up with Chris and he was getting on my nerves, oh my bad! This is my twin sister, Dakota.” She hugged him and Rakim stared at her ass. ”Come on lets go dance.” When we go to the floor I started twerking to the music that played. Each time the bass boomed I threw it back and moaned. ”Aye, why don't we leave this joint and go back to my place?” I nodded and grabbed his hand. ”Oh wait! I can't my friends are here and one is a boy.” He shrugged. ”They can come too.” Too easy. ”Alright, I'll be back with them.” I left him to go get everybody else. Hopefully this works out right.

Run it


Kebo's POV

"Man, give me my f***ing son Tonya!" I yelled, trying to open the door. "No! You wanna stop seeing me, so you can stop seeing yo son." I banged on the door. "Tonya I stopped seeing yo ass when you f***ing sold all my momma's s*** to some nigga for crack." I then heard a car pull up I looked up to see <a href="">Rissa and Chris</a> looking mad as hell. "What's wrong with yall?" Rissa rolled her eyes. "You nigga, I was about to have a nice f*** in the shower and here you go calling me. Be glad I'm nice." I gagged. "Ugh! TMI! TMI!" Chris chuckled. "She not opening the door." I got back into my serious mode. "Okay, back up." I knew what that meant, Chris' dumbass just stood there. "Nigga back the f*** up before wood fly in yo eye." He quickly backed up and Rissa took a few steps back then she charged at the door and kicked it down. I heard my son, Fidel, crying. Rissa ran to the room Tonya was in and we followed. "Tonya! Unlock this damn door!" She demanded.

I heard the door unlock and saw <a href="">them</a> in the corner. I stormed into the room and snatched my son away from her. "Fidel are you okay? Did she hurt you?" He nodded his head. "Show me." I jumped, but noticed the voice came from Chris. He stopped crying and showed us his arm, which had a burn mark on it. "You b****!" Rissa kicked her in her face and she flew back. She started stomping Tonya, I gave Fido to Chris and told them to go back to the hotel.

I grabbed onto Rissa, who was crying, and removed her from the room. "You burnt my son Tonya, why?" She was bleeding and crying and started to cough up blood. "He wouldn't stop crying and Desmond was over, so he burnt him. I kicked him out after that I swear! Please don't take my son!" She pleaded. "Where that nigga stay?" She wiped her tears and gave me his address. As I got up to leave, she grabbed onto my leg and I shook her off. :Stop being so damn thirsty." I slammed the door on my way out and I could hear her screaming my name. "Aye Rissa, call up the girls, Imma need yall to ride out with me somewhere." Without any questions she called the girls and we met in her room. It's time to handle Desmond's ass today.


O run it

Rissa's POV~~ Continued ~~

”No Uncle Reggie stop!” I screamed. ”Rissa calm down, its me Chris.” I opened my eyes to see Chris looking at me with worried eyes. ”Chris?” He nodded his head as a tear dropped from his eye. ”Rissa, I don't think we should do this. Not today.” I shook my head. ”Please, I can't go on thinking about that. Please Chris.” I begged, hopefully he'll listen unlike Reggie. He sighed and nodded his head. ”Fine.” As soon as those words left his mouth, I kissed him and held onto him. ”Babe. I don't want you to think of the pain. Just focus on the outcome.” He advised. He put the condom on and began lubricating it. I moaned a bit and he smiled. ”Here we go.” He leaned down putting his chest on mine. He started kissing me, probably to take my mind off the pain. ”Ooh s***.” I winced. ”Just a little more to go.” He kissed on my neck and I giggled a bit. ”Its in.” He announced in a happy tone. Tears rolled down my cheeks. ”Thank you so much Chris.” He wiped my tears away and smiled. ”Babe, I'll never will hurt you like he did. I don't ever want you crying in a negative way because of me. I love you.” I wiped my last tear away. ”I love you too. Now f*** my s*** up.” He bit his lip. ”Will do.” He picked up his pace just a little, but went deep as he could go. ”Chris, s***.” I moaned. ”Damn bae, you feel so damn good.” He grunted. ”I can feel you in my stomach.” We stayed like this for a great 20 minutes until I demanded him to go faster.

”f***!” I exclaimed. He was going so fast. He stopped for a second and put my legs on his shoulders going even deeper. I didn't think that was even possible. My back arched and Chris picked up his pace. ”s***.” He moaned. ”I'm bout to cum.” He just nodded and started pounding my womanhood. ”Uhh!” I belted out as I reached my climax. ”Ugh!” Chris followed suit. I slowly started taking off his condom and handed him another one. ”I wanna get on top.” He sat back against the headboard and I laid my head by his feet. I lowered my bddy down on him and his toes curled. I began bouncing up and down as his moans filled the room. ”s*** babe.” I smiled to myself a bit. I felt him grip my hips and he thrusted himself in me as I screamed a bit. ”You ain't runnin s*** in here.” I smacked my lips and then whimpered when Chris smacked my butt. ”What I tell you about that?” I didn't answer, I loved it when Chris was aggressive. He pulled my hair back causing me to sit up. My back was against his chest as he drilled me. I leaned back and started to kiss him. He slowed down a bit. As the night went on we went back and forth about who was in control, resulting in total exhaustion. Long story short we both fell asleep without Chris pulling out.

Chris' POV

I looked Rissa in her eyes and I could tell something was bothering her. ”Rissa are you a virgin?” I asked, she scrunched her face up. ”No! Why?” I looked at her with my really face. She sighed and teared up a bit. ”Rissa baby, whats wrong? If you don't wanna do this just say so.” She shook her head. ”Chris, I need to do this. But after I tell you this. Promise me you won't look at me differently.” I held out my pinky and locked it with hers. ”I promise.” She smiled a bit then frowned. She took a deep breath and then looked me in my eyes. ”I was raped by my uncle when I was 13.” It was like my whole body went numb. ”Chris..Chris...Chris say something.” I couldn't say anything. How could somebody hurt someone so beautiful inside and out. ”He did it the day after my birthday.” Rissa softly said.

Rissa's POV

I couldn't help but think about that devastating moment, it would haunt me forever and ever. I just couldn't understand how someone so close to me, do something so terrible.


<a href="">I</a> was laying on the couch at my cousin's house watching the game with my uncle. ”Hey Rissa! You wanna go play basketball with me and Nicole?” My cousin asked. I just shook my head. Nicole was a total b****. She thought she was the s***, but she looked like an infected blobfish. I laughed a bit in my head. ”Rissa! Can you come here?” I heard my uncle yell. ”Wassup Unc?” I asked walking into his room. ”Uhh, come here.” He said sitting down and patting his lap. When I sat down on his lap he lifted my chin up with his fingers. ”You know you look just like your mother. Beautiful and young.” He complimented, rubbing the small of my back. ”Um, thanks.” I was about to get up, but he gripped my thigh. ”And your body is even better.” I looked my uncle in his eyes and they were red. I knew he was high, his eyes looked like BJ's when he smoked. ”Uncle Reg, I think I need to go home.” I got up and ran to the door, but he grabbed me by my arm and threw me on the bed. I began fighting him as he ripped off my clothes. ”Stop!” I yelled. He ripped off my bra and roughly kissed my breast. He held my arms down and I just began to cry. Then he ripped my shorts and underwear off. He held me down with one hand so I took advantage of it and started kicking and hitting him. I ended up punching him in his nose and blood rolled down his face and dripped from his chin. ”My turn.” He smiled and punched me in my face shutting my whole nervous system down. I just laid there, crying. I could feel everything. He bit his lip in a satisfying way. I couldn't feel my bottom half. ”Please. Please stop.” I whimpered. ”Shut up.” He ordered. ”s*** you're so tight.” I was bawling at this point and then I felt something shoot in me. It was warm. ”Damn. Hope you don't get pregnant. Clean yourself up.” He threw me a towel and when I sat up I saw I was laying in a pool of my own blood. I felt myself going in and out. My uncle had left his phone and I grabbed it and dialed 911. ”Hello, this is officer Jane, please state your emergency.” I fell back and my head hit the wall. ”Help me.” I said into the phone before passing out.

*Flashback Over*


dam how gon stop there!? lol
wait is this her first time?
run it

Run it

Sorry for all the errors, I just now thought about checking it.

Rissa's POV

I listened to my mother as she went off on me about not calling her. ”I know I know ma. Family is important to you. Yaddi yaddi ya.” I rolled my eyes. ”Yaddi yaddi ya? Little girl, I'll whoop yo ass, college ain't make you to old to get an ass whooping.” I sighed. ”Ma, I'm sorry. I've been forgetting about yall. I'll make sure to come see yall when we get back.” I assured her. I giggled as Chris started kissing my stomach and rubbing it. ”Stop Rick.” My mom laughed. I took the phone from my ear and looked at it. ”Who is Rick ma?” I questioned. ”Nobody, tell everybody I said hi, bye love you much.” She rushed off the phone. 8 slowly set the pbone on the table. ”Whats wrong bae?” Chris stopped kissing my stomach and put my shirt down. ”I think my mom is cheating on my dad.” He scrunched his face up. ”Why would you say something like that?” I turned towards him. ”While I was talking to her, she said stop Rick.” He never met my dad, so I knee he was confused. ”And?” I just shook my head. ”My dad's name is Daniel, Chris.” He gasped and put his hand over his mouth. ”I'm sorry you had to hear that.” He hugged me and got up. I'll leave you alone.” He reached.for the door handle. "Please don't leave, I need you." I pleaded, tears threatening to leave my eyes.

He sighed and sat down on the bed and I laid back. He started to softly sing and I listened carefully. "You can really sing Chris, why didn't you ever tell me?" He shrugged his shoulders. "After my mom died, I just stopped. I only sand for her. And now I sing for you and soon, I will sing for Nick too." I smiled. He leaned down and pecked my lips. "Let's go somewhere." He suddenly suggested. "To the beach, just you and me." I smiled and nodded. "I'll be back in five minutes." I got up and began getting my stuff together.

<a href="">I</a> walked hand in hand with <a href="">Chris.</a> "The moon looks beautiful." I said softly. "Yeah, but not as beautiful as you." I blushed. "Aww look at that, she blushes." I smacked my lips. "Shut up! Always gotta ruin the moment." He laughed and hugged me from behind. "I'm sorry." He began to nibble on my neck. "Chris...stop...please." I said inbetween moans. "Why? You know you don't want me to." I smiled. "True, but there are people out here, if we weren't in the open, I might let you continue." He raised his eyebrows. "s***, leggo then." He pulled me back to our hotel room. When we got there everyone was gone. "Where is everybody?" He just shrugged his shoulders. "Come on." He grabbed my hand and led me to our room, when he opened the door candles and rose petals were everywhere. "Chris? Is this for me?" I asked. He nodded, I turned to him and kisssed him. "Thank you." He looked at me like I was crazy. "For what?" I pecked his lips again. "Everything. I love you." He cheesed hard. "I love you too."

He leaned down and began to kiss me, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. He cuffed my butt and squeezed it gently causing me to moan in his mouth. As he pulled away I bit his bottom lip. "Damn." I smiled. He pushed me back causing me to fall on the bed. He climbed on top and hovered above me. He kissed on my neck and began moving his hand down to the end of my dress. He pulled it up and over my head leving me in my lace bra and thong set. I was prepared for this moment. "Damn, I see you was ready for the d***." He joked. "Bite me." And he did just that. "Oww Chris! It was an expression." He chuckled. "Oh I ain't know." I smacked my lips. Then I felt a sting on my thigh. "Oww." I whimpered. "Don't smack your lips no more." I was about to smack my lips again until I saw his hand raise. "Okay then, now let me continue." He kissed down from my breast to my stomach and then to my thong. He held my hips and pushed them up so he could take my thong off eith his teeth. He then spreaded my legs wide apart and his mouth dropped open. I smiled. "You like?" He gulped and nodded. Then he unexpectedly dove his head in causing me to gasp.

"Chris." I moaned his name as he began to lick my clit. My legs locked around his neck as I arched my back. Suddenly he stuck his long tongue inside of me and I jumped up. "Woah." He smirked. "Lay back down, I promise I'll be gentle." I knew he was lying, but something told me to just lay down and so I did. "Good girl." He patted my thigh before reentering his tongue. I moaned and screamed as he went deeper and faster. "s*** Chris!" I gripped onto his curls and began to shake. "Chr-Chri-Chris! I'm abot to- Ahh!" Before I could even say something, the cream began to flow. I laid there shaking a bit and goosebumps appeared on my arms. "Damn, you got some good s***." He came up and kissed my lips. "Now for the real deal." I opened my eyes and quickly sat up as he began to take off his boxers. My eyes widened at his size. "You think you can take it?" He asked, noticing my face. I just nodded slowly and said a quick prayer in my head.



haha dam chris done played her! lol
run it