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I apologize for the way that I treat ya
but I gotta leave ya
unless somehow I come across a case of AMNESIA

4 years later
A lot has changed since <a href="">I</a> move back to New York. I’ve transferred my credits to NYU and I’ve graduated at 22. I spent a lot of time alone working on me and then I met <a href="">him</a>. His name was Colin. We went to school together when we were younger and we never got along. So when we bumped into each other in the store there were foul words exchanged. Over a few weeks we kept running into each other and he was really rude to me and we cursed each other out several times before he finally asked for my number. I don’t know what it was about him but I liked him. We ended up hitting it off. As of now we’ve been dating for 1 year 3 months. It seemed like less time because he’s in the nfl and he’s always gone. I know you’re like ok what about Chris right? f*** Chris and his b**** ass. Just kidding, since he showed up at my house 4 years ago I lost contact with him. I needed time away from him, he really hurt me and I didn’t want to deal with him like that. And so far I didn’t have to because he stayed in Virginia and I stayed in New York. If there was something important Christie and Chyna came to New York. My birthday is in two days and Chyna and Christie are flying out to celebrate. I was at Colin’s house sitting on his bed…

“Babe you sure you don’t just want to have a dinner for your birthday instead of going to some sleezy club when I’m not going to be there?” Colin asked . “Uh, no. You and I can do a dinner date tonight because my girls are coming tomorrow.” I replied looking at a Victoria’s secret catalog. He sucked his teeth and said” iight whatever but I better not hear about you being all up on some nigga tho”. Colin had a jealous streak in him. At first I thought it was sexy but we got drunk one night and he put his hands on me. I only ended up with a black eye and he promised that he’d never do it again. So far he’s kept his word. I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around his waist “You know I only have eyes for you” I cooed. He smiled and pecked my lips and started to pack. “So I’m going to be gone for 3 days then I come back for 2 and I’m going back for 2 weeks. Are you sure you don’t want me to have Big L (his body guard) escort you on your birthday?” I shook my head no “It’s just going me and my girls hanging out like we used to”. He nodded and continued packing.
2 days later
<a href="">Chyna</a> and <a href="">Christie</a> arrived in NY at 10am. I wanted them to stay over at my house but Colin booked their flights and hotels so that’s where they stayed. I picked them up and we all went to this amazing spa and got our hair did we were going to have a good time tonight. When we got back to my house Chyna looked at a picture of me and Colin and smiled. “I hope he makes you happy love” she said sitting next to me. “Yes he do. He’s such a sweetie” I said and Christie smiled. “Livie boo you look like you’re in love” I shrugged my shoulders “I don’t know about all of that but we have something special” “Aww” the screamed in unison and we all laughed. “So what’s been going on in Virginia?” I asked eating some grapes. “Same s*** just a different day” Chyna spat. “OH she’s just bitter” Christie started “It’s good for me. Drake and I are still going strong. No Kids except my niece”. “Niece?” I asked confused. “You didn’t tell her?” Chyna asked. “I probably forgot to mention that Chris has a daughter” Christie said a little above a whisper. “Well good for him he’s been dodging babies since I met him” I said now drinking water. “Sorry was that too soon, you know with the twins and all?” Christie asked with a concerned look on her face. “No I’m over that, that was years ago. How’s things with you and Mike” I asked Chyna changing the subject. “Mike who?” She scuffed. Christie laughed and I smiled “What did he do?” I asked. “You know this nigga wants to be a rapper right?” She asked and I nodded. “He quits his job making 60k a year to be a f***ing rapper!” Chyna yelled obviously pissed. “No” I chimed in “Yes the f*** he did and we live together. This mother f***er gone tell me that Lil’ Wayne saw him spitting on youtube and messaged him, like nigga come on now really? You don’t know if that’s Wayne you didn’’t even meet him so why the f*** would you quit?” I shook my head “It’ll be ok Chy” Christie said trying to make her feel better but she shook her head “It better be or his ass is on the next train smoking to his mother’s house” Christie laughed as Chyna walked out… She was dead serious.
Later on that night we all got dressed in cute dresses and heels and made our way to the club. When we got in the VIP section Chyna poured us shots and raised her glass. “To Olivia turning 23” we all clicked our glasses and downed the drinks. “Oooh isn’t that Trey over there?” Chyna asked and we all looked over and for damn sure it was <a href="">Trey</a>. “Sure is” Christie said swaying her hips to the beat. “Please don’t call him over” I said to myself when I heard “TREY!!!!” I looked up and saw Chyna waving him over. He smiled approached us. I took another shot as he hugged Christie and Chyna. He looked at me and smiled “Olivia what has it been 4 years?” I nodded and looked over the balcony. “Can I speak with you?” Trey asked. I looked over at him and nodded. I told the girls I’d be back and we walked do the side. “You look good Livie how’ve you been?” he asked and I huffed “Like you care” I responded. “What you talking about?” He asked. I looked at him like he had 3 heads “Are you kidding me, I still haven’t forgot what you said to Chris about me, that was a b**** ass move and you know it” He laughed “Yeh, about that I’m sorry” I nodded. “So why are you in New York” “My fiancé” I smiled I was happy for him. “That’s good for you—“ I was cut off by a random guy “You’re Olivia Smith? Colin Kaeparnick’s girl friend right?” I nodded. “You don’t know how big of a fan I am do you mind If I get a pic of you?” he asked “sure” I said as Trey tried to move away “No you’re her friend you can stay” The guy said and Trey didn’t object. They guy took the pic of us and thanked me before leaving. “Well that’s my que It was nice seeing you again Livie” I nodded as he walked off. I made my way back over to Chyna and Christie and we partied the night away. Although I was intoxicated I made sure I danced with myself of the girls to avoid drama with Colin.
The next morning I woke up due to being slapped in the face. I jumped up and was staring in the face of a mad man. “Colin what the f***” I asked and he slapped me again. “b**** what the f*** did I say before I left??” He asked. I was stunned I can’t believe he just hit me. “Ouch” I said holding my face. “Wrong motherf***ing answer” He said grabbing my hair and pulling me off the bed. I screamed the whole while he dragged me in to the bathroom. “You’re a dirty ungrateful b**** you know that?” he asked throwing me into the shower. “Babe I didn’t do anything”. He punched me in my stomach and I screamed in pain. “You like making a f***ing fool of me don’t you Olivia??” He asked. “I-I-I don’t know wh-what yo-you’re talking about” I cried. He pulled out his phone and showed me this <a href="">Picture</a>. “So you f***ing him now” he asked and I shook my head. “I’ma teach you a motherf***ing lesson today” “Colin baby pleassse! I sweeaarrrr I didn’t sleep with him!” I yelled as I watched him take off his belt. “Lying b****” he yelled spitting on me. I got up and started running but he caught me and tackled me on the floor. “Don’t you know I run for a motherf***ing living? Wrong move, baby now you know this only makes it worse” He said smiling. Who was this man? I was scared s*** less. I closed my eyes and started crying hysterically only to have spread my legs and insert himself inside of me. “Don’t you ever disrespect me like that again” he roared while pumping in and out of me. I kept my eyes closed. I can’t believe I was being raped by my own boyfriend. I zoned out I heard his voice but I couldn’t make out what he was saying. I don’t know how long I was laying there but I felt him pull out. I still had my eyes closed hoping he wouldn’t hit me anymore. He didn’t, he came on my face. “Go clean yourself up” He said as I heard his footsteps leave the room. I opened my eyes and got up. I was disgusted with his actions like how the f*** could he do this to me??? I went in the bathroom and started my shower. I took off my clothes and started to clean up myself as I continued to cry… I have to leave him.

This is part Two to I Wish I Never Met Him so please if you didn't read that go read it :)


@shestayfly89 Yu welcome thank yu for writing

@ibadwbu thank u so much for the support :) I appreciate it!!
@tweetybird92 lol u r crazy.
@ nene25 thanks 4 reading and welcome2 my story lol
Going to add later on tonight.
What do y'all want to be addressed by?
Your screen name or your name or a made up name this auto correct on my iphone be putting all kinds of f***ery on my screen lol.
Let me know.

@shestayfly89, am so glad you started this, you know i loved your last story, and am sure am gonna love this one. matter of fact i already do. Okay now down to business
Colin: i will f*** his s*** up and break his knee caps with my baseball bat that i will buy from wal-mart on my way to his house.he just don't know am a thugg lol.
Live: girl run and don't ever look back cause at-least Chris never laid a hand on you to hurt so, but Colin aint that cute to die by his hands. go jib leaving his trifling ass. Colin is the president of the trif-life club.

Colin you took the ring off her,talkin about you wasn't wearin the ring. That couldn't be me at this rate we both would be locked up but only I'll be released and he won't.

Dang he a freakn psycho. Livie need to own a gun . It only has to happen once i wudda took pictures or my bruises bt on the 2nd attempt i wudda put a hole in his head. She crazy bt good add run it . Im reading. All the silent readers need to speak up.

Forty-five minutes later I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around me. I looked at myself in the mirror and frowned. I had red hand prints on both sides of my face. A bruise from where he punched my stomach and the pain in between my legs was horrible. I didn’t want to go into my room because I knew Colin was going to be there. I exhaled and twisted the door knob and walked into my room. Colin was sitting on my bed. I pretended not to see him and I made my way to my dresser. “Babe” Colin called out but I ignored him. “Babe” He called out again and I felt him wrap his arms around me. I was so scared, but he was only trying to hug me. “I’m soo sorry babe I didn’t mean for it to escalate to that” he spoke calmly. He let go of my waist as I grabbed my underwear and began putting them on. “I swear I never meant to hurt you Liv” he cooed now looking into my eyes. Tears started to fall from my eyes as soon as our eyes connected. It was like he was a totally different person. “But you did Colin” I spoke softly. “Baby I flipped. I f***en flipped ok. I was on my way back and Jasmine sends me this message saying that there were pictures of you on the internet with some dude and I lost it.” “Jasmine?!!” I questioned and he looked down. “That’s the same b**** that I asked you to stop talking to 4 months ago”. He looked back at me and nodded “I know but baby from the bottom of my heart I am soo sorry and to show you how sorry I am I brought you something.” He said handing me a small jewelry box “Colin you didn’t have to” I said taking the box. “I know but I wanted to” I opened the box and saw <a href="">this</a> . “Oh my god it’s beautiful” I said staring down at the ring. “Not more beautiful than you. It’s a promise ring, apromise that as long as you wear this ring I’ll never hurt you”. He seemed so sincere. He took the box from me and slid the ring onto my left ring finger and we kissed…

2 months later
Everything with Colin and I are going great I couldn’t ask for a better relationship. <a href="">I</a> was at one of Colin’s game waiting for him to leave the locker room when a random guy walked up to me. “I beautiful” I smiled “Hi”. “I’m Vernon, I haven’t seen you around here” I looked at <a href="">him</a> . “Oh my god Vernon Davis, I know exactly who you are” I smiled.“Is that so?” He smirked and I nodded. “You play with Colin, he’s my boyfriend” I said as his eyes ran up and down my body. “Wow you’re prettier than he claimed”. Someone cleared their throat and I saw <a href="">him</a> so I walked over and he pecked me. “Good game babe” I said and he looked over at Vernon. “I was just introducing myself to your beautiful girlfriend” He said and I smiled. “You better hold on to her before I get at her” He joked and walked away. I turned to hug Colin only to be pushed back “What?” I asked. “What the f*** was that?? You trying to make friends with my boys?” I was f***ing lost. He had to be off his f***ing rocker. “Babe I was just standing here and he walked over and introduced himself to me. I told him I was your girlfriend and that was it.” He nodded.
When we got to my house I took off my shoes and looked over at Colin who was checking me out. “Come here” he said. I sashayed over and stood in front of him and kissed him. He kissed me back for a second. “Let me see your ring” I smiled and held up my hand. He played with my hand and slid the ring off. “What was that—“ I was cut off by him slapping me to the floor. ‘What the f*** did I tell you about wearing sexy s*** to my motherf***ing games”. I looked at him through my glossy eyes “I’m covered” “But your ass is not you f***ing slut” He paced back and forth as I got up and once again tried to run into my room but he caught me. “Olivia baby I told you not to ever run from me”. He looked like a f***ing crazy person. “Colin don’t hit me”. He laughed “You don’t listen to me so why the f*** should I listen to you?” He asked c**king his head to the right. This nigga is nuts. “Look lets just let it go, you go home I’ll stay here we will wake up tomorrow and we can talk about it”. He back handed the s*** out of me and I fell to the floor and moaned in pain. “Don’t tell me what the f*** to do” he spat now taking off his pants. “b****es like you need to be taught a lesson, I’m going to make you my wife and with that being said you gone have to learn” He pulled down his boxer briefs revealing his hard d***. “So what you’re going to rape me again Colin” I asked as I stood up wiping blood from my nose. He walked closer to me and I stepped back. “I’m just doing what you was going to allow Vernon to do”. “You are f***ing sick” I spat and backed against the wall. He laughed and wrapped his hands around my neck and started choking me as I tried to fight him off. “If you learn to shut the f*** up we wouldn’t have these problems”. I was unsuccessfully gasping for air and before I knew it everything around me went black.
When I woke up my head was killing me and my vagina was raw. I looked down and saw my clothes torn, but my “promise ring” was back on. I got up and looked out the window. Colin was gone. I took a shower and got dressed. I made up my mind I’m leaving. I began to pack my stuff and cry. I picked up my phone and saw a message from Colin.
Colin: Love I’ll be back at 11, we need to talk
I looked at the time it was 10:45. I started packing faster. At 10:50 whatever I didn’t have I wasn’t taking. I hoped in my Range Rover and hit the high way. I called Chyna and she picked up on the 2nd ring. “Livie love!!!” I couldn’t contain my emotions, I started to cry again. “Y’all shut up, Livie” she said again. “Chyna can I come to your place just for tonight?” I asked. “Sure are you crying?” I nodded like she could see me “Yea” “What’s going on” she asked concerned. “Colin and I got into it” I explained everything to her “OH MY MOTHER f***ING GOD are you ok?” she asked “I’m alive Chy please don’t tell nobody” “Well everyone’s here and Christie heard me answer your call so she’s looking at me funny so I gotta tell her something” “Well Christie’s one of us so it’s ok, just no Mike and Drake” “Ok, love. I don’t mind going to jail for Killing him for you. I knew he was too good to be true pretty boy looking motherf***er” she spat. I had an incoming call from Colin on my other phone. “Chyna it’s Colin calling” “Don’t answer it” “I’M NOT” I hit ignore. “I’m on my way should be there in a few hours” “Ok see you soon” she said before hanging up. My phone buzzed which meant I had a voice mail message from Colin. I dialed the number and put in my password and played his message. “So I’m at your house and you’re not here. From the looks of it you’re trying to skip town on me. Liv I’m sorry I f***ed up. I know I did, but in my defense you didn’t have on the ring. Baby call me back.” I hung up the phone and threw it in the back seat. I turned on my club mix cruised my way to Virginia.

:) Thanks

Im so ready for this. Run it. Colin gona get his self kill ed playn wit livie