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7 Fans Online

OMFGG I Missss my girls on here (tearing up) like whats been going on with yall whats new whats old lol.... :)

oh and hello new people


Heyyyyy girl omgggg how are you


Hahaha.. well, hopefully

lol oh cool it is time for a change i feel you and yeah it should keep you coming back lol

Just working, well last day is tomorrow, yupp resigned!! been at this job for 4 years.. so time for a change lol..

havent been on here in a minute, so I thought I would write a story "The unlikely Disciple" having that will keep me coming back lol.. Hopefully...

Ohh shooottt, stupid company, glad you back sis

girl it has been lol like omg the mean mean people at the phone company cut my s*** off lol damn bastards but im good now and back for goood what you been up to sister??

and hello

Hey Sis, how u been Ms Lanie???

Been forever righhh