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Prayers for Chris Brown

Good Afternoon!!!

I would like to extend prayers for Mr. Brown's current legal dilemma. We all make mistakes, and are given a second chance. Chris is a very talented young man, and needs to be given space and time to sort his feelings and the directions that he want to take in his personal life.

Chris, if you are reading this, please know that you are in my prayers and I wish that others will give you the space you need to go on with your life. Others have performed the same or similar acts and have not been treated as harsh as you have.

Look to the hills, Chris. Pray without ceasing. God is trying to tell you something. It may mean that you may have to change some of your surroundings. Some of the same entourage who accompany you every day may be out to deceive you. Remember, it even happened to Jesus himself.

You are young, talented, and an African American male. You will be targeted. Many will disagree. But, it is what it is. I pray that all things work in your favor, and that you find a church home to visit and seek God's will for your life. Many are aspiring to reach the level of success in your short lifetime, and never will reach your status. God has blessed you, and may be using this time to bring you back to HIM.

Much love!!! My son loves your music and your dance moves. I often catch him mimicking your moves. He's has Aspergers and loves to dance. You are one of his favorite artists.

Keep your head up. Remember, God got you!!! Seek HIM!!!