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Hold Me High-.

So I Want To Bring My Old Story Back To Life. I Really Miss Writing, The Only Reason Why I Stopped Is Because I Didnt have a Faithful Cast. Which Means Reading&Replying To My Sh.t lbs. I Miss the Challenge. SO Imma Give You guys The Intro, Remember Faithful R&R!:D


---Isabella stood behind the curtain waiting for her turn to go on stage. Even though she know she’s a pro at this ‘ a nervous blow took a hit on her, Hard. its so many people out there tonight but she knew most of them was fans of hers. The thought of it made her smile. Her thoughts got interrupted by her b.tch Trinity getting off the stage. “ Your up hun ! DO THE DAMN THANG !” Trinity yelled as she disappeared into the back. Izzy heard her Song “ Well that’s my que” .

She went on stage ‘ making eye contact with her main fans which was now in the front. She didn’t even take off her clothes yet and can bet any money it was already atleast 300 on the stage with her. Dice climbed up the pole ‘ showing no struggle. That’s one thing she really knew how to do. As she hung upside down on the pole ‘ she removed her bra. Sliding down the pole, she watched her fans go crazy. She knew what they wanted but taking off her panties was not apart of her show, and never was. But they loved her for some reason ‘ maybe because of her sex appeal. Izzy finished dancing and started picking up her fresh made money. As she exited the stage she glanced at her Boss . She smiled at him remembering his words “Bring your body, and I will bring you fame”. That’s all he had to say and she chased Her Money.


run it

Forgot to say Run it 10x

I would like to be in it run it please oh snap she's a stripper but I wonder what she does during the daytime

i wanna be in it

Run it