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International Lover

I remember like it was yesterday. It was my first major gig. It started with a media mixer and the color scheme of my fusia and baby blue spoke volumes of me. I looked across the room as camera's surrounded him and his body guards and entourage muscled him through the crowd he sat alone technically though surrounded by his fellows and commrads. His eyes looked straight ahead and his build was stolid and frozen. I looked at him as he looked past me and suddenly my eyes met his and the vexation of his eyes shattered. I didn't flinch nor did I waver at the change. I walked away from the scene and slowly found my way into an empty corridor. I looked at the light of the hall way and the irridescent glow brought back the face of my love back at home. There I was in LA entertaining the idea of throwing away my first love of valor for something that was fantasy, I stood there and as I looked up I heard heard the compact compression of the rythmic steps of some human being, or so I though but as my body shifted I heard the steps get closer and switch gears to a more lax walk and I felt the eyes of God in human form chase down my form. "Hello" he said, I turned around and I said, "What...?" he cut me off and began, "I saw the way you looked at me from across the crowd. I've been all over the world and never have I seen such depth and soul in any woman's eyes. THAT touched me. I've been going through some things and I gotta keep it real with you, I am constantly surrounded by false love but in your eyes I could swimm to the bottom and I know that within your world of sex love passion I'd find a safe haven."
I said, "Mr. Brown I'm flattered but I'm already in love. In fact I'm engaged now. I have my superman, he's the lover of my soul...."
he interrupted as his hand enchanted the softest of my face and said "But can he be a god? Can he love every nook and cranny of your sex, listen to your body and speak to your soul?"
I gulped in a huge ball of air as I looked up at him nervously. He dove into my face as his arms adorned my figure. his lips waxed the softness of my lips and his tongue caressed the fabric of my being. I felt his hand grace my lower back delicately and as we kissed I saw my lover's face but slowly his hand rose up my back and his weight shifted me backwards as he bonded himself to me. I quickly stepped back and could feel my heart scream as he kissed my cheek, my neck, my chest and slid his longwet tongue down my cadaver. I felt his pants unlock my vault as his lips slowly slid off my blue thong. his tongue found the wetness in my world and my ears popped and his long wet strokes droned out all of my thoughts of my fiance. Chris soon rose up my body with his hands on my sides untill he same to my face and he placed his forehead against mine and said, "do you want me to take you?"
"where?" I replied
His eyes shot to my breast and then back to my eyes and he said, "To a place between living and dying. I can make you lose him. I can give you the world, I got the keys to the four corners of the earth. Baby girl what you need I got and I suggest you trade up."
I zipped up my jeans and I looked down a bit. I looked up at him and I said, "I have always wanted you, but I can't just leave him."
Chris held my hands and said, "I can put you on. Be my opening act, it pays in pleasure and in pain" he licked my neck and I gently pushed him back and said, "That's not me"
he licked his lips as he hung over my head and he said, "Alright, I can respect that." he walked away and I watched my chance to finally get my big break slip through my fingers.
I left and took the first flight home. When I arrived at my apartment my cell phone rang and I got a call from Island/ Def Jam Records, they wanted to sign me and tears slowly streamed down my face.


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