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Mental Health

Kayla's Pov
I went inside my house to see boxes all around me. I had no idea what <a href="">Que</a> was doing. I started to fix myself a sandwich as I heard Que's screaming coming from upstairs, he was talking about some random s*** and I started sighing. I went into the cabinet to see if he was taking his medicine, you see Que was diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression, apparently he had it for a minute after a family situation. This new Que was a completely different person, there was two sides to him; The nice, goofy side and the angry, frustrated side. I had no clue what Que was doing but I decided it was best for him to continue his decision.

"KAYLA!" he yelled. "KAYLA!!" he repeated numerous times. I didn't want to go upstairs because I was tired from running errands with my client. I dropped my bag on the couch and started walking upstairs to Que. I went into the bedroom to see the room destroyed. Holes were punched into the wall, the mattress was flipped over and the dresser's mirror was shattered. "THEY WON'T LEAVE ME ALONE!" he screamed, I was confused because I had no idea what Que was talking about, I knew he didn't take his medicine but I didn't know it was this bad.

"What the hell Que?" I said. "REALLY! YOU f***ING DESTROYED THE BEDROOM! ARE YOU f***ING SERIOUS!?" I asked. Que tried walking towards me but I pushed him away. "NO! LEAVE ME ALONE RIGHT NOW!" I said as I pointed my finger towards him. I had enough of his antics, I couldn't be around him right now, I had to get out before I would said something wore. I rushed towards the couch downstairs to grabbed my purse. I looked inside my purse to make sure my car keys were in there but they weren't, I rushed towards the kitchen before he went downstairs to stop me. I wasn't fast enough as Que jumped in front of me before I stood in front of the front door. I took a few steps back and ran towards the garage, however Que was extremely fast. "LET ME GO!" I screamed as he picked me up and led me towards the garage. Que sat me on the car's hood and stared into my eyes, I knew something was wrong with him but I knew it wasn't the right time to tell him. He started giving me this eerie smile that you see in horror movies, but he kissed me. I was struck with confusion in his actions, I wanted to slap the living hell out of him but I was scared to hit a man especially Que, he was f***ing crazy. Que and I met at a house party a while back. I remember seeing him just chilling against the wall with some of his friends, he was extremely cute and I thought he wouldn't be paying attention to me as girls were flocking towards him. However I felt a little sick from the mixture of heat, alcohol and weed and felt the need to throw up. My friend Bri and Jasmine guided me towards the bathroom as I felt the need to past out. However Que held onto my hand as I was in the back. I wasn't really paying any attention but felt someone grabbed me, I finally reached the bathroom as he let my hand go but waited for me until I finished. I remember walking out as he handed me bottle water, he smiled and we talk some more outside and the rest is history.

"You want me to take my meds?" he asked. I shook my head yes because my mouth had went dry from screaming. "Are you thirsty?" he asked. I shook my head no because I was scared at his next action, Que smiled at me and told me to not be scared. "You're supposed to be my girlfriend and you're scared of me..I'm not scared of you so why are you scared of me?" he asked. I truly wanted to tell him off but Que slammed both of his hands on the car's hood which made me jumped. He started laughing and talked softly as he saw the fear in my eyes. Que backed up from me and I got off the car, we went back into the kitchen and Que grabbed his medicine. I left a breath of air as he took his medicine in front of me, he rushed towards as he gave me a hug. "I'm sorry baby, I didn't mean to scare you, you know I would never hurt you" he said. I shook my head and went back into his chest, Que finally was breathing normal as he had another panic attack, I hated his episodes he would appear weird and paranoid at everything..Que believed I was leaving him as I wasn't around him but I knew he needed help. I knew I had my issues but at least I hid them away from him instead of destroying a whole bedroom.

Que's Pov
I went into the bedroom to start cleaning it, I knew it would take day and night to fix the situation I made. I don't remember anything but having my brother call me to tell me horrible news, my oldest brother Drew committed suicide. I was shocked at his decision because Drew had everything, a wife and great job. Everyone was appalled by the news, I couldn't believe I lost my brother due to family issues, I didn't know he needed help, he was there for my intervention worried about my safety and I next ask about his. Drew was the stable in the family and hearing news like this brought a unfamiliar feeling. My mother was heartless and cruel, she had me and my brothers fend for ourselves as she didn't care if we were hungry or not. At the age of 16 I moved out as one of her boyfriends started wearing my clothes and sleeping on my bed.

I saw her standing waiting in the car for <a href="">him<a> as I walked past her I smiled but she wasn't paying attention to me. I shrugged it off as I kept walking towards my house, I saw my mother's boyfriend's car outside and I knew she wouldn't be focus on me so I decided it would be best if I went to sleep as I walked in. I felt that something was right and I continued walking towards my house, I unlocked the door to see my mother past out on the floor and I sucked my teeth, "Bum b****" I mumbled but she grabbed me by the ankle.

"Que please don't do anything stupid" she said.

"Get the f*** off of me" I said as I shook her off. I went inside my room to see <a href="">him</a> past out on my bed. I had enough, I used all my strength to lift mattress and roll him over. Frank jumped up and got in my face, we started arguing and everything now it began with fight. My mother jumped into the bed and tried holding Frank back.


"GO! GET OUT!" she said.

"YOU'RE MY f***ING MOTHER!" I screamed.

"SO I DON'T CARE BE A MAN AND GET THE f*** OUT!" she said.


Que's Pov contd.
I went downstairs to see what was Kayla doing. I look to see she was asleep on the couch, I smiled at her as she look beautiful when sleep. I rubbed her face as she was sleeping and I decided to lay down wit her. She got up as I got on the couch and laid back down. I was on the outside and started feeling a little chilly, so I got up to get a blanket. This time she was up as I returned with sheets, she rubbed her eyes and yawn a little, I sat next to her as she went closer to me.

"Hold me" she said. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her on the forehead, I truly did love her but I knew I had to be honest with her about everything.


run it!!

why the hell would chris do that?! he seen her after she escaped ! smh
and now he gonna stalk her -___-
run it

Yesss Javon get up in thaaat ! I hope he cool forreal , someone has to be sane in this story .
Run It !

Damn run it

Dominic's Pov
No one has seen or heard from Kayla in months, unless they were hiding the information from me; After the whole "incident" everyone seem to be a little distant from me. I mean I was a partner in the night scene with Trey and Chris so I them on a regular basis but Trey seem to be a little protective for Courtney while I was around; he would always wrapped his arms around her waist or pushed her back from me. I usually shrugged it off but everyone seem strange around me after the last event.

"Did I do something wrong?" I asked.

"What you mean?" Courtney asked.

"Like you guys seem a little distance from me; Like Kayla disappeared and no one knows where she's at; then Trey is always protective over you and Chris is just.......Chris" I said. Chris got up and asked for a little private conversation.

"Look; Courtney assumes you have something to with Kayla's disappearance" Chris said. I was confused because I didn't do anything to her. Yeah, I was a little rough but I thought she enjoyed a little violence in our relationships, I mean she always ran behind my brother.

"I didn't do anything" I said. "We had a little argument but that was it; I mean I thought she was okay with everything after the club; Maybe she moved with her ex-boyfriend" I said. Chris rolled his eyes and laughed, he sat down on the couch while staring at me. "What?" I asked.

"You really expect me to believe that?" He said. "Look man cut the bulls***; You laid your hands on that girl and scared the living s*** out of her" he continued. I shook my head in denial; I didn't scare that girl but I knew she was a little frighten. "Fine if you didn't scare her then I will give you her phone number" he said.

Kayla's Pov
I was about to fall asleep as I heard my phone ringing; it was from Courtney's number so I decided to answer it.

"Courtney it's 2 am in New York" I said.

"Wrong person sweetie" Dominic said. I dropped my phone and felt like screaming for help; thoughts of having my head dunk under the sink were coming back. I knew Dominic was in California but I ran towards the door to see if he was outside; However Javon knew something was wrong and came inside. I told him to be quiet and I slammed the door, I placed the phone back into my ear and listen to Dominic's breathe. "Baby I'm still in California but I'm wil....." I hung up on him and opened the door to see Javon standing in front of me.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah just some issues back in California" I said.

"Oh; What's wrong?" he asked.

"It's a long story; Some ex-boyfriend issues" I said.

"Oh okay; I mean if you need some to play your boyfriend; I got you but I wanted to ask you if you wanted to watch a movie" he asked.

"I guess...We can watch something on Netflix since you're here" I said.

im so glad chris helped her and dom is crazy if think she was really gonna marry him
run it

Run it

run it!!!

Kayla's Pov
I felt nauseous as Dominic said those words, I couldn't believe he had the audacity to pull a move like this; I immediately felt the food come up into my throat till the point I threw up on his shoes. Dominic rolled his eyes and grabbed a mop to clean my mess up; however I felt this was my chance to run and never look back. I ran out of the house and started running without looking back; I heard Dominic's voice calling my name but I ran towards the nearest house and lord and behold it was Chris.

"OPEN THE DOOR! HELP!" I screamed. I finally heard the door unlocking and ran inside to only see Chris standing in front of me; he look confused as I was sweating and forming bruises. Dominic was still calling my name not knowing I went to Chris' house.

"What the hell?" he said. I ripped the tape off of my hands and told him everything that happen, except for one major situation. "I'll take you home but you need to get away from him" he said. I was confused because this was my home and everything but Chris was right.

"It could be a fresh start...thanks" I said. Chris pulled in front of my home and escorted me into my house; He was standing around looking lost but I asked if he wanted some lunch or something; However I heard someone banging on the door and Chris paced towards the door, he told me to get back as Dominic was standing in front of the door. I rushed upstairs to pack my things because I had to leave the city to be safe; Chris went upstairs to help me pack my bags as Dominic's banging became extremely louder and threatening.

"Is there another way out?" Chris asked.

"Yes, the fire escape" I said. I lived in an apartment so Dominic wouldn't see me nor Chris leaving. Chris grabbed my bags and dropped them as we left through the fire escape, we rushed towards my car and I drove off. I had no place to go but a hotel, I stopped at this small hotel that Dom couldn't find me, I paid for a room for one week in order for me to get my mind together; there was a lot going on. However there was more added to my plate as I saw Amir; he turned around to see me bruised and crying but he rushed over to me to see if I was fine, I turned around to head towards my room but he followed until I slammed the door in his face,

"Look I can explain" he said.

"Then explain" I replied.

"Okay; I'm sorry I wasn't completely honest with you, I was living with another woman but I loved you so much that I left her, we have no kids together but I had family issues; you see my mother was a little sick and I didn't know how to tell you...just open the door" he said. I sighed and open the door as Amir stared at the mark on my face left from Dominic; I smiled a little but Amir grabbed my hand, "Did Que did this?" he asked. "I told your f***ing ass to leave him alone...I knew I should've took you with me" he said. I sighed and told Amir everything that happen; he sat on the bed and refused to look at me. I asked him what was wrong but Amir said nothing, he got up from the bed and walked out of the room; I tried grabbing his arms but Amir pushed me towards the ground and left me there for myself.

I was finally done with settling down in New York; I was excited moving back, my closets friends were here and I loved the vibe here. I decided to meet my friends at the bakery across from my place; here I am with my girls Christina and Elisa, these were my college suitemates who didn't cared about my decision as long as I was happy, however my stomach started feeling extremely uneasy and I felt a large headache coming on. I was too sick to even walk for a cup of coffee so I decided to cancel plans due to my sudden illness. I haven't spoke to Amir, Chris nor those other crazy a**holes in weeks. I was just glad that Dominic was out of my hair; I laid on my back as I felt sick due for some strange reason but I had the sudden realization and started freaking out. I jumped up and rushed towards the bathroom to grabbed a pregnancy test. I waited for another few minutes with my life flashing before my eyes only to find it negative, maybe it was the left over chinese food but I had no clue what was going on. After an hour or two of excitement and bottle of tequila, I heard someone knocking on the door. I went up towards the door assuming it was my friends only to find <a href="">him</a> standing in front of my door.

"Wow you're not Omar" he said.

"Yeah Omar moved out, he sold me the place" I said. I wasn't paying any attention as this man is standing outside with nothing but some shorts on and a gym bag.

"Oh; I wished he told me, I was going to see if he wanted to play ball but you're my new neighbor now" he said. "I live across the hall" he said.

"Oh yeah I saw your girlfriend outside one time..." I said.

"No; that's nowhere near my girlfriend...she's just an acquaintance" he said...."I'm Javon by the way" he said.

Lmao , oh no no no ! So Dominic your kidnapping ppl & impregnanting (I think that's right) them ? Smh & Chris about clueless . Kayla need to just move somewhere w/ Amir & start life over .
Run It !

Kayla's Pov
I started freaking out as Dom slammed the closet door; I could't believe that this man was f***ing crazy but I had no memories of him, I laid on my back and closed my eyes trying to take my mind off of my current situation. The lights were off so I was sitting in the complete darkness, I felt extremely tired and drifted off to sleep.

I laid on the bed with my arms tied up towards the bedpost; I looked around to see my bedroom from high school, I couldn't believe Angelo accused me of cheating, I smelled fresh blood as he wiped the blood from the knife across my cheek. Angelo grabbed my neck and continued kissing it extremely hard but I tried kicking him off of me.

"WILL YOU f***ING STOP! QUIT FIGHTING THIS GIRL!" he yelled. I screamed as I continued kicking him off of me, suddenly Angelo dragged me out of the bed and pulled me into the bathroom; he bent me over the bathtub and turned the water on. "How wet can you get?" he asked, I had no idea what he was talking about as he pulled my head under the water and continued yelling horrendous things while I struggle for air; however Angelo pulled my head away from it and pushed me against the door, I was more focusing on breath than Angelo but he felt guilty.

I wake up to see Dominic holding me, I started freaking out but he held me tighter; I called him Angelo for the first time and he dropped me. His look became filled with regret and anger so I ran away from him but he chased me down, "Look I can explain" he said; I rushed over to the kitchen to find a knife in order to defend myself, "ANGELO LEAVE ME ALONE!" I screamed. Dominic came closer and held his hands up; "Look I'm not going to hurt you" he said, I held my head down as I dropped the knife, Dominic stepped closer towards me as he continued to held his hands up; suddenly he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me off of the counter, he led me towards the kitchen table as food was laid on there.

"I can explain everything" he said.

"Can I go now?" I asked.

"No it doesn't work like see I still have that letter, apparently your mother thought being engaged in high school was a little too young but she gave me permission to as we get older...So here were are....older and I'm asking you to marry me" he said.

"NO! LEAVE ME THE f*** ALONE!" I screamed, Dominic became stressed out and slapped me across the face; I rubbed the side of my face as he stared into my eyes, I held my left hand out as he forcefully slide the engagement ring on my finger.

"Now get dressed, we're celebrating out engagement" he said. I crossed my arms and refused to get dressed for some dumbass engagement; "Fine we'll stay here....I'll order some food and we'll just celebrate her" he said.

"I'm not your f***ing forced me to this and I will find a way to get out Dom..." I said; Dominic laughed and continued holding my hands; "What's so funny?" I asked.

"Oh nothing...mommy" he said. "Get ready in 9 months" he said.

Run it!!!!

Run it

O dis nigga is crazy

Chris' Pov
I woke up from a long night of partying, I yawned as I stretched before heading towards the bathroom, I checked myself in the mirror and I realized I had drool on my face. I laughed and wiped it off as I continued brushing my teeth; I checked my phone to see various messages from the girls I had met last night. I brushed them off because I wasn't into the whole club girl scene, I wanted a girl who enjoyed her own hobbies instead of latching onto mines. I mean I was a top club promoter in the city but I truly wanted to settle down, I grabbed my phone to check to see if I had any messages, only a few from Dominic who lived down the street but that was it. I decided to head over to see what he wanted and just chill out for a minute before starting my daily routines.

Dominic's Pov
I finally pulled up to my house with some food for me and Kayla; I truly wondered if she was still there but I turned the alarm on so I would know if she left or not. I pulled inside the garage to see Kayla trying to crawl outside through the window, I laughed as I watched her struggle to get out but I grabbed her by the hair as she tried pushing me off but I slammed against the roof of my car.

"Leave me alone" she said. I kissed Kayla against the lips but stopped as I heard someone ring the doorbell, I looked towards the window and saw Chris standing outside, I dragged Kayla by the hair and threw her into the guest room, I looked the door from the outside as I went over towards Chris.

"What's up man?" I said.

"Nothing f*** that girl last night?" he asked.

"Oh nah, we just chilled...cuddle that's about it..." I laughed

"Oh damn you tryna wife her up?" he asked. I heard rumbling coming from upstairs but I tried paying it no mind, however Chris became confused.

"It's probably Rex...let me go check" I said. No one knew that I gave Rex to a family friend, I rushed towards the guest room looking for Kayla, I saw her in the closet finding a way to escape and that's went I lost it. I grabbed her by the neck and slammed towards the ground, I slapped her in the face but I had a better plan than this, I went inside the drawer to grabbed tape, I covered her mouth and wrapped her arms and feet, this way Kayla wouldn't make a sound or move. "I'll be back my love" I said.

Run it

jealously dont look good on no one
Dom tho like ugh
run it

Chris' Pov
I was becoming a little annoyed by Kayla's antics, first of all when did here and Dominic became so damn close, these two were acting like some married couple, I know I don't have my s*** together but I wanted to shake some sense into this girl. I rolled my eyes as Dominic continued to touch her inner thigh as they were showing a little too much "PDA"; However things became a little tense as they were just chilling.

"Come on; let's go" he said. Dominic tried grabbing Kayla but she wasn't feeling too well, I guess she had to much alcohol.

"Look someone take her drunk ass home" I said. I interrupted Trey's conversation with Courtney and pointed towards Dominic's direction. "Get your friend" I said.

"What's wrong? She's didn't drink that much?" Trey said.

"Well somehow she's drunk" I said. I went towards Dom and pulled him aside. "Look, I know that's your girl and everything but take her ass home or wherever, she's killing the vibe for me" I said. "You knows one thing I hate about a female....drunkenness".

"Alright, I got you" he said. I gave Dom some dapped and said our goodbyes before he held his hand out in front of her. "Come on sweetie, it's time to go" he said, Kayla crossed her arms and rolled her eyes but Dom continued talking towards her; Kayla continued saying no but finally Dom snatched her up and pulled her outside the club.

"Finally" I said to myself, I went back to enjoy the vibe of the club and met two females; I forgot their names but we did a few body shots on each other.

Kayla's Pov
I felt the sun hit my face as I woke up in a strange <a href="">bedroom</a>. I was wearing a huge t-shirt as my makeup was removed while my hair was up in a bun, I became extremely confused yet frighten as I had no clue where I was at. I tried getting out of the bed but I felt a pair of arms holding me, I turned to see Dominic sleeping while holding me against him.

"Wake up" I said while pushing Dom.

"Huh?" he asked. "I would never thought I would wake up to someone like y...." I cut him off

"WHY THE f*** AM I HERE DOM?" I yelled. I jumped out of the bed and tried grabbing my clothes, I Dom tried calming me down but I saw a condom wrapper laying on the floor, then I felt something snapped in my mind, I threw my shoes and Dom and ran up to hit and started him but Dom grabbed me by the neck and slammed me towards the bed.

"SHUT THE f*** UP! YEAH I f*** SO WHAT?" he yelled in my face, "YOU DON'T REMEMBER ME HUH?" he screamed...."HUH!" he repeated. I turned my away from Dom but he grabbed me by the neck and held me down....."You I love you right?" he asked. I couldn't answer him but Dominic started kissing me neck.."Babe I didn't mean to hurt you...okay?" he said. I shook my head trying to make sure he was calm; "I'm going to order some food okay? Just sit there and look pretty' he said, Dom kissed my cheek before walking out of the room.

Run it

run it!!!

he drugged her
ugh all these dudes
can someone normal get at her ?? lol
chris where ya at? save her
run it

Kayla's Pov
I pulled my phone out to see a text from Dominic; I rolled my eyes and placed my phone back into my clutch. I was getting extremely tired of his bulls*** and I got up to go down to the dance floor, I truly wished the large crowd of people were shielding me away from Dominic. However I felt a large set of hands snatch me off the dance floor and dragged me into this empty closet. I was fighting the male off as I turned around to see him.

"DOMINIC YOU'RE STAR....." I was cut off by Dominic kissing me passionately, I started to embrace him but the thought of Amir popped in my head, suddenly I felt guilty. I mean the man told me we were taking a break until he had his family issues settled so technically speaking I'm single. However Dominic was becoming a little more aggressive; so I decided to push him away.

"What's wrong bae? You don't remember me?" he asked. I looked down and Dominic stepped towards me as he caress my face, there was something in his eyes I never saw before; passion. Dominic smiled at me as I stared into his eyes and continued kissing my forehead.

"I don't remember anything Dominic, my high school was a blur" I said. Dominic held my hand as I told him I couldn't remember anything, "I was in a car accident and part of my memory was forgotten" I said. Dominic became confused, like he was hiding something but didn't say anything, he just pulled me closer in a hug.

"I tried visiting you but I moved away....I left letters to you but I didn't know if you receive them" he said.

I was aching in pain as the drugs started to wear-off, my mom left a note saying she had to go to work but will be back after class, I had difficulty breathing as my lungs were a little bruised but I was still alive at least. I tried turning over but the pain was astonishing on my right side, I couldn't believe I was involve in a hit-and-run; I was just glad to be alive. I pulled the table closer to me as there were piles of letters set. I grabbed the letters that read Dominic but I had no idea who he was; but there was a letter in particular.

<p> <i> Dear Kayla,
I always thought about you, I'm truly sorry for the mistakes I made but I know everything is apart of me, which is why I moved away to my dads for another chance. I know we were young but I always thought we were meant to be, I was saving <a href="">this</a> for our special day but here it is. </i> </p>


Kayla's Pov contd.
I still didn't remember the letters nor him, I was extremely frustrated but I believed him. Dominic started kissing me some more but I started feeling hot, I pushed him off asking for something to drink, he pulled out a bottle water and handed to me.

"Thanks" I said. I took a sip from the bottle and it smelled like tequila, I shrugged it off and started drinking some more. Suddenly there was a rush, I grabbed Dominic and begged to go back to booth or dance at least, I felt hot but I knew I needed to burn the sudden burst of energy.

Run it!

run it!!

Lmao , Dominic sitting here trynna lie to the girl knowing she don't remember anything . Smh terribleeee .
Run It !

Run it

run it!!!!

Kayla's Pov
As Dominic came over, he smiled dead in my face; I smiled back but something was off with him. I had a weird vibe that suddenly came over me as Dominic smiled; I continued taking a sip of champagne but Dominic look extremely familiar. Dominic took another step closer to me and whispered in my ear.

"You look beautiful; There's no other girl I want but you" he said. I started freaking out after that; I grabbed Courtney and rushed towards the bathroom, suddenly everything became hot. I felt my lungs losing air as I struggled for air as she turned on the sink.

"What's the hell is going on?" she asked.

"It's him....Dominic it's him" I said; I started crying and losing my mind as Dominic was in front of me.

"Who? Dominic is who?" Courtney asked. I slammed my hand into the counter as I felt my heart pounding; "Angelo?" she asked. I continued to cry as Courtney came closer to console me; "He probably doesn't remember you....he's just an ex-boyfriend" she said. I gave this look of confusion, I forgot Courtney doesn't know, hell I don't remember him. "Well I mean you guys had a few bad dates in high school; it's not like he hit.....Oh my god; he laid his hands on you?" she asked. I shrugged my shoulders because I didn't remember.

"I don't know; I can't remember anything...I don't remember going to school with Que" I said. "My whole sophomore year is one big blur" I said. Courtney wiped a few of my tears and gave me the biggest hug; I knew she was there with me every step including taking Amir back after college. We headed back towards the VIP section because I don't really remember nothing about Dominic but I had to do some research on him; Just his first and middle name. As I sat back down, I heard someone call my name, I looked up to see Dominic standing in front of me; I started breathing heavily as Dominic continued staring into my eyes.

Dominic's Pov
It was something about her that I made my heart quiver. Apart of me still felt angry but another side wanted to make sure she was honest about our past; however she doesn't remember a thing. She couldn't look at me, actually she refused to look me in my eyes. I gripped her by the wrist and led her into the private room. I sat her down while sitting next to her, Kayla was a little tipsy so I knew she wouldn't put up a fight. I grabbed her by the cheek and continued to kiss them; she wasn't into it as she continued to push my head. I tried again until I became frustrated, I grabbed Kayla by her neck and continued kissing her but she continued to push me away.

"What's the hell is wrong with you?" I asked.

"I don't even know you" she replied. Kayla continued to fight me off but I held her down as I started feeling all over her body. "Dom stop" she said as she tried pushing me off; Kayla slapped me and got up from under me; I felt my cheek and continued staring at her with anger but Kayla was confused at my moves.

"You really don't remember do you?" I asked. She shook her head no and I took another step closer to her and kissed her gently; "We were in love" I said. Kayla felt my chest and rubbed the scar she left a few years back. "I was fighting for our love but it wasn't the right time" I said. Yeah, I was lying to her but I had no clue if Kayla was believing me. She took another look and me and went off.

Kayla's Pov
I had to leave Dominic; I honestly couldn't trust him and I know that he was up to something else. I sat back in the VIP room hoping and praying the groupies would distract Dominic; I continued my conversation with everyone; I met a few hopefuls asking about Dominic, I wanted to know what they were getting themselves into.

"I have no clue about him" I said. "Go ahead and talk to him". The girl agreed and got up to greet him; Dominic blew me a kiss as I rolled my eyes at him; I felt something vibrate in my clutch and check to see it was my phone; Amir had a family emergency so he wouldn't be back for another week or so.

Run it

Ohhhh ! Whole time I thought she was pregnant smh . & damn small world much .
Run It !