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Somebody Else Remix

Chris, your remix of "Somebody Else" is Checkin! Can't wait for the release of your new album.


I couldn't agree with you more about Chris and his "all around" talent. I don't think people are aware of what a range Chris has in his music. I wish Grafitti and Fortune had done much better because those albums were amazing and showed Chris' great creativity and awesome vocal skills. I would encourage those who haven't had the pleasure to check out those 2 albums too.

Chris Brown's Twitter has the link to Somebody Else for those interested in hearing the tune. It's worth checking out.

By new single, I meant the one featuring Aaliyah, "They Don't Know".

I think he should release the album a month after its original release. So far, the reception of his first single "Fine China" is good, but it is not doing so well commercially (because it is an R&B song). I hope that this new single does make a difference and impacts radio. Although, the highest selling albums don't always mean "the best", or rarely does it ever anymore, it is still good to see the fans support him to see him get through. If he does not do well for this next album, i am positive, that the fans are the ones we can pin point the blame.

Anyways, i listened to "Somebody Else" and it is actually a really good song. I like how he shared it with his fans, because he was actually promoting Mario (who has always had his back throughout the era of darkness - 2009). I support Mario, who is just as underrated as Miguel or any other artist who is trying to walk up the ladder. Thankfully, those men are blessed and have achieved the respect and credit from the praise of their peers as well as awards.

Music isn't the same as it used to be, and Chris is still making real music (such as 'Fortune' ans new material), so that is why i still listen to him. Nobody else seems to embody the type of "all round" talent that this man has.