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`Glass House.

<strong> Author's note: Just gonna post this on here to see if people will read it or not lol. It's been a while since I wrote a story in first person format so just want to see if I will get any readers.</strong>

<a href="">I</a> stood in the restroom of one of my favorite dinner spots. Every now and then I liked to treat myself. I deserved it. I worked very hard this year. And there was nothing wrong with rewarding myself for my hard work. I was one of the few women that was bringing in high sales at the real estate company. I am a real estate agent. Hopefully, one day I'll become a real estate broker. I wouldn't haven't to work for anyone. They would be working for me. This has been my dream career since I was a small, little girl in Buffalo, New York. I moved to Pasadena, California at the age of 21. I'm 26 now and I love my life. I have a wonderful man named Daniel to go home to at night. He was everything to me and more that I could ever ask for. Not bragging... Okay, maybe a little bit but you should see my peers lives compared to mine. I was doing it as a young, black woman. No one could take anything away from me. That's for damn sure.

"Girl, I really needed this day today. Work has been very stressful lately. I needed a break from all their annoying asses," My best friend, <a href="">Kamille</a> ranted, joining me at my table.

I could certainly agree with that. Work was kicking my ass too. You just didn't understand. Tonight I was going to go home and take a nice, hot, and relaxing bath. I needed it badly.

"I needed it too. I've been working hard myself. I did get two new clients who are looking into buying this luxurious house in Calabasas. This will be my biggest sale ever if I get them. So, I'm praying that I do," I informed her, while sipping my margarita.

"Well, I'm happy for you. Seriously, you have been putting in a lot of work over there. Good to see that it is paying off nicely. How are things with Daniel and the hospital situation? Is he still working long hours?" She questioned, eying the menu.

I sighed. This was something I used to think about a lot. I barely spent any time with my fiancé due to the fact that he was a plastic surgeon. He was a well-known surgeon at that so he had a lot of patients. It definitely caused strain onto our relationship. I longed for his attention and touch at times. However, work HAD to come first. At least that's the impression I was getting.

I just simply retorted, "The same. When he's at home, it would be for like maybe 30 minutes and then his phone rings up telling him to come into his office. I'm learning to just deal with it. You know? I talked to him about it, but he's thinking that the work won't let up for a while. So... What other choice do I have? None."

There was a long silence. Kamille shook her head, "Well, I'm sure things will get better."

"Yeah, it certainly better. The wedding is in six months, but anyway, how have things been looking up for you and Sean's situation?" I questioned, eying her.

"He's claiming the kids aren't his, but they look exactly like his ass," She spat, shaking her head. She then went on to say, "I just really am trying not to beat him and that b**** ass. My own cousin f***ed my man behind my back AND had the nerve to get pregnant too. My blood pressure about to go up again with this bulls***."

I shook my head. She is so f***ing stupid. Like really stupid. All the signs that her cousin Mercedes and no-good ass, broke ass, boyfriend Sean were sleeping together. A blind person could see that. Someone of her caliber and reputation could do so much better than this no-good fool. She was a fool in love and there isn't anything worse than being in love with someone you know is bad for you. She's working on making a six-figure salary while he is making minium wage as a waiter. That isn't any type of money and I warned her again and again to not give him her number. She was so focus on him being cute that she ignored all of the signs.

I rolled my eyes and scolded her, "I TRIED telling you to leave that bamma alone, but NO 'He is so cute Des. Money isn't important Des. Temptation is horrible Des.' Months ago, looking like a damn fool. You chose to lay up with that fool and this is what you get. That ghetto trash... You should have emptied him in the dumpster a long time ago. Like YESTERDAY. Seriously."

She whined, "Des... I DO love him. What am I supposed to do?"

I was just about to yell at her again until I seen <a href="">her</a> walk to our table. She was just trash. Filth. A hoodrat. She was also my boss's daughter. He gave her a job as a secetary so she could stay off the pole. She still didn't know how to dress. Her stripper atire went everywhere she went.

"Hey Des girl. Your face is beat for the gods honey! You look very sophisticated. I love this place. It's so nice. I'm 'bout to tear this s*** up!" She remarked like the rat she was.

I smiled stalely, "Hello Jasmine. And you look... Pole ready."

She laughed, "Thank you. It ain't easy being a bad b****."

I was so giving this b**** the nastiest look in my head. Like I said, pure trash.

I laughed uneasily, "I'm sure."

"That's all I wanted. Let me get to this seat. See you later girl," She waved, while walking off.

Kamille gave me a look, "Ugh, I see she still think she on the pole."

"Tell me about it. She already ruining my good spots. Time to change locations now. I can't have her polluting the air with her cheap ass perfume and everything else," I roared, downing my margarita.

"She still with that boy? What's his name, Quentin? Yeah, the drug dealer," She asked, still staring at Jasmine from afar with disgust.

"Of course! He finally decided to buy her some REAL Louboutin's. And upgraded her wardrobe with more whore outfits. Trash and trash belongs together. I would say I can't believe she would date him, but then again, who am I kidding?"

We chatted and talked about different things until the dinner came to an end. I made my way to my home to see Daniel's car. I rolled my eyes. I wasn't in the mood for him tonight. I went upstairs to see him lying in my bed. <a href="">Daniel</a> smiled widely, "Hey baby... You know what time it is? Time for me to make love to you baby..."

Oh great! Mediocre sex for tonight. Yay! I can't sound more sarcastic than this!


I was very excited about this big sale possibility. I showed this couple around the property and I think I have this in the bag. They were really interested in this house. It was the dream house. If I could afford it, I would live here myself.

"AYE! DES! You can't answer your phone no more?"

I screwed my face and looked into the corner to see <a href="">him</a> and his friend sitting in the living room. I tried to pretend that I didn't even see or hear him. Although, the couple did. They just stared at them like they were infected.

"As you can see, this is a very family-oriented home. Sports area, family area, amazing theater room, arcade room, and much more. This is the ideal home for you two wonderful people. Mr. and Mrs. Wells," I cooed, trying to take the focus off of the intruder.

"Thank you. I really like the tennis court as well. I can touch up on my game," Mr. Wells commented with a smile.

"OH, SO NOW YOU DEAF AND BLIND?! I ain't going no f***ing where. I'm a potential customer too! Matter of fact, let me buy this s***! I want this f***ing house Desiree," He roared, walking over to me.

"Is everything alright? I didn't know someone else was looking into buying this house. We remember you saying you had no potential buyers rushing to buy this home," Mrs. Wells expressed, confusedly.

"I am so sorry you guys. This will take a quick second," I now walked outside, knowing he would follow me. "What the f*** Quentin? What are you doing here?" I question agitatedly.

He chuckled, "I wanna buy this house baby. That's why I'm here. And that's funny. Now, I'm Quentin. I was your baby a few weeks ago. I was hitting that and doing s*** that lame nigga wasn't doing and now you tryna--"

"Trying to what? There is nothing between us and keep your voice down. I told you I was just trying to take my mind off of the stress and it was all a mistake. And you can't afford this house with your little drug money so get out of here. I changed my number and it will stay changed. Now if you will excuse me, I have a house to sell. So take you and your homie out of here," I sassed and walked away, but he quickly grabbed my arm.

He stared into my eyes intensely and his voice sent chills down my spine as he uttered, "I don't know who the f*** you think you are talking to, but I'll turn your world upside f***ing down. You got my number, you better f***ing use it. I suggest you use it tonight or I'll burn this b**** down. You wanna play with my feelings? I'll play with your life and money. Remember what the f*** I said Desiree."

I sighed as he smacked my ass loudly. He then took off with his friend. He blew me a kiss through the window before he drove far away. The s*** I put up with...


Run it!!!

I didn't have any internet for a week, but I am BACK and I will add soon.

run it

Run it

how he gon act crazy to her then ask for a favor lol run it

i cant wait to hear what he got say.



But nah what's this favor he talmbout??
He almost sounded a little nicer .... Maybe cause he need her
But Des bet not get wrong and try to hold to hold it over her
He will beat that ass...again


Okay, yeah still don't like her...i wonder what this favor is?

I continued showering for ten more minutes. The warm water felt so soothing pouring down my silky skin. This is what I love most about bathing. Nothing better than bathing your troubles and problems away. I now got out of the shower and dried off slowly. After that, I started to lotion my body. Nothing feels better than smooth skin and I wouldn't have it any other way. My skin started to glow. While admiring my figure in the mirror, I wrapped a towel around my body.

"You look amazing," I laughed to myself. A minute passed as I strutted into my room and became dressed in a bright yellow sundress.

Hmm, I'll wear my Giuseppe sandals. If I can find them. While rummaging my closet, I found some of Daniel's things with mine. I told him about putting his s*** over on my side. If he don't like me taking up the closet, he needs to build him one. Period. The hell he thinks this is? My day was going by smoothly until Azriel and now Daniel putting his things with mine. I am not going to let any of them ruin my day. "Just let it go Desiree. Don't let these fools ruin your day," I took a deep breath and recited to myself. If only that was so easy. Ten minutes of searching and finally, I found my sandals. I slid into them quickly and admired my toe nails. I paired them with my light blue Chanel bag. I was definitely in the mood for summer. Now, it was time to decide whether I wanted to wear my hair down or pin it up. Hmm, I think I'm going to just pin it up and call it a day. I bathed my hair in different products and then pinned it up. There. I didn't need any makeup so I'll just be bare faced. My morning routine was complete. Wait, I forgot to brush my teeth. I made my way to the bathroom and proceeded to brush my teeth.

Next came mouthwash. Thirty seconds later, I spat it into the sink. While lifting my arm up, I rolled on some deodorant. Ready to go! Perfection. I was now heading downstairs to see that Azriel had left. Good. People could say what they wanted about me but what they couldn't say is that I don't give people chances to redeem themselves. Every time that I show generosity, they take me for advantage or let me down. And I can't help that my expectations are very high. But enough about that. My mom needed to know about how her daughter chooses to show up to my doorstep like a drunk! Without waiting any longer, I pulled out my Blackberry and dialed my mom's number.

She answered on the second ring, "Hi baby. I was just thinking about you earlier. How is everything with you?"

"Everything is fine. But that's not what I called you to talk about... Last night Azriel showed up to my house drunk. The alcohol slapped me in the face as soon as she walked in! You are going to have to tell your daughter about expecting me to babysit her. She is a grown ass woman and not a little girl anymore. If she can't figure out what her limit is, she doesn't need to be drinking. You do remember about that time in Cancun? What will it take for her to realize that there are psychos out here. I'm so tired of being her babysitter. Just sick of it! And then she had the nerve to call me a b**** because I don't want to house her like this is some hotel or something. Mother, I cannot have my neighbors seeing a drunken woman on my yard. They will think that's how I get down. I have a reputation to protect and this is just not what I want to put up with. You need to speak with your daughter immediately!" I ranted, taking a long deep breath in between sentences.

There was a long pause before my mom finally uttered these words, "I talk to her every day and I pray about your sister every day. I know that you have colleagues and things but Des, she needs some type of guidance. You're going to have to help her out somehow. Let her stay with you. She needs something--"

"Stay with ME and Daniel? No. Not at all. I am a woman. I need my space and privacy. With her living here, I would never maintain the peace and tranquility of this house. I work too hard to create this calming atmosphere," I cut her off, declining her suggestion.

There was no way in hell or anywhere in this world that I was going to let my lazy, drunk, statistical sister live with me. There were too many responsibilities that she needed to own up to and on top of that, I am not a damn counselor or therapist. My career is not based around psychology. If I have to play a psychologist and a hotel, then I'm going to need financial backing. So, either her or my parents were going to have to pay me.

She tried negotiating with me, "Please Des. She's not going to live with me and your dad. She's highly against that idea. I just want my baby girl to be safe and being on the streets with these little thugs and bad influences are only going to make matters worse. Just let her stay for at least six months."

Six months? Is she freaking crazy? Like I stated previously, I'm going to need to see money from mom or dad for this. My mind couldn't help but wonder if she was going mental of some sort.

"Six months? Mom, I need to see some money coming in from her to ever allow her to live in my place for free. No one will live here for free. Some type of income has to be coming in. I can't allow that," I challenged, dismissing her deal.

"Okay Desiree. I will give you two new clients who are looking into buying a home in Beverly Hills. They are million dollar business owners," She offered with a sigh.

Really mom? Now she want to play games with me. Where were these new clients when I asked her a few days before I got the Wells' as clients? She thinks she is slick.

"Okay, mom," I agreed in a defeated huff. I could hear her smiling and it kind of annoyed me a little.

"I'll tell her and you just get a room ready for her. Thanks Des," She replied in a grateful tone.

"Uh huh," I mumbled. "I love you. Talk to you later," She cooed.

"I love you too," I retorted.

"Bye bye," She now hung up.

I looked at my phone over and over again. I couldn't believe she talked me into that mess. The things you do for family! Ugh. My phone suddenly rung again. This better not be mama calling with more favors. My eyes shifted to the phone and to my surprise, it was Kamille.

My fingers hit the answer button within two seconds, "Hey girl."

"Hey, you don't have any work to do today right?" She questioned with a hopeful undertone.

"No, I am not showing any houses today. Fortunately," I answered, appreciative.

"Well, I'm about to have lunch at our favorite spot," She enthused.

"Alright. On my way," I now hung up and hopped into my gray Range Rover. It would be a 35-minute drive from Pasadena to Beverly Hills.

However, it was definitely worth it. On the way there, I'll just sing along to some relaxing tunes. As I was singing along to songs, my phone vibrated loudly. I looked over at it and it was Quentin. I wondered what he wanted. My fingers quickly pressed the answer button and placed the call on speakerphone. "Hey baby," I greeted, continuously cruising down the street.

"Where are you?" He inquired, ignoring my greeting.

What is up with him? I guess he is still mad at me. Sigh. I don't know what else he could possibly want from me.

My tongue met with the top of my mouth before I replied, "I'm on my way to lunch with Kamille."

"I'll be at your house later on today," He stated before hanging up.

I stared at the road confusedly for a minute. He just hung up out of the blue like that. I'm not even going to worry about it or Quentin right now. Instead, I just kept driving until minutes later, I was pulling up to Shanghai Grill. Their food was one of the best I have ever tasted. I swear I loved it here. It was a little expensive, but good food isn't cheap. Due to impatience, my car was parked sloppily. I got out and noticed Kamille waiting for me inside. I knew she already got us a table so I followed her. We both sat down.

"Girl, Azriel is moving in with me soon. I don't know what to do about her. And I have to return my planner calls. I just don't want to be stressing over this wedding. I have no idea what the hell I'm going to do," I complained to her, while sitting my clutch beside me.

Her eyes widened as she giggled, "Your baby sister Azriel is staying with you? The party animal Azriel? This shall be very interesting. You need to film this or something. I have to see how this will turn out."

I wasn't amused and didn't find the humor in this train wreck waiting to happen.

"This is not funny Kamille. It's all my mom's idea. She promised me two new million-dollar clients if I house her. I swear if things go bad it will be all her fault," I spat as the server greeted us.

"What can I get you two on today?" He questioned.

"I'll have the Hot Spicy Garlic chicken with the Cantonese shrimp salad. Oh, and I'll have a Mai Tai to drink," I recited my order.

"Okay and for you ma'am?" He directed his attention towards Kamille.

"I'll have the Shanghai Chicken salad and a Mojito," Kamille ordered, closing her menu.

"Your orders are coming up. I'll be back with your drinks shortly," The server broadcasted before walking off.

Kamille focused her attention towards me, "Well, I have a few complaints of my own. I told Sean that I was done with him. I blocked his number and I'm done with Mercedes. I can't have that type of drama in my life. Just done with it."

"Good, I'm glad you finally realized you deserve much better. But Daniel went to San Francisco for the weekend for some type of convention or something. He wants me to come out and support him. I am not driving five hours to see him and I am not hopping on a plane just to be there for one day. That's wasting my time and money. He is just going to have to realize that I'm not doing stupid mess like that," I spat as I sipped the drink, the server just sat in front of me.

"Really Des? You're not even going to try to go out and support your soon-to-be husband?" Kamille questioned.

"He's not my husband yet," I snapped, continuously drinking my Mai Tai.

She shook her head. Just when I was about to say something, my phone rung. It was my neighbor Mrs. Kelley.

I answered it, "Hi Mrs. Kelley."

"Hi, I was calling you to let you know there's some guy on your doorstep. He has a lot of tattoos and doesn't look to be from around here. He says he knows you, but I was just about to call the police because I just don't believe him," She informed.

Quentin! I couldn't do anything but shake my head.

"No, don't call the police. I'll handle it Mrs. Kelley. On my way," I hopped up, taking out a fifty-dollar bill and placing it on the table.

I then hung up the phone. Kamille's face filled with worry, "What's going on?"

"My planner sent over this jewelry guy. So, I have to see him immediately," A lie rolled quickly off my tongue.

"Okay, we'll go shopping tomorrow," Kamille replied.

"Most definitely," I rushed out of the restaurant. I rushed home, taking the quickest exit as possible.

My phone rung again and it was Que. I answered, "I'm almost at home."

Without saying anything, he hung up. I drove faster until I finally arrived at home. There Quentin was sitting there. I got out and looked around, hoping no one saw me or him for that matter. I made my way to the door and unlocked it as fast as possible. He joined me inside and I closed the door.
"Quentin, what the f***? You can't just show up without calling me first!" I hollered.

"I called you earlier and said I was coming by so don't act surprised," He remarked, sitting on the couch.

"I thought you meant at night. What do you want?"

He stared into my eyes, "A HUGE favor."

i love it
Run it

Thanks everybody. Adding tonight!

Run itttt!!!!!!!!
Good story so far.

Yeah, No i don't like Des at all. She is not my cup of tea. She is such a Witch. Like that's her blood sister and she treat her like that anyway. She is rude and I just don't like her. I wish Daniel would leave her ass. Que need to check her ass again. Ughh...RUN IT

check ya self homegirl u too dam insecure worrying bout everyone's opinion you aint enjoying your life
and dam shes so mean to her own blood
money got to her head
run it

she needs to get her attitude in check and...she is too much, smh I almost feel sorry for her RUN IT!!!!

There wasn't anything to do right now. It was only 8:00. I didn't know what to do really being that it was still so early so I decided that I would get on my laptop. Hmm, I guess I could search for wedding ideas. I typed into the search engine "wedding ceremony ideas" and looked at so many different options. I could either try to rent out a huge place and just have my wedding planner hire people to decorate it lavishly or I could get married an extravagant place. Daniel wanted to get married in church, but I was so against that. I really didn't believe in God too much anymore so it would only be mocking everyone and I didn't want to do that. My grandmother almost disowned me when I told her I was practicing my own journey without her "God." She told me I was living a dangerous life by cutting him out of everything. And that I was walking with "Satan."

I only laughed when she spewed that religious bulls***. If I don't believe there is a higher power, then you KNOW I don't believe in no evil man in a scorching hot climate that shelters people when they die. It was all fiction to me. Sometimes I would taunt her when she started talking foolishly like that. It was hilarious to say the least. But I won't even get further into that subject. So many things popped up on my screen. A Parisian theme sounded very nice and up to my standards. I needed to figure out soon though. The wedding was in eight months. So MUCH to do in SO little time. Ugh. Matter of fact, I will make sure I call my planner in the morning. Because the s*** she was coming up with was way too plain for my taste. Just then my phone rung. It was Daniel.

I picked up on the first ring, "Hey babe."

"Hey, you sound a little irritated right now. Is everything fine?" He questioned.

"Not really. I'm just thinking of ideas for this damn wedding. I have no clue on what to do, but I'll figure it out. Then, Azriel then brought her drunk ass over to the house. I know she'll be a mess in the morning. She only weighs 105 freaking pounds. She's too little to drink that heavily like that. She doesn't even realize it. I have to watch her now because she can't hold her damn liquor!" I ranted, being reminded of my pest of a sister was down knocked out on my couch.

Hell, she was probably drooling all over my good damn pillows. I paid too much money for them to be ruined by her nasty spit.

I could hear him sighing, "Baby, that's your little sister. Luckily, she called you before she got into anything crazy. Right? That's a good thing that she made it safely."

I rolled my eyes. And I'm sure he knew I was rolling them too. What he was saying was beside the f***ing point. Still, she should know better.

"You would have thought she would have learned from that time in Cancun! But no, she won't be satisfied until something happens to her. And I won't be there to bail her out. I have too much s*** to do for that," I continued growling, while searching Google.

"She's just 21. I'm sure by 25, she might slow down a little. Hell, you slowed down by 25 right? So, I'm sure she's gonna live a little and then decide she's done," He commented.

"I wasn't dancing on bars and kissing random guys at a freaking bar Daniel! I wasn't almost kidnapped and taken to a hotel! This is what the hell I am talking about. She is so freaking careless and it's frightening. Out here being a drunken slut is not cute at all. I'm sure she has caught mono by now. Which reminds me to throw the pillows she's sleeping on out tomorrow," I snapped, typing quickly.

"Desiree..." He called my name in disbelief.

"What? I'm making sure she doesn't spread her germs around my s***. That's all," I spat.

"Sweetie, I have no words at the moment. But anyway, I wanted to make sure you were fine. I came home at 7 and noticed that you were gone," He stated, changing the subject.

"Yeah, I was showing a few houses," I confirmed.

"Did you get that big sale yet?" He questioned with interest.

I rolled my eyes because I thought about Quentin. I shook my head as if he could see me right now.

"I don't know yet. They saying they have other options right now so I have to freaking wait. No telling when they'll finally call me. It just makes me so f***ing mad!" I shouted, pushing my lap top to the side.

"I'm sure it will all work out fine," He reassured.

"It BETTER! I didn't put all this work in for nothing. s***, I really need this," I spat roughly.

"Baby, I love you. I was just checking in with you. I'm going to this seminar in San Francisco tomorrow. I'm going to be there for three days. Something my damn boss is making me do. We're giving out free makeovers to these women who can't afford all these different things. I think it will be fun. Free plastic surgery for them," He informed with enthusiasm.

"Look at you playing charity. Can you claim that as a tax write-off?" I laughed.

"It isn't even about just that. I like giving hope to people who are fresh out of them. There's nothing in this word like spreading joy and just seeing the look on their faces. So, you're gonna come and support me?"

"If I'm not slumped over in work and stuff then I can, but I would only be able to stay for like 30 minutes. Then I will have to leave baby," I broke it to him slowly.

He sighed disappointedly, "Okay baby... Well, I love you... See you tomorrow... Hopefully."

"I love you too baby," I cooed. "Night," He cooed back.

"Goodnight," I said one last time before hanging up. Now what do I do? This wedding stuff was stressing me out so I think I'm gonna close my laptop down and call Que. Shocking right? I kinda missed him and wanted to talk to him, now knowing Daniel wasn't coming home tonight. And plus I was still horny and I needed him badly. I dialed his number and he picked up on the third ring, "Sup?"

"You baby... I'm still so horny. I need you now," I moaned a little into the phone.

He chuckled a little, "Is that right huh?"

"Yes, mmmm.... I wanna feel that d*** buried deep into this wet ass pussy. Mmmm, I'll do that trick you like daddy. Just bring yo ass over here now... BUT sneak through my window. My sister downstairs and I don't want her seeing you come in," I felt myself getting wetter.

Just as I was getting in the mood, I heard a female's voice in the background. Her voice was very familiar.

"Who the f*** you talking to Que?" She spat to him in the background.

I recognized that voice better than anything. It was Jasmine. I rolled my eyes for some reason. Filthy b****. I wasn't even in the mood anymore.

"Business that's who. I thought you was heading over your homegirl's house," He spat back to her.

"Yeah, I was but don't be tryna rush me either nigga," She roared to him.

"Well, just f***ing hurry up and go. Y'all can go to Vegas or something. Here go two g's," He roared to her.

"Quentin, good bye," I yelled, preparing to hang up.

"Ooh, thanks daddy," She yelled proudly.

I was assuming she took the money. I then heard her heels clacking loudly as she walked. Then I heard a door closing. I guess she just left. It was quiet for a few seconds until he now came back to the phone, "Now what's your damn problem Des?"

"You know what it is. Talking me to while you got that b**** in your f***ing house!" I shouted.

He chuckled again, "Well, she IS my girlfriend Desiree. Unlike YOU. Remember when I wanted us to be together, but you kept saying how you loved him and wasn't ready to be with me. Something about your image or some s*** like that."

"You know how people will feel if I got with you Quentin. Let's not pretend that you don't. It's--"

"Who gives a damn what a muhf***a got to say Desiree? I surely DON'T. And you shouldn't either. You care entirely too much about the next muthaf***a opinion. You're afraid to be yourself because of what people might say. You're living this lie and it's gon' creep up on you. That's all I will say about that," He spat, interrupting me.

"You don't understand," I tried to reason.

"What I do understand is that I ain't nobody's second choice. We could be just f*** buddies but see the difference is I ACTUALLY care about your ass and love you. You're too blind to see that though. It's hard to hide these feelings."

"How the f*** can you sit up there and say that, but you still will that b****? You broke up with her and NOW back with her? You two deserve each other if THAT'S the case," I roared, not wanting to hear any of this s***.

"You a real trip Des. I'mma show you though. But nah, I'm good on sneaking in your window on tonight. I got some s*** to do. You should call Daniel and let him whisper corny s*** in your ear until you cum," He chuckled a bit.

I rolled my eyes again, now angry and disappointed.

"Bye," I snapped.

"Goodbye Desiree," He hung up.

I looked at the phone and then the wet stain and was so f***ing mad that I screamed into my pillow, hoping that would calm me down. I guess I will go to sleep now since there's nothing else to do.

<em>In the Morning...</em> I woke up to hear rumbling going on downstairs in my kitchen. I quickly got up because I didn't like anyone in my kitchen BUT me. I wiped the crust from my eyes and jogged downstairs to the kitchen to see Azriel in her bra and underwear cooking breakfast.

I screwed my face, "Where is the rest of your clothes and why aren't you wearing them?"

"I got hot," She retorted, continuously cooking.

"Well, I think you need to get that to-go plate and just leave," I barked, checking to see if she was cooking any of my s***.

"You are such a b****. I don't see how Danny puts up with you. I would have been slit your throat," She giggled.

"I'm not playing Azriel. By the time, I finish showering, your hungover ass better be gone. This isn't no damn motel. You stayed your night and now it's time for you to go," I roared, heading back upstairs.

I seriously wasn't in the mood for her this morning. I got into my shower and used my special soap and started bathing. I thought all about what Quentin said last night and figured out ways to get him back.

A smirked crept onto my face. "That's IT!" I shouted in victory to no one in particular.

he needs to be taught how to keep his hands to himself...why is he messing with her if he don't like the way she is, smh run it

I'm not gon say I don't like Des
I'll just say I do not like her attitude...!
It's a bit extra...she tried it hunnay...yaaaaaaas!
*snaps twice*


Quentin...yaaaas hunnay...mmm
He real i like that and he just like ugh idk
The demeanor that's being portrayed i like it
..a lot!

When he talked about being ruthless and alla that
Like G-word damn mmm
I didn't think he was gon choke her though
Lmao it shut her asx up though


Yeah, Des need to stop tripping about Q because she want the D. But I like Q...He straight gutter but yet so gentle. I really ain't liking Des at this point. She is uppity and I can't stand no uppity female that looks down on other people. Talking about her bestfriend when she cheating on her man???? Come on now. Run IT

Adding again soon.

I got myself together and took a deep breath. I didn't even feel like dealing with Quentin. I thought I would never see him again. I was in a vulnerable position when I had sex with him. At first it was just texting. Believe it or not, but he made me feel so many things that I wouldn't think would turn me on or make me like them, but he did it. Our late night texting then led to low-key dates and spending time together. Somehow, I got lost in all of that and next thing you know, we're having sex. Not just any sex. Break backing, calling on God type of sex. It was pure lust. I would be lying to you right now if I said I wasn't attracted to Quentin. I never dated or sexed guys like him.

It was excitement. He was a different feel for me. Emotions started to get involved and I cut him loose with no signal or sign. Now I'm stuck with this psycho showing up to my job, embarrassing me. I have to figure something out because I can't have Daniel finding this s*** out. Then everything will be blown up and I ain't having that. My reputation is very important to me. The things people will say IF word gets out that I was sexing a drug-dealing, country piece of trash. He was way beneath my level. And that's all there is to it. After thinking this little soap opera over, my feet guided me back into the house. I just pray that Thing 1 and Thing 2 didn't ruin my chance of selling this property.

My lips parted way quickly as I uttered an apology, "I am so very sorry Mr. and Mrs. Wells about that small problem. It won't ever happen again. I can assure you that. You two are the only ones that are this invested into this house."

"We accept your apology... But there is something we must also tell you..." Mrs. Wales, started to say.

She stared at Mr. Wales and he then finished the sentence, "We wanted to tell you that we are looking at another house as well. This is definitely in our top five. We just need to weigh all of our options. We will get back to you with our decision."

I was screaming on the inside. It took me a month to even get them to consider this place and NOW they saying they need more time. Ugh, how much more time could they need? This place had everything you could ever want. Sure it was expensive. Nothing in life is free. However, it was so amazing that you would want to buy it no matter the price. I was very confident in this sell in the beginning, but now I'm just discouraged.

I turned to them and asked, "What will be the factors in your decision-making process, if you don't mind me asking?"

Mrs. Wells spoke up, "Well, the other houses are less expensive. Don't get us wrong we really do love this house, but we're not sure if we want to spend $10.5 million for it. We know mortgage payments will be a bit costly on a house this much."

"And then we have our kids college fund to think about. It's just so much to think about," Mr. Wells chimed in.

Here they go with this price bulls***. You're multi-millionaires! What is $10.5 million dollars when you're sitting on $50 million? This is all bulls***. I was a little irritated and impatient by this point. I made sure it didn't show though.

"What would be your ideal price range?" I questioned.

"About $3.5 million or $4 million maybe. Something in that range. We would even pay $6.5," Mrs. Wells revealed.

"Okay, I can definitely work something out with the seller and see how they feel about that particular price. I'm sure we could figure out something," I offered.

"We will be in contact in about a few days to a week," Mr. Wells informed.

I nodded, "Alright. You two have a wonderful day."

"You too," They replied in unison. Now, I need a drink or something....


I checked my phone and it was 8 o'clock on the dot. I thought about what Quentin said and decided that I would shoot him text. Only so he won't show up at my house. I can't have my neighbors in my business. I sent the text: <strong>It's Des....</strong> I got into my car and drove off until I felt my phone vibrate loudly. It was a call from Quentin of course. I answered on the second ring and placed it on speakerphone.

"Yeah?" I questioned, trying to keep my eyes on the road.

"Where are you?" He asked.

"On my way to go get a drink," I stated and kept driving.

"Come to my spot now. I'll get you a drink," He remarked.

I sighed. Do I go and pretend to be interested? Or do I decline and risk being exposed by this hoodlum? So many decisions but I think I'm just going to go ahead and head over his house.

"Alright...." I replied, not believing that I'm actually agreeing to this mess.

"Aight," He hung up. I took a deep breath, while turning on some jazz music.

I needed something to calm my nerves. Who knows where this will take me? No telling what he's up to. I was destined to not sleep with him again. That's for sure. His house were about ten minutes away. I kept driving until I was a few blocks from his house. There is no way I'm parking my car in his driveway. What if somebody sees me? That would be just horrible. So, I parked my car just a couple of blocks away from his house and got out. I walked quickly and effectively, now arriving at his comfortable home. And by comfortable, I mean basic and way BELOW my tax bracket. I could use his house as my closet. Thank God he didn't stay that deep in the hood. He lived in an urban surburbia but the hoodlums and thugs unfortunately, weren't that far in distance and that terrified me.

I tried not to show my fear as I knocked on his door. A few minutes later and he opened the door. He smelt of weed and <em>Amen</em> by Philosophy. It was one of my favorite men's cologne. I had to keep my composure. I think he knows how much I love this scent. I had to control myself as I stepped inside. I stared around for a bit. He decorated it. Finally. Or got one of his hoes to decorate it probably. Then again, I wouldn't give a s*** to begin with. Our eyes met as he closed the door behind me. I came in and sat on the edge of the couch.

He chuckled and shook his head, "Back to square one huh? I thought we were past this uppity attitude? I guess we're not after all."

"Excuse me?" I questioned, getting offended.

"You know what the f*** I'm talking about Des. You act like a snobby b**** who think you're better because you have a little money," He growled, running his hand over his face before sitting down.

"I'm not snobby. I just am used to the finer things. What's wrong with that?" I inquired, glaring at him.

"f*** it. What would you like to drink?" He got up, walking to this shelf filled with different varieties of liquor.

"I'll start off with a shot. I don't know if you have all the ingredients though," I responded, staring at his counter.

"Try me," He replied.

"Kamikaze then," I stated.

I watched as he prepared the drink. The smell of the weed and mixture of his cologne was somehow so intoxicating... It was indescribable. It just was pulling me into him. It was frightening because my body was telling me to jump all over him. However, I wasn't going to give in. He soon brought the shot glass over to me. I gulped it quickly.

"I want a Whiskey Sour now," I requested. I needed something else.

"Hopefully, this s*** will get your mind right. Soon as you start insulting me or my place, I'mma grip you by your throat and make you s*** it out of you," He threatened, handing me the drink.

"How you gonna do that? I will call the police before you be able to touch me sweetie," I sassed, taking a sip out of the drink. My lips immediately puckered up from the sourness of the lemon juice.

He sat next to me and responded nonchalantly, "You wouldn't even get the phone. I'll break your arm."

"What the hell do you want from me Quentin? You and your little gutter friend coming to my work atmosphere like you're crazy. You're lucky I didn't have your bum ass arrested. Right to jail you go. You're stalking me now and stuff? Pitiful to say the least. Don't you have Jasmine to throw money on or something?" I took another sip of the drink.

He glared at me as his jaws clenched, "Bum ass? And stalking? b****, I didn't stalk you. I had to get ahold of you and why not just come to your job? You're lucky I didn't come down to yo nigga's job. That's what you better BE LUCKY about!"

"Look, I'm not staying here all night to talk to you. I guess you're not used to someone with home training and manners. I mean, look at you. The epitome of --"

His hands were now wrapped around my throat tightly, "That's the LAST f***ing time you're gonna disrespect me okay? You better hear me and hear me good. You'll be picking your teeth off of the ground next time."

I tried gasping for air, but nothing. There I was unable to breath. After getting a little light-headed, he loosened his grip and got up. I tried to catch my breath as I sat there stunned. I didn't know whether to run or just stay still. I was scared to do anything. He walked around for a few minutes until he was fully calm. Several seconds later and my breathing was back to normal.

He sighed and sat down, "I didn't want to hurt you Des. I just hate your f***ing attitude. That s*** is gonna stop right this second. I'm not some old, regular ass nigga you can talk to any kind of way. And you can stop hanging the fact that I sell drugs over my head. That s*** is getting old now. You a phony ass b**** and I don't like you when you're this way. The only time I get to see a different side of you is when you're intoxicated or smoking. When you're sober, I want to crack your f***ing skull."

He shook his head and pulled his phone out and showed me a <a href="">pic</a> of me a few months back. I remember that day perfectly. I had so much fun and I was able to let myself go... It was like Quentin was someone else that night...

"Look at you all on my piano wilding out. You were singing all these different songs. This is the night I started to really see you in a different light. You were so chill and relaxed. Fun to be around. The sex wasn't bad either. This is the Des I KNOW and like. This front you putting up, I see right through that s*** and I'm not impressed. You make more money than me but so what. I rather be a broke nigga than to be an airheaded, delusional, fake, stuck-up, worthless b**** like yourself. Yeah, this is how a lot of people see you. So, I had to see for myself. If they only knew this other side to you. Play with me Des and I'll show you another side of me; the heartless side. You think I'm a thug? I'll show you a f***ing thug alright. A ruthless one at that," He spat, staring into my eyes intensely.

His words ran through my veins as he eyed me. I stared at his lips and got closer to him. His scent was driving me crazy. My hands slowly found his chin. I rubbed his hairs a little and then cuffed his face. We were gazing into each other's eyes until he took the iniative and kissed me slowly. I closed my eyes and kissed him back. His hands roamed my body. I felt like putty in his hands. He didn't know what he was doing to me. Then again, he probably did. He was so gentle with me as he laid me on the sofa. He left sweet kisses on my neck. Next came my ear. My spine tingled as his warm breath brushed against the back of my neck. An unexpected moan slipped out before I could control it. Just when we were about get deeper into the moment, my phone rung loudly. I looked at it and it was my sister, Azriel. Quentin continuously kissed on me.

"It's my sister babe... I have to get this..."

He stopped and sat up, "Okay."

I answered the phone, "What?" "I'm at y-your h-house. HURRY NOW," She shouted drunkly into the phone.

Here I gotta play babysitter to my little sister again. She is 21 years old and still acts like she can't handle her liquor. I sighed. She was stopping me from getting my damn sex!

"Ugh, I gotta go. She's all drunk and at my damn house," I explained quickly, getting up.

"It's coo. I got you tomorrow," He reassured.

I looked at him one last time before walking out of the house. I walked a few blocks to my car and hopped in and took off. I could hurt Azriel so bad at this moment. She is messing up every damn thing. Damn. I took my time getting to my house.

When I got there, <a href="">she</a> was all on the ground. I shook my head and helped her up, "You should be ashamed of your damn self! I will deal with your dumb ass in a minute. I'm not your f***ing babysitter. Know your limit!"

She giggled loudly, while stumbling. I rolled my eyes and unlocked my door. I threw her onto the couch. I wasn't in the mood.

"I'm telling mom about this. Hope you know that," I looked directly at her.

She shooed me away and then a couple minutes later, fell asleep. I shook my head and headed upstairs. Longest day ever... I guess I will be cuddling by myself again tonight.

Lol thanks y'all. Adding very SOON.

Whoa swerve...ole hypocrit asx..
Smh can't believe it

She talked about him like he was the scum of the earth
When she fckd him
But that's how it be though

But hmmm quentin can get it
She better call him ... He will fck her world up lol
Jasmine would FLIP if she found out...Her best friend would, too though!
Cause she talk about her best friend choices and cousin buuuut look at what you doing
Judging ppl when you got ya own issues smh

And if she's so unhappy why won't she leave
It's like she just wanna keep him for "appearance" purposes
Smh...I can't

And the way Daniel was talking...lmao
I can't with him lol

Runs Chemical X

WOAH WOAH WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!! Flag on the play..what just happened????? So she sleeping with Q now??? But Daniel? The wedding? WHAT?????