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the Hit.

<strong>The Hit.</strong>

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As I sat in the court room listening to the prosecution's final statements against my father, I listened as they described him as a monster. Which they had been trying to convince the jury for the past year. This court house had became all to familiar to me.

My dad was facing drug, multiple murders, and countless other petty charges. After a year of trial, the case would be ending soon and my dad would finally find out his fate. And to be completely honest, it wasn't looking to good for him.

"We will resume at 8am Friday morning. Court is adjourned." The judge said as he banged his gavel.

The officers grabbed my father as he looked back at me, I looked at him and nodded as he returned the gesture and preceded to be escorted back to his cell. I'd gotten used to our new goodbye as it had became routine. As I exited the court house, I put on my sunglasses and proceeded to my car.

My dad was far from a saint and due to his way of life he was destined to either jail or a grave, and he had came to that cross road. Being his only child, he raised me to be prepared for when I had to takeover. This didn't sit well with a lot of the n*ggas who felt they were next in line for the throne, but I knew they could never foresee the business like I could. I knew to trust no one.

As many times as my father had looked out for these n*ggas, from putting roofs over their families' heads to putting money in their pocket, not one of them have even showed their face at now court date. None of them were worthy of the top spot.

However, I knew this isn't how I wanted to spend the rest of my life. But in honor of my father, I planned to bow out the game gracefully and with the upmost respect.


run it

run it!

Run it

I know this add was extremely late, but had some issues w/ my Internet.

but here's the add, enjoy! (:


"So how you been?" Rick asked looking at me.

I shrugged and took a swig of my beer, "I'm alive."

"And your photography?"

"Good." I replied. He nodded and continued to look at me. "Is there something you want? Seems to me we're all caught up."

He chuckled, "You are just like your father Maurice. But there is a reason I asked you here. There's something your father had and I need you to get it for me."

I looked at him for a second, "Nah. I don't think so."

"Look, this is very important to a case I got going." Rick began to explain.

"My Dad died three years ago, I can't really imagine what he had that you could possibly need now." I told him.

"Look, Maurice just trus-"

"I can't help you man." I cut him off. "Looks like we're done here."

Rick glared at me, smirked then got up and left the bar. I shook my head and walked to the bar.

"Let me get another beer."



"Well surprise, surprise. Look who's here." Sam announced as I approached the bar.

I smiled and laughed, "Hey Sam. How you doing?"

"Good now that you blessed us with your presence." He joked, "A cold one?"

"You know it." I answered and Sam went to go grab me a beer. Sam was the owner of the bar and a long time friend of my father. He always looked out for me and showed me so much love and I always did the same.

I watched as Sam handed a beer to a handsome guy to my left then came back and handed me mine. The guy looked at me then back to the tv which was displaying the ESPN channel.

"So how's Lee?" Sam asked about my father leaning on forward on the bar looking me in the eye.

I nodded, "Good as he's gonna get. Prosecution wasn't playing around this morning. Things haven't really been going to good for his case."

He shook his head, "Wish I coulda made it this morning. I hated missing it."

"I know Sam, no worries. Aside from me you're the only one who's went to the court dates." I shook my head.

"When you're down is the time you find out who's really there for you they always said." Sam quoted, "And how are you doing?"

I smiled and finished my beer, "Good. Just holding it all together."

"You're a strong woman, I know Lee's proud. But, I gotta be honest with you Lea ... I don't want you to follow in your Dad's footsteps. I don't want to see that for you." He told me looking me dead in the eye.

I nodded, "I know Sam." He nodded , handed me another beer,and then walked to go help another customer. I took a long drink of my beer and looked to my left to see Mr. Handsome looking at me. "Hello."

"Hard day?" He nodded at the beers in front of me. I smirked.

"It's only the beginning." I replied taking another swig of my beer. I felt my phone vibrate, I looked at the text message I just received.

<strong>Duke</strong>: <cite>Where you at? I need you.</cite>

I got up to leave and yelled to Sam, "I'll see you later Sam."

"Come by the house sometime Lea." He said to me and I nodded.

"Will do." I smiled and placed a 100 dollar bill on the bar.

The guy watched me as I left, "You have a good Lea."

I looked at him and smirked, "You too Mr. Handsome."

thanks for the comments, adding soon (:

run it!

run it!!

I feel a run-in is about to happen. Run it

this off the chain i want more lol

Aww, I'm sorry Maurice. That's f***ed up, you're own best man. Damn, all in the same year? I have a weird feeling about Rick. Weird that HE became chief after his father died. I don't like him. Damn Lea! Well, in the words of Lil Wayne, too much money ain't enou th money. Yay! Their gonna meet!!!!!
Run it!!


As I exited the bathroom connected to my bedroom I seen Melissa sliding her top back over her head and slipping her feet into her shoes. She turned and walked over to me a pecked my cheek.

"I'll see you." She said and then made her way out.

"Later." I simply replied. One thing Melissa had over a lot of women is knowing how to not over stay her welcome. What we had was strictly physical and she respected that and never asked for anything more.

At this point in my life, the only thing a woman could offer me was p*ssy. And due to my status, the women flocked to me.

My mother came from money, always being placed in the high class. My father on the other hand had to work for everything he got. He became a highly honored and respected Police Captain. He and my mom got into investing and stocks and soon began tripling their money and became wealthy in their own right. I've always lived the 'picture perfect' life up until my father was murdered 3 years ago.

The same year the woman I thought I was going to marry ran off with who I thought was going to be my best man and to be completely frank, I didn't have much of a heart left after enduring all that.

The money I was left from my father's passing and my mother's assistance is what allows me to live within the means I do because I was currently pursuing a career in photography. And though photography was the last thing I had a love for, it wasn't bringing in regular checks laced with zeroes.

As I walked down the stairs of my lavish condo, my phone rang.

"What's up?" I answered.

"You need to learn how to answer your phone boy." My uncle Rick replied. I rolled my eyes. Rick was my father's brother and took his spot as captain of the force after he passed.

"What's up Rick?" I asked ignoring his comment.

I heard him chuckle, "Just calling to check on my only nephew, invite him to have a few beers with me."

"I already got some things to do." I replied trying to turn down the offer.

"Aw, come on. I ain't tryna take up your whole day nephew. Meet me at Sam's in an hour?" He persisted.

I thought on it, Sam's was a bar on the little less privileged side of town. Not the outright hood, but wasn't to far from it. "Alright. Be there in an hour."

"Good, see you then." Rick said before hanging up.

I slid my phone back into my pocket and shook my head knowing I didn't wanna give Rick a second of my time. There had an unknown feeling between my uncle and I ever since my father's passing that was unbeknownst to everyone but us.

I knew that if I hadn't agreed to meet up with him now I would be receiving a pop up visit from him. Just the type of character Rick was.



Though I had taken over my father's business indefinitely, it never took me from the businesses I started myself.

I own a small boutique that had became successful in it's own means and was currently planning on expansion. Even though my boutique was partially a cover up, it was still my baby and I was very proud of it.

But that wasn't my only other hustle.

As I walked up the few steps to the nice sized town home, I grabbed the keys from my purse and unlocked the door.

"Ladies!" I called as I entered the living room. I stood there waiting as all five women made their way into the living room from various places in the home. They stood in a straight line in front of me.

"Hello Madame." They greeted me in unison.

"Hello ladies, how are we doing?" I questioned.

"Good." They answered together again, I nodded.

I began to pace in front of them looking them all in the face, "Good. Well, I'm just dropping in to check on everything. Do we all have our proper assignments and instructions for this evening?" They nodded. "Good. Jenny, get me this week's collections."

"Yes Madame." Jenny obliged to the order and went to the safe to retrieve the ladies weekly earning. She grabbed the lock box it was in and handing it to me, "Twenty thousand is this weeks total."

I nodded grabbing the lock box, "Bravo ladies, I'm proud of you. I believe a bonus is due." They displayed looks of glee across their faces as I distributed them their bonuses and then put the remaining money in my purse.

"Put this back." I said handing the lock box back to Jenny, "Any questions?"

They all shook their heads no, "Okay, well I'll be seeing you ladies. Call me if you need anything." I said turning to leave the house.

"Yes Madame." they replied before all disbursing back into different locations in the house.

The next stop I had to make was to the headquarters for the family business, but then I got the urge for a cold beer. Decided to stop by a popular bar by the name of Sam's before heading to the spot.

A beer was just what I needed to get through the rest of my day.

gonna add again to give a lil more insight into the story.

Okay, I see you Lea. She said none of them niggas was worthy. Damn. Tough life. I like how she is down for her dad like that. For him, she gave up her life and s***. No trusting anybody? Just.....damn.
Run it!!!

Damn this is real. I hope she knows what she's doing. I don't think drug dealers are monsters as ppl, but what they do sure makes it hard to love em. Run it!!