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Fortune * Short Story *

Don't you just love that feeling? You know, the one where you have a husband and you and his brother are making sacarifices to sleep together no matter what the situation?

The tingles you get up your spine, while having intimate sex with your other lover while your husband is in the next room. It's that feeling that gives you invenciableness. Well, until  you get caught. 

Of course I thought I would never get caught. But karma had something else in mind. Murder.

I had been a housewife; married to Steven Downey, a successful Entrepreneur and Music Producer. Steven was known for his connections--and his penis size.

So when he approached me one night at a popular street club downtown, I didn't hesitate to conversate with him. After a night of hot drunken sex, we decided to take it to the next level and date. 

For 8 long months we had been together until he decided to propose. It went great until his brother came to town from a business vacation in Jamacia. Antonio was too, successful as Steven, but could never keep a stable relationship due to his player ways.

I must say, even though Steven was attractive Antonio had been sexier. He had this type of thug attitude under all those suits he wore. A time or two I caught myself getting moist from staring at him. 

That's something him and Steven both had in common. Big penises, smooth conversations and attractiveness. Some people may say "If Steven is so attractive, why the f*** did you cheat?" 

I swear, there's some type of logical reason why I did. Most won't understand and say what they THINK is the reason. But that's their irrelevant word under mine. Right?

Well, maybe a list of accurate reasons of my cheating my help you understand. So let's begin..

"Kay, I'm home." Stevens voice echoed from the foyer through our 4 bedroom mini mansion. I rolled my eyes and flipped my coil curls to the back of my head, with my manicured fingers.  "I'm in the living room!" 

Steven had promised this morning he would leave work early to take me out for dinner. According to the clock it was 12:09. Waaaay past any resturants time to be dining.

"Baby I'm really sorry, I got caught up in my new clients that I lost track of time." I nodded my head and continued polishing my nails. He huffed air before taking off his jacket. 

Hopefully, he sensed my attitude towards him. It would either one; end our night with an arguement and him, going into the basement to finish some tracks. Or two, ruff sex and a hot shower. 

I must say, work had him so caught up we haven't been able to have any type of intimate bond. Believe me I'm no nympho. But I sure wouldn't turn down sex; especially from steven. Which by the way is ubberly impossible when he's.. busy.

"Can I make it up to you?" He asked softly bending over and kissing the nape of my neck. "How many times will you try to make things up to me? The date night we were having tonight was supposed to be a make-up one. I'm tired of being disappointed." 

"Baby, you know if I could I would spend every minute of the day with you. But I can't because we have bills and you have wants. Plus, Antonio is coming into town for a few days. I want to have something to brag to him about."

"But you have me. Aren't I something to brag about?" He smiled and kissed my cheek. "Of course baby. But you know how Antonio is about me sticking to one woman. Remember, I have a legacy to keep up with. If you're going to be apart of it you have to live up to the standards. " 

I rolled my eyes and got off the couch. "Well my nails are dry, so I'm going to shower. Don't wait up on me."

Reason number one AND two; The guy is too damn busy for me AND he lived up to a damn legacy. Always trying to keep up with Antonio. Hell, Antonio might have been a ladies man, but at least he always had time to get a f*** in.

Which takes me to reason number three; he left the wrong guy incharge to babysit his wife from 'cheating'.
See, steven felt like his brother was his keeper. But in all actuality, his brother was just as dirty as me. 

The first few nights he had left Antonio and I in the house there were little signs of lust. It started with small things like him rubbing past me when walking by, sneaking eye contact and grins. Then it got serious to booty grabbing, winking and lip biting.

After awhile it simmered down until one night when Steven had left to California for the Awards. That whole week I had had a feeling that me and someone else were going to get intimate. I didn't know exactly who it was going to be, but I had a feeling it just might be with Antonio.

Of course, I tried to stay faithful. But I was so horny and I so desprately needed a fix. I knew Steven would be gone for the weekend and it gave me and Antonio 4 days of the mansion to ourselves. 

The moment I walked in on him accidently in the shower, I just had to have him. We evidently had sex, but it was addictive. It was something different about Stevens stroke compared to his. 

Steven had a deep and fast stroke, while Antonio's was slow and deep. But both of them made me cum in a way that made my legs tremble and wiggle, my back arch, my breathing shorten and left my body paralyzed for the night.

So, I continued to have sex with Antonio. Everytime he came to town. I opened my legs as wide as a book. It got so addictive I would have sex with him while Steven slepted peacefully in the next room. But then something strange started to happen.

Antonio's visit came slightley, and Steven came around more. More shopping sprees, outings to dinners and.. sex. Lots of wild, deep, beautiful sex. 

It made me actually think.. 'Why am I cheating on Steven?' It took me days to actually find out the reason. I was being benifitted from them both, but the guilt just wouldn't let me sleep nor eat. So I decided to call it quits with Antonio.

I knocked on his hotel door blowing air from my lungs...

----------- ---------- ------------

"Say my f***ing name!" Antonio's grip around my hair had tighten sending pain through my head. I'd cried out in pain from the way he had rammed into me from the back. "Tony!" I screamed in agony. 

"You gonna leave me for Steven? Huh?! You gonna f***ing leave me for that b**** ass nigga!!"

I couldn't do anything but scream. The pain was unbearble. I could feel my anus stretch a little each time he slammed into me. I'd come over to tell him that I had made a mistake to cheat on Steven, and here I am bent over the TV stand being smugged by a towel and screaming for my life. 

Somehow, I wished Steven would just walk in and see what was going on to come to my rescue. It had finally hit me.. I was appreciative of my man. Yes, he came with flaws but he was good to me. I love him and losing him would ruin my whole entire world. I kept praying to god someone would come and save me.

My legs began to hurt and so was my throat. I felt a sharp pain go up my back and stomach as blood fell down my leg. I knew then that I wasn't going to leave this hotel alive. He would either f*** me to death or beat me till I couldn't respond. The red in his eyes said so.

I'd regret ever cheating on Steven. He was good to me and all he wanted was to see me happy. I took that for granted because I knew he wasn't going to leave me. Maybe,  just maybe I was wrong. But I had legit reasons right?

In the mist of me thinking, my head was yanked back as I fell to the floor. Antonio hopped on top of me and shoved his penis down my throat. I coughed and gagged trying to breath at his fast pace. I felt a pressure come to my throat and bit on it. He yelped out in pain and I jumped up and ran towards the door, only to be yanked back his way. "Please, Antonio!" I cried out. 

He grabbed my face and pushed me backwards. I stumbled towards the bed and fell. "b**** are you f***ing crazy?" I shook my head no, scared he would hit me for not answering him again. His hand gripped my hair. "You think I'm some f***ing joke b****?!"

"Nooo," I whined. He smirked at how he intimidated me. I found nothing funny. But I almost forgot, we're talking about Antonio here. 

"Don't you ever forget this.. no matter how many times you run back to Steven and he f***s you, your pussy is gone always be here with me. THIS is where you belong! Understand me b****?"

I nodded quickly and looked down in shame. "I'm about to shower. You should come in too." He begin walking towards the bathroom. "And thats not a question." He firmly looked at me and winked before continuing in the bathroom. 

My mind collaged with plans to leave the room to my freedom. But he would surely find me and he might tell Steven everything. NO! I got to stop him from telling Steve. My first mind was to run the hell up out of there, but I knew my legs wouldn't let me. So I just made my way to the bathroom.

Antonio had already started a bath and was relaxing. My blood boiled just looking at him. "Hurry up girl!" 

My eyes started to water. I needed to leave. I needed to find a plan fast. I slowly walked towards the tub and got in. He pulled me by the waist on top of him. Then.. Murdering him went through my head. But how? With a comb? The bedsheets? Just when I thought my plan failed, my eyes landed on the blow dryer attached to the wall in between the shower and mirror. A smile spread across my face.

"What the f*** you smiling at?"He asked. I looked at him. "I was thinking about what you said earlier. Maybe, your right. Matter of fact, I'm going to call Steven now and tell him everything. I'm divorcing him.. cause I want you." 

He smiled and nodded. "That's what I'm talking about!" I got out of the tub and dryed off. Then went towards the door and stopped in the door way. "You know.. I never knew what any a**hole you really were until now." I went over and grabbed the dryer and turned around. "Have a nice after life a**hole!" I threw the dryer in the tub and watched him die from electricution.

-------------- ------------ ----------

I found Steven in his office when I got home. I'd pecked his forehead, and had a short conversation with him before making my way to the shower. After the incident between me and Antonio, you would've thought I had enough of water for the day. Not even. 

As I was getting ready for my shower, Steven came in. I could feel him burning a hole in my ass the way he stared at it while I was undressing. "Like something you see?" I teased wiggling my ass a little. He grinned before picking me up and taking me to the shower. He ran the water and put me in, so he could undress. 

Watching, I began to play with myself. Once he got in, it was 50 going north. He had me in so many positions I couldn't count. It went from soft and sensual sex, to breathing hard and ruff sex. Back and fourth.

In the middle of him f***ing me hard against the wall doggy style  he'd let go of my waist and let me fall. "Ow!" I whimpered. When I stood up I heard a trigger pull back and click, then a cold hard poke to the back of my head. "Oh my god Steven what are you doing?!" I screamed in shock. 

"You sneaky little b****.. you didn't think I would find out you were sleeping with Antonio? I can't believe you had the nerve to f*** this nigga in MY house on some sneaky s***."

My legs trembled and started to give out. "Steven.. please.. can we just talk about this? I'm so sorry. I called it quits with Antonio.. because all I want is you." 

He grinned and shook his head. "Not in this lifetime. See you in hell." And with that he shot me in my head. I had been killed by my husband. Eventually Antonio was found by the house keeper and I by Stevens mistress.  And Steven..

Let's just say, Cell 6 will be his new home for 17 years.



I want to add more stories, but I honestly feel like people WON'T review them.
Everybody says their good. But I need motivation to keep moving.
I have stories that will have you at the edge of your seat, teary-eyed, laughing & shocked at the same time.
But do you guys want stories like that?


Lol thank you ladies for these long, funny and supporting reviews. (:

I'm writing right now, JUST FOR YOU! ❤

lawddddd ! jesus christ! i dont where to begin... i enjoyed this and well, she got what she received... murder for murder . steven was tripping though. you had a mistress this whole time? but getting on kay screwing your brother? maybe he would have let her slide if it were a stranger . i knew steven wasnt working all those long hours for nothing. he was putting in his best alright or should i say best stroke ? i enjoyed bit & piece of this rollarcoaster ride . hopefully looking forward to more !

OH...MY....GOODNESS..THAT WAS F-KING INTENSE!!!! WOAH I'M SPEECHLESS RIGHT NOW????? First off Steven wasn't there for her like he use to be so I understand where she is coming from about being alone and all that. But Now that does not give her the right to cheat on Steven esp because that was her husband..I think she could have talked that out. Now Second thing...woah his brother??? That's so foul ish right there..I can only imagine what they look like. Third..woah Tony flipped the script on her ahh..control mfer he is...but murder daaaaammmnnn..she did that like a G...and wait he was in her ahh hole??? How was she able to sit??? lol..then Steven was cheating too??? He smashed then shot her???? Daaamn...17 years...yep he gone have him a bf...LIKE CHILL BUMPS FROM THIS...PLEASE WRITE SOME MORE...I WILL READ THEM BY MY DAMN SELF IF I GOT TOO lol

Wow!! That was some intese s***. I got goosebumps running up my arms! At first I thought Steven was cheating on Kay, but now I don't know. Antonio is one crazy ass nigga! Damn, after that Kay had enough energy to f***. I would've been in too much pain. Okay Steven you didn't have to kill her. Kay, that's just dirty. I mean you could've at least f***ed him at a hotel. Okay now you were being very disrespectful f***ing his brother while he was sleep! She's so damn wrong. Damn 17 years. Well, he'll make new friends. Haha! I love stories like this!!!