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Welcome To High School .

A place where you every teenager tries to find themself and/ or popularity group, and at this place whatever reputation you have created or others will follow you for all four years and in some cases either good or bad ... your whole life. ten years later at the reunions people may still remember you by that geek, that jock,the star football's player or star basketball player's girlfriend and head cheerleader or worst of all the school whore or that girl who got pregnant . whatever it is it all starts in one particular establishment... Welcome To High School .

Coming Soon ... Just a thought i mustered up while brainstorming for another fic .


i want this story to be as close to perfect as possible thats why i'm planning it out . i'll update chapter 1 mayb by the end of this week or middle next week .

-Autty <3

Will read.

I like u should run i wnt to no more

HMMMMM..sounds interesting...Can't wait for you to develop this...I will be reading...

I like it! It sounds like it has a lot of dramatic stuff happening throughout the whole story. Scratch what I said about liking it, I love it!!!