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My Soul Mate

<a href="">I</a> sat in the livingroom of my new <a href="">home</a> playing NBA2K13. I was eating my snack while concentrating on the game more than helping my siblings unload the truck. ”Mulan! Mulan!” My mom yelled in her thick Vietnamese accent, calling me by my middle name. ”Yeah ma!” I yelled, pausing the game. ”Come down heyah and help you brotha and sista. They don't need to be carrying you boxes!” I facepalmed myself and stood to my feet. I dragged my tired body downstairs and looked over at my <a href="">mom</a> holding that stupid ass dog. ”Ma. I told you. It's your. Y-O-U-R.” I slowly spelled. She smacked her lips. ”Mulan get damn boxes! No correct matha!” I turned and rolled my eyes. This lady needs to work on her english. ”She was ugly as hell!” I heard my sister yell. ”So? Her pussy don't got a face! So I'm f***ing that!” I heard her huff and then open the door. ”But pussy carries dieseases and I'm going to laugh when ya ass catch one.” I smirked at the <a href="">two.</a> They were a real comedy show once you get used to them. ”Mayleen! Tell your brother that he is being a dumbass. Foo' keep thinking with his d*** and not his mind.” I shook my head and grabbed the box from her. ”My mind and d*** think alike so either way, imma be thinking about getting pussy.” I rolled my eyes and took my stuff back upstairs. ”You ready for that ass whooping?” Michael asked coming into my room. ”You must be talking about yourself, because I'm going to wax that ass from beginning to end boy!” He waved me off, sat down, and picked up a controller. I was so busy picking my team, that I didn't notice him munching on my hot fries. ”Nigga! The f*** you doing dude?!” He smirked and took another hand full. ”I'll buy you some more May, chill.” I glared at him and finally settled on my team. The Miami Heat. Been a fan way before Bron got there. ”You picking them just because they won the championship. f*** heat, I'm going with the bulls!” I chuckled and shook my head. ”Dude! I've been picking the Heat since Vietnam got the Playstation. I miss that s*** hole of a place already.” I admitted. ”Why? We stayed getting left out of s***. We were outcast. Nobody wanted to hang with us, all because we had more money and a whole lotta swag. Man f*** Vietnam! I'm glad America won the damn war!” I busted out laughing. He stayed saying f*** something. ”Her highness has entered please no photos.” Sochitta said walking in and posing. ”Chitta! Walk yah ass in my room right!” I yelled, throwing a pillow at her. She huffed and walked out my room. She knocked on the door and I smirked at Michael. ”Who is it?” I sung. ”Sochitta......b****!” She exclaimed. ”Come in......hoe!” I yelled back. She ran in and jumped on my bed. ”I call controller from whoever loses.” I started the game and looked at Michael. ”You might as well say your goodbyes now.” He shook his head and bit his lip as he concentrated on the game.

”You were cheating!” Michael yelled. I shook my head as I collected my 50 bucks and smiled. ”Thank you for investing in my new shoes.” He flicked me off and Chitta got the remote. ”I want yall to start calling me Honey.” She randomly said. ”I wanna be called Tyga then.” They both looked at me and I looked back at them. ”What?!” I said, getting annoyed. ”What's your name gonna be?” She asked. ”Hmmm.....May to the muhf***in Leen b****!” I exclaimed. ”No cussing in ma house! God no like ugly!” My mom lectured us. ”Get ready fo' skoo gon be late tomorrow.” I huffed and rubbed at my eyes. ”Yeah okay.” Michael mumbled, brushing her off. ”Ma! I'm hungry!” I whined. ”Go eat Taco Bell!” She yelled, walking away from me. ”Yall wanna go to Taco Bell?” I asked, looking at them. ”I'm with it if you with.” Michael said nudging Chitta. ”Yeah. I could eat. Gotta get used to this American food someday, right?” Me and Michael nodded and got up. We walked out the house and went to get in the car, but I remembered my car wouldn't be here until next week. ”f***!” I yelled in frustration. ”Guess we'll walk.” Michael said. We began to walk to Taco Bell and on the way we passed a party. ”Yall wanna check it out?” He asked. ”No way! Mom would kill us if she knew we went there. No paty! You lady, not child! Why you lie to me?!” Chitta said, acting like our mom. We all laughed and I looked at the <a href="">house.</a> ”I wonder what the inside looks like.” I thought aloud. ”Come on. It can't hurt to at least check it out.” Michael urged. ”Fine. I'm in. But if ma finds out. I'm blaming you. What about you May?” I stood there for a second and then inhaled the magnificent scent of  American food. ”Hell yeah.” Michael smiled and wrapped his arms around ours. ”Shall we?” I smirked and laughed. ”We shall.” We began to walk into the party and it was packed! I mean wall to wall, hoes, niggas, ugly b****es, bad b****es, everybody and they damn mom was in this party. ”Damn. Shawty looking good.” Ty whispered in my ear looking at some <a href="">chick.</a> ”Ass fat, check. Boobs big, check. Face good, check. She's a winner.” I said. He looked over at Chitta and she nodded. He smiled and unwrapped his hands and made his way over to her. ”Ooo! They got barbecue wings!” Chitta dragged me over to the kitchen. We grabbed plates and started to pile up food. When we were finished me sat down and grabbed a cup of punch. I drunk it and instantly my throat burned. ”Somebody spiked that.” Chitta lifted her cup to her nose and shrugged. ”Now I can go to sleep faster.” I smirked and we started to chug and eat. It was like cycle. ”Whew! I'm feeling it noooowwwww!” She slurred. ”Yo. You see them two over there staring at us?” I turned to see who she was talking about and for sure two <a href="">dudes</a> were staring. ”I wonder if they know we don't belong.” She whispered in my ear. ”I don't know, but we're about to find out.” I whispered back as they made their way over.

I pretended like somebody had called me so I wouldn't have to talk. ”Hey mama!” I said as they approached us. ”Oh Honey, she's right here.” I glanced over at Chitta to see her staring at the two dudes. The darker one took my phone from my ear and showed it to the light one. ”Wow. Oldest trick in the book. Nobody talks to their mom like that when they at a party. Especially when they know they not supposed to be here.” I shrugged and reached for my phone, but he snatched it back. ”Give me my damn phone.” He smiled and looked at the other guy. ”Look Chris. She wants me to give her phone back. Not before me giving you my number though.” I rolled my eyes and finally snatched my phone out his hand. ”Thank you.” I huffed. I sat down and continued to eat until the light one, I think his name was Chris, snatched my plate. ”Nigga the f***?!” Chitta exclaimed. ”Who you calling nigga b****?” The darker one spat. ”She ain't even mean it like that. But who the f*** you calling b****?” I snapped. ”You.” Chris stepped up to me and I laughed. ”You cute. But I suggest you step the f*** back before I blow ya brains out.” I knew at the time I wasn't packing but Chitta was and I could pull a gun, kill a nigga, and blame it on somebody else in ten seconds. ”Chris and Trey stop! I'm sorry. They always pick with people. I'm Heather.” <a href="">She</a> smiled at us. ”I'm May. That's Honey.” Chitta smiled back and then mugged the hell out of this Trey character. ”You want these dirty ass chinese b****es at yo party?” I slammed my hand down on the table and they all jumped. ”First of f***ing all. I'm Vietnamese. Not Chinese, get that s*** straight. Second, you will not disrespect me or my sister. Third, I'm about two damn seconds from killing a b**** nigga right now.” Chris smirked. ”Try it.” I reached back in Chitta's pocket, c**ked the gun, and pointed right between his eyes. ”I expect an apology. You don't even have to mean it. I just want to hear you say it.” He quickly wiped that stupid ass smirk off his face and looked over to Trey. He pulled a gun out on me and I laughed. ”So we gonna play this game? Chitta.” She pulled her gun and aimed it at him. ”I just want an apology.” I said, still smiling. It was amusing they thought I wouldn't just blow their heads be honest, it was pretty cute. ”Whoa! What is going on?” Michael said walking towards us with that chick. ”These pussies disrepected us! And I'm not putting s*** down until I get an apology.” Michael sighed and stepped between the gun and Chris. ”Just put the gun down. I'm sure they were just joking.” Trey chuckled. ”I meant every word.” Michael looked back at him. ”You acting real ignorant right now. These girls were trained to be killers. I'm trying to save you, so will you please just stop talking.” Trey clenched his jaws and Michael looked at me. ”Put it down.” He gritted through his teeth. I looked at him then glared at everybody who was looking at us. I smirked at Chris. ”Until next time cutie.” I bent down and grabbed his face. I pecked his lips and at first he tensed up, but he started to kiss me back. I pulled back biting his lip. ”Until next time.” I patted his cheek and put the gun away. ”Okay nothing to see here! Move along! The party ain't over!” Heather yelled. ”I like you two. Here's my number. I hate being the only female in this circle.” I smiled and took her number. Chitta finally put her gun down and smirked. ”Your cute too. Here's my number.” She wrote her number in pen on Trey's arm and pecked his cheek. ”Hit me up.” She said before all three of us walked out the house getting stares. ”Yall always gotta start s*** man.” Ty mumbled. ”They started. They called us b****es, hoes. They called us Chinese Michael! I don't look f***ing Chinese!” Us Vietnamese people took that s*** serious. We became highly offended if you called us Chinese. ”Whatever. Let's just hurry home before ma come looking for us.” I sighed and we trudged home.

Chris' POV

”I like 'em.” My little sister Heather squealed. ”I don't want to see you around them. Right Chris?” I was still stuck in a trance. Those lips and smile had my heart beating fast. ”Chris?!” I snapped out of it and looked over at Trey. ”Huh? Oh yeah. Yeah. Don't hang with them.” I mumbled. ”Yall can't tell me what to do. I run my own damn self. Get it. Got it. Good.” She said rolling her neck. I shook my head and turned to see my <a href="">girl</a> staring at me. ”s***.” I cursed. ”s*** is right Chris! What the hell is wrong with you?! We letting b****es kiss on us now?” I rolled my eyes and looked her. ”SHE kissed ME baby-” ”You couldn't stop her?!” I heavily sighed and rubbed my neck. ”Chill. It caught me off gaurd.” That wasn't the right answer because she threw an empty cup at me and started to yell. ”No Chris! It didn't catch you offgaurd! I bet you liked that s*** huh?! You just a damn dog! Just like your father!” She spat. ”You know what? I did like it! It felt good as hell too. At least her breath don't taste like cigarettes and bitter b****.” I spat back. Her eyes widened and she looked at me. ”f*** you Chris.” She ran out the front door and Trey got down on his knees. ”Finally! The leach is gone! Please lawd don't let her ass come back!” I chuckled and shook my head. Chaos was my girlfriend. We've been on and off for the past five years. I was starting my senior year and she was the last person that I would let ruin it. ”Soooo, you ready to rule the school this year. Or you think somebody is going to take your spot?” Trey asked. I glared at him. ”Now nigga. You know ain't no damn body about to take our places at the top of the throne.” Heather smacked her lips. ”I hope May and Honey do. Yall niggas starting to bug me with this royalty s***. It's stupid just like you two.” She spat. ”Shut up.” Trey said, mushing her face. ”I'm about to go twerk my ass for one of these niggas see you after the party.” Heather said, walking off. ”Your sister is a hoe.” Trey said. ”Nigga what?!” I exclaimed. ”I'm just saying. She need to slow her ass down before her ass get pregnant by one of these deadbeat niggas.” I just looked forward and continued to bob my head to the music. I touched my lips and smiled a bit. She was a good kisser. Too bad shawty got on my bad side. Can't believe she pulled a gun on me.....on me! I run these damn streets! Ask every f***ing nigga in the city who run L.A and bet me or Trey's name is the first thing they'll say. No hesitation. ”Can't believe she did that.” I thought aloud. ”Me neither. Her sister was bad as hell though. I might need to hit and quit it one good time.” I shook my head. ”Nah. They f***ed with the wrong niggas. Don't associate with them. They might think we weak.” He nodded and turned on his heels to get another beer. ”Well. I might as well f*** a few before school start tomorrow.” I stretched and walked up to some hoes that were easy. They better be worth my damn time too.

Mayleen's POV

I finally stopped texting my friends back home and looked at the clock. ”Two f***ing a.m.” I sighed and put my head under tthe covers. ”I miss you daddy.” I cooed as I looked down at my newest tattoo. It was my dad's name Charles Michael Stevenson. I was what most called blasian. Back home, it was very uncommon to see a Vietnamese woman with a black man. Hell, if you loved an American they hated you. I only had three REAL friends. <a href="">They</a> all went throigh the same thing. They were Black, Vietnamese, rich, and hated just like me. ”I wish you were here with us. I'm sorry we left you.” Tears started to build up in my eyes as I saw flashbacks of that night. The night that changed my life, killed my soul, and ruined my trust. I hugged the pillow tight as I cried myself to sleep once again. That night was the main reason we had to move. It wasn't safe anymore. My friends had to leave too, but they are somewhere else in this country. I believe Lin and Ying are somewhere here in California, but I have yet to find out where Lien was. ”I hate my life.” I mumbled. I closed my eyes and replayed that night over and over.


I was sleeping peacefully until I heard my door open. ”May....Mulan.” I turned to see my <a href="">dad</a> walking to my bed with Michael and Sochitta behind him. ”What's going on?” I asked, worried that the moment we've been preparing for had arrived. ”It's time.” Was all he said before we heard our front door bust open. I got up and ran to my drawer. I was only in a shirt with underwear so felt kind of exposed, but now wasn't the time to worry about that. ”Mayleen! Run!” I heard Ying's voice. ”Shut up! Charles! Come out right now!” My dad hugged all three of us and pecked our cheeks. ”I love you guys so much.” He turned to my mom who had tears in her eyes. ”Be strong for them baby. I love you.” He pecked her lips and put her forehead against hers. ”I love you too.” I began to cry as Chitta held onto him. ”Daddy no.” I cried. He hugged me and then took Michael by the shoulders. ”Your the man now. Please take care of your mother and sisters. I need you to come thrpugh for me on this one.” Michael nodded as a tear slid down his cheek. My dad blew us kisses and turned off the light. ”I'm coming!” He yelled from up the stairs. I placed my shoes on my feet and got the luggage for all of us out. I looked out the window to see the truck, that was going to get us out of here, pulling up. I took a deep breath and stood at the top of the stairs where I would be unseen. My dad slowly made his way down the stairs. ”Well well well. Charles has finally given up. I know yu kids up tere. We kill them after yu.” Just like that. One gun shot went off. ”You b****!” Yelled my dad's nemesis. Next thing you know hundreds of gun shots filled the house. I looked down to see my dad lying on the ground. He had bullets everywhere. ”No!” I screamed as I ran to his already dead body. ”Cha no!” I looked up to see <a href="">him</a> laughing. ”Bastard!” I pulled my gun out and shot him in between the eyes. All his men started to fire at me and I took off running. I ran to my room locked it and saw my mom putting the timer on the bomb. I saw Ying had gotten away when they started to firw at me, so I'm sure he was in the truck by now. I started to help Chitta and Michael drench everything in gasoline. ”We got ten seconds!” My mom yelled. We all started to climb out the window. By the time I got to the window. There was two seconds left. ”I love you.” I said. The men had bust the door down and started to shoot at me again. I jumped down and landed on the matress that was placed below the window the night before. ”Go!” Michael yelled. The driver stepped on the gas pedal and we raced down the street. ”M-Ma-Ma-MayLeen? Are you hurt?” Chitta questioned. I shook my head and hid my arm. I couldn't be the reason my family didn't make it out alive. ”She's lying! May look at your arm!” Michael yelled. ”Oh my God! Pull over!” My mom ordered. ”You better not stop Ying! I'll be fine! Just keep on going!” I yelled. I looked back at the house and saw something on fire. I squinted my eyes and gasped. It dad's head.

*Flashback Over*

I woke up drenched in sweat. ”Let me go!” I screamed. ”It's me Mulan! Just me!” I opened my eyes to see Michael holding onto me. ”I miss him so much.” I cried in his chest. ”I-i-i wi-w-wish that w-wa-was me!” I stammered. He rubbed my back as my body shook and twitched. ”Don't say that Mulan. Dad did what a real man would. Gave up his life his family. I promise you that nobody else in this family will have to do the same. Not as long as I live.” I started to calm down. ”I'm so sorry that I didn't listen to you. He probably would've been here now if I did.” He shh'd me and kissed my sweaty forehead. ”I don't want you to think about that right now. Okay. He loves you so much. Just know that.” I nodded softly and then my door opened. I jumped up to see Chitta with her head in her hands as she cried hardly. ”I can't get it out of my head!” I opened up my arms and she ran into them. Michael held us both like mommy and daddy would when we were younger. ”It's gonna be okay. Just make daddy proud and I promise you'll be happy.” I felt something wet on my hair and I looked up to see him crying. I didn't comment on it, knowing he probably would've stopped holding us. Michael was far from the emotional type nigga. I've only witnessed him cry three times in my LIFE. I hugged them tighter and he kissed my cheeks and laid back. ”Sleep it off.” He said the words that made my whole body shivered. Those were my dad's words for everything. When we were in trouble, mad, sad, confused, or just plain bored. He told us to sleep it off. I listened to his heartbeat and began to fall asleep. I tried to force myself to stay awake. But I couldn't. My body and mind were tired. I needed to rest.


Chris is feeling her and tryna act like he not. He better get on that before ol dude do
Run It!!!

Chris' POV

One Month Later~~

"Man.....I think Kayson like May. You can tell by how that nigga be looking at her. I don't like that, I'm not jealous or nothing. I just don't think Kayson is the best guy for her." I said to Heather as we rode to the mall. "What? And you are?" She asked, finally looking up from my phone. "I mean I'm better than him, but not the right nigga for her." She smirked. "Oh! Chris has a crush on MayLeen!" She teased as I smacked my lips. "Girl shut up! Nobody like her." I said, pulling into the mall. "You do." She mumbled. "I heard that." She looked back down at her phone and smirked. "It was meant to be heard." She said, getting out the car and shutting the door before I could speak. "I'll see you at 3!" I yelled after her. "Yeah okay!" She walked in the mall as I slipped on my J's and grabbed my shirt for work. "This day job just can't get any worse man." I turned to see my nigga, <a href="">Shad.</a> "Forreal man. When we get that drop from G, I'm quitting." He dapped <a href="">me</a> me up and we walked inside. "You hear about shawty coming to work for us. She new here. I forgot her name." He said as we made it to Foot Locker. "Nah man. Trey ain't tell me about her." I unlocked the doors and pushed them open. "s*** man. Today we get those new shoes. Bruh, we gonna be busy all day." He and I sighed as the people that were unknowingly waiting for us ran in the store. "Aye! We need that help today!" I yelled to him. He nodded and pointed to some boxes that were being rolled in by somebody, but I couldn't tell who it was. "I'm here! Sorry I- Hey Chrissy-pooh!" I scrunched my face up, before looking up to see <a href="">May</a> walking in with a drink. "Gimmie some!" I whined as I snatched her drink out her hand. "Boy! I don't know where your lips been!" She yelled, taking the drink from my lips after I took a few sips. "That's good as hell. What is it?" I asked her. She took out a sheet of paper and handed it to me after she wrote something on it. "You're on the silent treatment." I read it out loud as Shad started to laugh. "What's your name ma, I like you." She smiled. "MayLeen. I see that we're going to be busy all day." She started to unload the box as more people crowded the store for their shoes. "Man. You being childish! I'll go buy you another one." She just continued to work as I looked at her. "Man. Whatever. You be like that then." I walked over to the register and saw these cute girls at the register. "Wassup beautiful, what you need?" The girl turned and smiled. <a href="">She</a> was beautiful. She sorta looked like May. "Yes. I like to pick up my shoes. Lien Nguyen." She gave me her ticket and I looked at May. "Yo! Lemme get a size 6.5 for the beautiful lady May!" She looked up at me and rolled her eyes. "I bet she ain't even cute." She mumbled. "Who the f*** this b**** talking about?" Lien asked, looking at me. "You b****- Lien!" She exclaimed. May sprinted to Lien and hopped on her. "Oh my gosh! I thought you died! I missed you so so much! Where the hell have you been b****?!" Lien smiled and started to cry. "Oh my God May!" My mom told me you didn't make it. I missed you too! I've been here in L.A! Where the hell have you been hoe?!" May laughed and wiped away her tears. "There's so much to talk about! But after work. We're really busy." She said, turning around in a circle. "I know! That damn line goes all the way to Macy's, and you know that damn store on the other side of the damn mall." I chuckled a bit at what she said and she looked at me. "Here you go beautiful." I said as I finished with the shoes. "Beautiful. I like that. Should I call you handsome or..." I smirked. "It's Chris. Do you want me to keep calling you beautiful or..." She laughed, which might I say, that was beautiful too. "You already know my name. Lien." I chuckled. "I knew that. I just needed confirmation that that was your name." She nodded and handed something to May. "Here's my number. Call me when you're off work. I want every single detail. Bye boo! Love you!" She yelled after she left. "Okay! I can take three people in line 2!" She yelled. "Three people?! Girl that's like committing suicide. They're gonna start yelling n' s***." I grumbled. She held up the paper and I smacked my lips. "Man f*** that paper. You're gonna talk to me." I said, as I called up the next customer.

After five hours of yelling, fighting, rude ass customers, and hella patience..we only had one more customer left and it was this thirsty ass <a href="">nigga.</a> "Aye May! You got a stalker!" She came from the back talking and laughing with Shad. "Man shut yo ass up. Wassup boo!" May squealed and ran over to him, almost knocking him down. "Where you been? I barely see you at school!" He hugged her and kissed her forehead. "I've been working." I chuckled. "If you can call it that." I mumbled. "You do the same thing Chris, so I don't know why you mumbling. Be real." He said, looking at me. I laughed. "Man. I'm one of the realest niggas outchea!" I exclaimed as Shad laughed. "Nigga you bout as real as Nicki Minaj's ass!" When he said that all of us laughed. "Kayson, this is Shad. Shad, this is Kayson." May introduced them. "Wassup man. This you Kiana?" Shad asked. "No." She said, rolling his eyes at him. "So I still have a chance?" She smacked her lips. "No Shad." He smirked. "Always playing hard to get. You'll come around, and when you do. I'll be single and waiting." May smiled. "That's very sweet Shad....but by that time, you and I will be dead and gone." Me and Kayson almost died of laughter as he gave her the sour face. "Boy gone somewhere. I have s*** to do. Matter fact...Lien! Damn this b**** still here?" Lien walked in the store and smiled. "Hey! Look May! Some dude just gave this to me! We gotta go!" She handed may a flyer, but I couldn't see what it said. "Oh! I've been hearing about this forever on Twitter. Chris...can you take me? You know Ty and Quan won't let me go if you're not there." She begged. "No. I thought I was on the silent treatment." She started to give me those puppy dog eyes I couldn't resist. "Nope." I said, hiding behind Shad's short ass. "Nigga get from behind me. Yo giant ass make me look like a damn toddler. Girls ain't checking for that." He said. "Please Chrissy-pooh! Please please please!" She begged and whined while holding onto me. "If I say yes will you let me go?" I asked as I started to feel that warmth all over me again. "Yes." She said smiling. "Ok." She screamed and her and her friend cheered. "So you're gonna take me and drop me off?" I scrunched up my face. "Girl no! I'm not taking you anywhere. I just wanted you to get off of me." She huffed and glared at me. "I love you May May!" I cooed. She held up the paper causing me to laugh. "That's not going to help anything!" I yelled after her as she walked to the back and <a href="">Heather</a> walked through the front. "Wassup b****es! Chris I'm going to this party. Don't wait up." I laughed. "Girl. You ain't s***. I'm not waiting up for yo ugly ass." Lien scrunched up her face. "That's how you talk to women." I smirked. "Nah. That's how I talk to my younger sister." She oh'd and laughed. "I thought I was going to have to smack a nigga." I laughed harder and May poked her head out. "Umm. Kayson, what size you wear?" She asked. "13, why?" She smirked. "You know what they say about guys that got big feet...they got a big DIZZ-NI-ICK and they know how to use it!" I busted out laughing turning red as everybody else had to grab onto something. "She crazy as hell. Where you find her at?" Shad asked. "More like she found me." I said, smiling at the thought of the first time we met.

run it lol

lmao they are crazy haha run it!!

lol May and Chris are something else. Kayson is silly
Run It!!!

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Lol they is so silly run it

May's POV

I walked into gym to see that Chris and I were the only late ones. "Hurry up Stevenson and Brown!" Our teacher yelled. "Yes sir." We both said as we put a little pep in our step and made it to the locker rooms. I started to get changed before my phone started to ring. "Hello?" I answered with a shaking voice. I'd seen this s*** in a movie and the b**** answered the phone and was killed on the spot. "What you acting scary for nigga? It's Chris. I need some gym shorts." I sighed a sigh of relief and chuckled. "I thought I was about to die man. Can't be doing that. But I gotchu, walk around to the other door." He was laughing at me before saying, "Alright." I grabbed my spare gym shorts and walked to the door that connected the girl's and boy's locker rooms. I opened the door to see <a href="">Chris,</a> struggling to get his jewelry off. "Oh! Look at you sexy! I see you Mr. Brown!" I joked, touching his abs. "Okay girl! Quit playing! I'm ticklish there." He said, grabbing the shorts out my hand. "Thanks." I nodded and walked out the door. I went to my spot as he started to call out names. "Kayson Miller!" I looked beside me to see that dude stand up. "Present." He said as all the girls whispered about him. "MayLeen Stevenson!" I stood and listened as people talked about how pretty I was and how such a wannabe gangsta I was. I just chuckled and waved them off.

After Coach Danny got done with role, he had us line up and get in a group of three. Guess who were my partners. If you guessed Chris and Kayson you're correct. Whoopty-f***ing-doo. "So. You never asked anything about me." Kayson said, sitting down by me. "Never really cared." I simply stated before grabbing the paper out of Chris' hand. "Oh. Why so cold?" I chuckled. "You know s*** about me dude." I read the paper to myself and then handed it to Kayson. "So why don't you tell me about yourself." I smacked my lips and looked at him. "You're not going to give up, are you?" He smiled that beautiful smile and shook his head. "Names MayLeen and I'm from Vietnam..." I waited to hear some feedback on how I was from Vietnam, but none came. "I have three other brothers and a sister. We're quadruplets, and my father is African American, my mom is Vietnamese, and this is my annoying ass acquaintance, Christopher." Chris looked over his shoulder at me, and then shook his head. "Chris man, just Chris. I don't know where her crazy ass got the Christopher from." He said, eyeing me. "Oh whatever. Let's hurry up and do these damn stretches. Bend down and touch your toes for 20 seconds." I took a deep breath before bending down and touching my toes. "Damn!" They both exclaimed. I stood up quickly and smacked my lips. "You guys are so immature." They laughed before dapping each other up. "Ugh! Please let this class be over soon." I mumbled. "Shut up and bend back down so I can stare at that ass!" Chris yelled before smacking my butt. I hit him hard in his chest and he began to cough. "That's what your ass get." I spat. "Man Chris. My moms bought that house by yours, and I didn't bring my car-" "Nigga just say yo ass need a ride." Chris said, cutting Kayson off. "Yall know each other?" I asked them. "Hell yeah! Me and Kayson go way back." I put my hand on my hip and looked at them. "So yall just let me waste my oxygen trying to introduce yall. Fine. Remember that s***." I said, turning back around before doing all the activities.

"Ugh!" I yelled as my tired body hit the bleachers. "That wasn't f***ing gym. That was suicide." Kayson said, sitting down beside me. "Forreal." Chris agreed. We had just finished running 50 laps around the gym full speed, and to say we were tired was an understatement. I leaned my body on Chris and he rubbed my hair. "This you Chris?" Kayson asked, surprised. "No! Man, I just got out a relationship. I don't want to jump back in one. Especially with a ugly girl like this." They busted out laughing and I glared at him before standing up. "I swear I can't stand yall." I mumbled, wiping the dirt off my butt. "That ahh boy!" Kayson exclaimed. "Oh my God! I can't do anything around yall!" I yelled as I walked away from them. "You can get naked!" Chris yelled after me. I flicked him off and walked into the lock rooms. "I don't like them."

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May's POV

I had been dodging Chris all day and it didn't help that he was in all of my classes. I was deep into my work until somebody tapped me. I ignored them thinking it was just Chris, but they kept on tapping. "What nigga? Damn." I looked at him and he looked at me. "Sorry. I thought you were my friend, Chris. Did you need something?" I asked as he <a href="">smiled</a> and nodded. "Yeah. I need a pencil, paper, a pen, and your number." I huffed. "Damn dude. I ain't Wal-Mart- hold on. You asked for my number?" He nodded and I smirked. "But um, I don't know you. I don't give my number out to strangers. You're cute though." I turned in my chair and I could feels eyes burning holes in my face. "Yes Christopher?" He smacked his lips and I looked at him. "Now you wanna speak to me? After this dude got you feeling yourself." I chuckled and rolled my eyes. "Please nigga. I've been feeling myself way before he talked to me." I said smirking, knowing I was pissing him off. " ain't s***." He mumbled. "So why you talking to me?" I asked. He rolled his eyes and turned in his chair. "Exactly. And will yall stop smacking! I'm trying to learn. Damn." I said to Chitta and Trey. "Sorry." He apologized. "b**** shut the hell up! Don't be mad because I got some. Maybe, uh excuse what's your name?" She asked the boy sitting behind me. "Kayson." He said, looking at me and biting his lip. "Maybe Kayson can fix that attitude if you let him." She continued. "I swear I have never hated and loved someone so damn much." I mumbled, turning back in my seat. "f*** you too then." She spat. I rolled my eyes and raised my hand to give the answer to the question. I actually like school. It's one place that helps me stop thinking about my dad and <strong>HIM.</strong>

Chris' POV

Finally school was out! I had been giving May the silent treatment all day. I don't know why the hell it bothered me so much that she didn't care that I was. "Hey daddy." I looked over my shoulder to see one of my hoes, Keyshia, she was fine as hell. Thick too. "Wassup?" She smiled and wrapped her hands around my waist. "You haven't hit my phone up in about a month. Wassup with that?" I bit my lip as she rubbed up and down my zipper. "Yeah. Chaos caught on to me. I didn't want you to drag her through the dirt because she tried to kill you." She chuckled and walked in front of me. "Well...since you two aren't together anymore, we should hook up after school." I looked down and saw that I was hard. "I may need that now." She laughed and led me to the bathroom, before dropping to her knees. I unfastened my belt and dropped my underwear and pants to the floor. "Damn daddy. You got bigger." She moaned. "Yeah whatever. Just hurry up, I got class in ten." She nodded and licked her lips before deep throating my d***. "s***." I hissed as I felt her tonsils on the head of my d***.

Ty's POV

I was walking down the hall with Trey, clowning, until we heard moans and s***. "You hear that bruh?" He asked as I nodded. "It's coming from the bathroom." We walked over to the bathroom door and I put my ear on it. All of a sudden there was a silence and then the door swung open causing us to jump. "What the hell!" Chris exclaimed as some chick walked out the bathroom wiping her mouth. "Call me later." She tried to kiss him, but he moved his head. "I got a cold. Can't get you sick." He lied and she ate that s*** up. "Aw, that's so sweet of you. Well bye!" She hugged him and walked off as I smirked at him. "She got that good good?" He nodded and dapped me up. "Hell yeah! Had me feeling like she was doing magic tricks with my d***! s*** was disappearing!" We laughed harder until we heard someone clear their throat. We turned to see May standing there, tapping her foot. "Excuse me." She said. "What?" She smacked her lips at Chris. "Nigga you're standing in front of the water fountain. That's f***ing what." Chris looked her up and down, moved, and then smirked. "Witcho thirsty ass!" He joked. "Please nigga. I wasn't the one with the desert d***." We all started laughing except for Chris as he gave her a mean mug. "Mean looks will never have me shook! Take a second look! I read niggas just like comic books! Get that understood! Aye!" She yelled in his face. He rolled his eyes and walked towards the gym since that was his next class. "Damn. I got gym with this nigga." She mumbled. "Bye buddies." She hugged me, and then Trey. "Mmm! Trey you smell so good!" She started to sniff him like a dog and backed her up. "Damn girl! You acting like 5-O." She chuckled and turned on her heels. "Bye! Be good!" I yelled after her. "Never that!" She yelled back, before walking into the gym. "Bruh, she stay in trouble." Trey said, walking towards our last class of the day. "Yeah. She don't listen to nobody either. She needs someone to yank her ass up and put some fear in her. Only person she fear is God, and I don't think even he scares her."

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Chris' POV

I woke up to foot tapping on the floor and I opened my eyes to see <a href="">Chaos</a> sitting in a chair, smoking a blunt. It looked like she had just lit it, but her eyes were red. She had tears pouring down her face. "Five years of loving you for this s***." She chuckled and threw the blunt at me. I backed away knocking something on the floor. "Yo! What the f***?!" I jumped up and saw May sitting on the floor. She scrunched up her face and looked around. "What am I doing in your room?" She asked in a cute morning voice. "Same s*** I'm trying to find out. I think Chaos think I'm cheating. But we ain't even do nothing." May looked over at Chaos and waved but Chaos didn't wave back. "Well damn. You'd think after one day you know somebody." She joked causing me to laugh as she joined. "I don't find s*** funny Chris." I turned my head towards Chaos and laughed. "I do. When I was at the top, you were all over me. When May and Honey took over, you left just like that." I snapped my fingers and she rolled her eyes at me. May stood up and scratched her head. I laughed at <a href="">her</a> and she smiled pushing me. "Can't believe yo scary ass pushed me out the bed." I smacked my lips. "Me and my ex are trying to have a serious conversation. Please leave Ms. Stevenson." She shook her head and climbed over me to give Chaos a kiss on the cheek. It caught me off guard when she grabbed Chaos by the neck and pushed her into the wall. "Listen here. When I wave or say hi, you do that s*** back. I know somebody taught you manners. And go back to the way you were. Clingy and b**** doesn't look too good on you. Good morning boo." She cooed. "G-g-good-good morning." Chaos stuttered. I laughed a bit and I got out of bed. "I'll be downstairs. Dueces." She chucked two fingers up and left out the room.

I yawned and sat down by Chaos. She straddled me and began to kiss my all the right places too. "Chaos....come on baby stop....this is pathetic." She stopped kissing my neck and looked at me with hurt in her eyes. "Did you just call me pathetic, Chris?" I shook my head and took a hold of her soft, small hands. "No. We are pathetic. We don't even love each other anymore." A tear rolled down her cheek. "You don't love me Chris?" I sighed and looked down. "I mean I love you, honest to God. But not near as much as I used to. All communication has stopped between us. You never want to talk, you just wanna f*** our problems out. There's a lot of s*** I still am mad about, yet I can't talk to the person that's supposed to be there for me whenever, because she's not listening. I mean, I'm just tired of trying to rekindle something that isn't there anymore. I'm sorry..." Her eyes went from sad to angry. "So you gwan brek up wit meh?" Her accent was super heavy when she got mad. "Yes Chaos...but for your own good." She smacked her lips and got off of me. "You da ownly ting that good fer me Chris." She knew I loved it when she said my name in her accent, s*** was sexy as hell. "Nah. I'm the worst thing for you. I kept pulling you along, just like you did me. A person can only carry so much baggage. I hope we can still be friends." She rolled her eyes at me. "Whetever.That why I cheated on yer ass after that party." I chuckled and called May's name. "Yeah?" She poked her head in the door. "She needs an escort to the door." I said, tired of Chaos presence. "I don't need an escort. Especially not from this b****." She spat. "b**** I didn't want to escort yo hoe ass. I don't have time to waste on you. Chris let this Thot try me again." I laughed as Chaos tried to tip toe her way around May. But she was pulled in by her hair. "b**** did I say yo ass could leave?" Chaos shook her head fast. "I can't hear you." Chaos was so much taller than her, but she didn't date retaliate. It was a funny sight. "Now leave!" She demanded. Chaos took off running. "She is so pissed at you." I said, walking downstairs. "So! That b**** can suck the DIZZ-NI-ICK!!" I almost died of laughter. Here go these two being loud asses." I looked in the kitchen to see <a href="">them</a> crowded around a box. "This s*** is too fye!" Quan exclaimed. "Hell yeah! We gotta get Trell up in this b****!" Trey said. "When is dude coming back from New York, his ass been there for the longest." I asked, walking up to the table. "I don't know. But check all this out." Quan pointed to the stuff. "This is raw as hell!" Kiana squealed. Last night, we put some of all of our money together to order a whole bunch of s*** with Last Kings on it. "Don't we have school today?" Honey blurted in a raspy voice. "s***!" We all exclaimed. "I got clothes yall can fit." Heather took the girls hands and they all stormed upstairs. "Man. Wear some of the LK. Yall ain't putting yall d***s in my pants. f*** that!" I yelled, walking upstairs.

"Will yall come on?! We already two hours late!" I yelled up the stairs. "I like how we got up late, but we the only niggas ready." May said. <a href="">We</a> were the only ones ready and they been up. "I know. Man come on!" I heard footsteps and then groaning. "Shut up Chris damn! You only want to get to school so you can get some head from those b****es." Quan mumbled. "Your point?" I asked. He shook his head and <a href="">they</a> made their way to the cars. "Ugh! I don't want to go to school!" May whined. "Shut up and get in the car." I said, hopping in. "No! I don't want to ride with yo bright ass!" She spat. "Then don't! With yo yellow ass!" I spat back. She flicked me off and walked to the other car as Honey came to mine. "I refuse to deal with her pouting." Just then everybody came to my car. "She getting on my nerves." Trey huffed. "I've been dealing with that s*** for 17 years." Ty sighed as Chyna rubbed his back. "Are we all taking Chris' car?" We all jumped and saw May leaning up against the car. "Nah. You riding with him. Bye!" Everybody bucked on a nigga and I just shook my head. "Get in!" I rushed as she just stood there. "You're not going to open the door for me?" She asked, poking her lip out. "Girl you ain't royalty. You better open that goddamn door yourself and get in. It's almost head time." I said looking down at my watch. "She smacked her lips, got in, and then slammed the door. "b**** don't slam my f***ing s***!" I snapped. "Really? We back on this b**** s***? Okay b****. Drive." I sighed ad looked over at her. "My bad. It's just-" "Nah. Just drive." I tried to apologize, but she was being stubborn and I wasn't about to feel bad if she was going to act like that. "Psshh. Whatever." I mumbled as I pulled off.

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Chris' POV

As we were all sitting in the living room, finally getting along, there was a knock at the door. "I got it." I said, getting up. "No one else was about to get up." May said as she took another puff of the blunt and passed it to Honey. "Shut up bum." She laughed and I flicked her off. I opened the door to see <a href="">Tyga</a> standing there talking on his phone. "Hey Tyga." I said. He sniffed the air and scrunched up his face. "Where my sisters at?" I pointed to the living room and he just walked in. "Well come on in." I said. "I already did. Come on Chitta and May! We need to go!" He yelled walking in the room. I closed the door and walked into the living room to see the girls hanging onto his legs and Quan hugging him. "Please Michael! Can we stay for at least another hour?" May begged. "No. And Quan get yo gay ass off of me." Quan put his hands up and backed away. "I was just showing some brotherly love. You smell nice." He started to laugh, and when this nigga was high, he sounded just like Wiz Khalifa. "Gay ass." Tyga mumbled. "Fine. One more hour. Just one." They all cheered and hugged him. "I wanna play a game." May said, giggling. "Wait.." Tyga took five long drags of the blunt and a sip of May's drink. "Okay I'm caught up." I laughed a bit as we all got into a circle and sat on the floor. "What's the game?" I asked breaking the mysterious silence. "No truth. Just dare. And if you pass, you have to take a dare from someone else. You can only pass three times. After that you HAVE to do the first dare you passed." She explained. We all nodded and then she smirked an evil smirk.

"Okay I go first!" Honey screeched. "Oh! We want to play!" <a href="">They</a> came rushing down the stairs and squeezed themselves into the circle. "Okay. I dare May to make out with......Chyna." Honey betted. "Easy." They both said. All of the guys leaned in and watched as they inched closer and soon their lips collided. "Oh s***!" Mike exclaimed as they started to tongue each other down. I mean they were TONGUING each other DOWN! "Damn she can work that tongue." I whispered to Trey, referring to May. "Hell yeah." He whispered back. "Okay times up." Honey said. They pulled out with May biting Chyna's lip. "I'm so damn horny right now." I admitted. May laughed along with everybody else. She leaned in and whispered in my ear. "You got a little....situation you might want to handle going on down there." I looked down to see I had a boner. I slowly leaned up a bit so it wouldn't be visible. "Okay! My turn!" Heather cheered. "I dare....Trey and Honey to go upstairs, get naked, and do......nothing. Can't speak, can't bit your lips or nothing, DON'T TOUCH, just look. For ten minutes." Honey poked her lip out and frowned. "Fine. I'm with it if you with it." Trey bit his lip and then nodded. "Hardest thing I've ever done in my life." He mumbled. We all laughed and watched as they walked up the stairs. "While they do that, Chyna you can go." May said. Chyna smirked and looked at me. She motioned for me to come closer. "You think she'd let me do that?" I asked. "Who is she?" Mike asked. "May." I said as Chyna nodded. "What?" May asked as we both looked at her. "You gotta let Chris each you out." May quickly shook her head. "Uh uh. He kissed the school hoe. I'll let him touch and taste. That's it." I laughed. "How you know my hands ain't dirtier than her mouth?" She smacked her lips. "Boy! Any damn thing is cleaner than her mouth! She asked me today after school if I wanted her to eat me out. I was like nah, maybe later. I'll hit you up! Her ass really thought I was stupid, b**** PUH-LEASE!" We all started to crack up, then I started to hear moans. "Aye! Be quiet!" I demanded. They all got quiet and then you could hear Honey yelling, "f*** Trey! s***! No don't stop!" All the girls gasped and May looked at her watch. "They've only been in there for 5 minutes. Horny muhf***as." She mumbled. "You the same way MayLeen!" Tyga exclaimed. "I never said I wasn't!" She yelled back. "Putting me on blast and s***. Shut the hell up before I put that ass on blast." Mike waved her off. "You think I won't?" She raised an eyebrow and he laughed. "I know you won't." He challenged. "In 7th grade Michael got head from some b**** and he had gonorrhea for six months. So everytime he scratch his balls, that means he thinking of that b****!" She yelled as we all started to laugh. Tyga's face was HI-LAR-IOUS! "That's why, when May was in the 8th grade, she let a boy finger her and she got a wart in her pussy." Everybody started to cry from laughing so hard. "Ok. Game over. Ugly ass nigga." She spat at him. "Nope, you didn't do your bet with Chris." Chyna reminded her. May got up and held her hand out. I took it and she led me to the bathroom. She closed and locked the door behind us, grabbed a towel and started to stuff it under the door. "What are you doing?" I asked her. "Sound does travel Chris. If I moan or some s***. They'll be able to hear it. Because they're standing right outside the door." You could hear very low whispers, so low, that I wouldn't have heard it if Kiana didn't say anything about it. I gently moved her back and grabbed the knob, twisted it, and swung the door open fast. They all jumped up and scurried back into the living room. "Can't do this down here. Come on." I grabbed her hand and we went upstairs to my <a href="">room.</a>

"Wow! I wasn't expecting this from you." She said, walking in and looking around. "I was expecting some mess everywhere and just- whoa." She stopped at one of my <a href="">paintings</a> and stared at it in awe. She slowly reached her hand out and grazed her finger softly across the picture. She then stared intently at me causing the whole world to stop. "You're insecurities are in your paintings. Big teeth, freckles, and just plain crazy. What'd driving you so crazy Chris?" She asked as I stood there in shock. She read me like a book. She took her hand away from the painting and then put it in mine. "You can tell me." She whispered. I pulled my hand back as I felt an uncomfortable warmth spread over my body. An unwanted feeling that I wasn't accustomed to. "Umm....nothing. I just like to draw pictures like that." I chuckled. "Why do you do that?" She wasn't laughing, she just kept staring at me. "Do what?" I asked, kicking off my shoes and resting on my bed. "That. You hide your feelings away and lock them in a cage. I've bet you never told anyone but your no no. Can't be her. Anyone but your dad, that you didn't like your freckles or your teeth." My mouth dropped at how good she was reading me. It was like I was a glass window and she could see right through me. She was tinted, very tinted. I couldn't see s*** but the pain in her eyes. "You do it too." I said softly, resting my hands behind my head and patting the spot next to me. She came over, took off her shoes, and laid down next to me. "What do I do Christopher?" I laughed a bit and she pointed. "You do that! You cover up your mouth when you laugh. Because your insecure of your teeth." I smacked my lips. "Why you change the subject? You do that a lot. Especially when I put you in the spotlight." She looked away and smirked. "I hide my feelings because I don't want to let anyone in. Especially not a male. The most important man in my life was shot, killed, and burned in a fire. While all I could do was watch and flee. I felt so weak, I still do. So I hide my feelings to make people think I'm strong. Guess I was fooling everybody but myself, huh?" She chuckled and licked her bottom lip. "You're only weak because you hide your feelings away," I turned her head my way and brushed the hair out her face. "all the pain is evident in your eyes. It's like a dam. You can only fill it with so much pain, but sooner or later, that pain is going to break that wall you have up...down. And you'll regret ever putting it away. Trust me....I know." She stared at me with those big eyes of hers as chills ran up my spine. I quickly took my hand off of her and looked away. " I intimidate you?" I glanced at her and then back at the black TV. "In all do. I don't like that you can read me so well. I hate the fact that you know my insecurities....and I despise the fact that you make me feel a warmth all over my body when I'm so used to it being cold. I guess I'm so used to the cold....I don't want to be warm." She smiled and laid her hand on my chest causing goosebumps to appear on my arms. "Oh wow. I'm not the only one that feels that warmth. I don't like it either." She said, slowly taking her hand off of me. I smirked and turned on the TV and put it on cartoons. "Oh! The Flintstones are on! Keep it here!" She exclaimed, taking the remote out my hand. "Uh uh girl! You don't run s***! Give me my damn remote. I might just change it because of that." I said, dead serious. That was when she poked her lip out and I instantly melted. "Better be glad I like this damn show." I mumbled, setting the remote down. "Thanks Christopher." She kissed my cheek and I felt it turn red. "Yeah whatever." I said, hiding the big ass grin that I wanted so badly to show. "What the hell am I talking about? I'm turning into a softie! I let her take my school, my hoes, and my girl! Hell naw, she ain't pulling me into that trap. I refuse to have a b**** turn me into another little b****. But she ain't a b**** Chris. Yes the hell she is a b****! Anything with two legs and a pussy is a b**** In my words." I can't believe I was arguing with myself in my own damn head. I sighed and just pushed it to the back of my mind. Gotta get a grip Chris.....gotta get a grip.

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