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She was very quiet remained to herself never feeling the need to fit in because she felt like she could never belong in this world. No one could get close to her and even if they tried they would get pushed away if they did. No one knew her pain and she damn for sure was not going to tell them her story. A lot has happened to her and still she survived it all.

Slowly she rose off the bed as she grabbed her trash bag with her belongs as she left out of the homeless shelter. She began to walk down the street on a hot summer day not even remembering the last time she actually had a real bath.

She entered the gas station going into the restroom and locking the door behind her as she undressed her self. Turning on the facet she let the water run first splashing it over her face. She looked into the mirror in front of her seeing her reflection that <a href="">she</a> hated so much.


Run it!

whos the other person in the room?
ooohh i like the twist
shiittt bout to get real
aww i like blaze and pain connection
run it!

Awww Man...
Run It....

Run it

Run it!!!! I have a feeling Jade is still alive


Hope you guys enjoy and I had to put a little twist in the chapter with Pain's past.

Pain vision was blurry as she blinked a few times as it soon became clearer. Looking around she saw she was sitting in the darkness with her hands tied behind her.

Hoping it was all just a dream that she would soon wake up from but it never happened.

As she looked around in the darkness she saw a window as the moonlight beamed into a spot near her. She tried to get loose but she heard footstep as they neared the room and soon she stopped as she waited for them to enter.

Soon a light came on as Pain could now see the whole place and photographing images in her head as she looked towards another wall seeing someone laying down tied up facing the wall.

Pain was face to face with Jesse as he walked over to her.

"You ass hole you f***ing drugged me" she yelled at him as she tried to get loose

Taking a chair he sat down a few feet away from her as he smirked"Its just business baby"

Pain mugged him"With who why am I here"

"Oh you don't know huh"

"Know what?"

Jesse leaned forward as he folded his hands and leaned on his knees in the chair"Chris"

Cursing to herself she would later cuss Chris out for getting her involved in this mess" This has nothing to do with me Jesse"

"That's where you're wrong" Pain looked straight in his eye" It has everything to do with you and her also" he said motioning over to the person who seemed sleep by the other side of the wall

Looking over Pain tried to get a good look at the person but still couldn't see their face since they hadn't moved" Let me go"

Jesse got up from his seat and kneeled down in front of Pain as she gave him a deathly glare"I can't do that my love just business"

"I thought you liked me" she said as hurt was heard in her voice

Jesse kept the same cold expression as he rubbed her face"I never did I just want what others have and you were just that nothing more." Tears rolled down Pains eyes "Hey let's not cry now save those tears for when I kill you if Chris doesn't bring me what I want"

Pain looked over not seeing the person she thought she knew as he stared back at her"Jesse" she said as he looked at her"When he kills you I hope he shoots you right where it will hurt... In your f***ing heart you some of a b****" she said as she spit on him

He wiped it off and soon stood up as he kneeled over her and slapped her clean across her face "b****" he said standing back up

Spitting out the blood as she wiped her tongue over her teeth"Thats exactly what you hit like a little b****" she said as he hit her again "Damn still hitting like a b**** huh"

He was about to hit her again when he felt someone grab him as he saw Carlos standing there. "That's enough you're dismissed"

Jesse did not say another word as he left the room as the <a href="">man</a> sat in front of Pain in the chair as she eyed him suspiciously. He was calm and yet had a dark presents as he sat in front of her as it all seemed so familiar to her.

"What do you want?" She said coldly

"Still the same Pain haven't changed one bit huh"

Pain didn't respond as he soon got up from his seat and pulled out his handkerchief as he wiped a little blood from her mouth as she moved away from him but he grabbed her face to look at him directly.

"Let me go"

He touched her face as it sent bad chills down her spine"I can't do that P see Chris owns me"

"This ain't got s*** to do with me Carlos"

"But it does P it really does" he stood up as Pain watched him"You could've had it all but you choose to run away even after I told you I would find you."

"I'm not your property so go f*** yourself you lunatic"

"The same lunatic you use to love"he said as he looked over smiling at her

"You must have love mixed up with abuse which is why I stayed with you for so long."

Sticking his hands in his pockets he chuckled for a moment"You were ungrateful is what you were"

"No I came to my senses is what happened"

He walked over to the door as he turned off the light and soon shut it as Pain sat in silence as tears came down her face"Blaze...Chris please come me" she felt a funny feeling in her heart but could not touch it.

Across town Blaze sat in Pains room holding a frame picture of the two of them. The guys were downstairs in Chris study coming up with a plan as he heard Pains voice in his mind and his chest caused a weird feeling as he rubbed it.

<strong>"Save me"</strong>

"I'm coming P I promise"he said out loud as he soon left her room and walked down to finish planning with the guys

Awww Man Thats Messed Up....
Run It...

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OMG RUN IT !!!!!!

Damn pain smh run it

ugh pain u are killing me here
i dont like her anymore lol
but I'm curious to why she almost killed her father
run it

Awww mane I hope nun bad happens to them
Run It!!!

<a href="">Blaze</a>

<a href="">Blaze</a>

<a href">Blaze</a> at his dining room table in silence as he thought back to his sister Jade about a conversation they had just a few days before she was so called killed.

<em>“I think someone it following me B” <a href="">she</a> said with fear in her eyes
Blaze turned around in his chair as he faced his sister who was sitting on his bed” How long?”</em>

<em>Jade looked down then back at her brother A month or two”
Blaze remained calmed as he really wanted to yell at her for not saying anything two months ago “Jade why would you keep something like that to yourself.”</em>

<em>“I didn’t want to tell you because I knew you would tell Chris and I wasn’t sure if I was just being paranoid”</em>

<em>Blaze sat in front of his sister as he grabbed her hands looking into her eyes “I don’t want you to ever feel like you can’t tell me something okay, you’re my little sister Jade. I need you safe that’s the only thing that matters to me is your safety”</em>

<em>“Okay Blaze I’m sorry”</em>

<em>Blaze shook his head from side to side “Don’t apologize just come to me and I will handle it.”</em>

<em>“I know” Jade said</em>

<em>“Can you tell me what type of car was following you and could you see who was in the truck”</em>

<em>Jade closed her eyes for a minute as she had a photo graphic memory like Blaze which helped her a lot “It was a black escalade the windows were tinted and the licenses plate had F1 written on it” she said as he looked over at her</em>

<em>“Did you see who was driving?”</em>

<em>“No but I saw who was in the passenger seat one time when the window was down”Blaze waited for her to keep telling him information “It was a male he looked kind of built but not too much, he had kind of dark brown her but still noticeable, he look kind of like a model type and he had blue eyes” she said as she opened her eyes again finally</em>

<em>Blaze nodded “Did you hear anyone call out a name or something”</em>

<em>Jade thought for minute as her eyes grew wide “Yeah they said a name that started with a J”</em>

<em>“James, Jim, Jesse” he started saying names when Jade cut him off</em>

<em>“That one” she said snapping her fingers</em>

<em>“Jim” he said</em>

<em>“No after that”</em>

<em>“Jesse” he said as she nodded</em>

Blaze hopped up from his seat as his chair fell down to the ground as he grabbed his car keys and phone and took off running towards his front door as he ran to his car and zoomed down the street towards Chris house.

Soon Blaze made it to Chris house and ran to the front door as he banged on it loudly. Soon Chris opened the door annoyed as it soon disappeared from his face as Blaze rushed past him and he closed the door.

“What’s wrong man” Chris said as he looked over his friend as he saw a frantic look in his eyes

“It’s Jesse” Blaze said as he paced the floor like a mad men

“What do you mean B”
“I knew he looked familiar and now I know why” Chris stayed quiet as he continued “He was the one that Jade described to me had been following her with someone else in the driver seat but she didn’t see who”

“What are you f***ing serious man” Chris said as she pulled out his gun

“Yes man” Soon Pain came across his mind as he looked around “Where’s Pain?”

“She is upstairs taking a nap” was all Chris said before Blaze ran up the stairs as he noticed her door was locked. He knocked on it but there was not answer so he picked the lock with his knife and soon walked over and pulled back the covers to see she was gone as he looked towards the window to see it was open

“Chris!” he yelled as Chris soon came in with his gun pointed but soon put it down as he looked from Blaze to the bed seeing nothing but pillows

“She’s gone”

Soon they both looked at each other as only the wind was heard throughout the room

(Hour Earlier)

Pain and Chris had arrived home as she made her way to the stairs as she walked up them.

“I’m going to take a nap” she said

“Okay “Chris replied as he sat down on the couch when suddenly the feeling he had in the car came back again

Pain once was out of sight made a dash for her room as she sent Jesse a text

<strong>I’ll be down in a minute</strong>

Putting her phone back in her pocket she took some pillows and began to stick them under the cover as she pulled it over to make it seem like she was sleep. She opened her window as she saw that Wiz, Shad, Trey and Sean were not on guard duty as she looked down and as she took a deep breath before climbing down onto the vines on the side of the house. She didn’t look down as she feared she might faint.

She felt a pair of hands wrap around her as she was set down on the ground gentle as she turned around to face <a href="">Jesse</a> giving him a kiss.

“Hey I missed you” she said hugging him

“I missed you too” he said as he pulled out of the hug and grabbed her hand as they took off towards his car.

As they got in Jesse handed her a Arizona juice that was fruit punch flavor that she always loved. Taking the bottle from him she opened it as she took a big gulp from it as he started the car up.

After a while she felt a little dizzy as she looked over at Jesse “Where are we going” she said sleepily as she tried to fight her sleep

“It’s a surprise” he said as Pain soon felt the bad feeling even stronger come back as she looked over to see darkness in his eyes

Soon Pain could not fight the heaviness she felt on her eye lids as she soon was knocked out like a light.


Chris stayed with Pain 24/7 when she moved he did too no exceptions at all. He made sure she was well guarded and he was strapped at all times even on campus when he would walk with her to class. Pain was annoyed by his behavior since he would not tell her why he was with her. She thought that he only did it in spite of not being with Blaze, so he was seen as a c**k blocker to her. For the past few weeks she had a felt like something was going to happen in the pit of her stomach every since her dream that she told Chris about weeks ago.

As <a href="">she</a> walked on campus next to <a href="">Chris</a> holding her books closely to her the feeling had passed over her once more today. Usually it was only once but today the feeling kept coming back to her.

Chris glanced over at her as he seen worry on her face as he checked his surroundings “What’s on your mind?”

Pain pulled herself from her thoughts as she looked over at Chris giving him a poker face to mask her emotion but it was too late “Nothing just thinking about how I did on my last exam”

He knew she was lying but nodded his head as they continued to walk “You have nothing to worry about” talking indirectly

Pain nodded as she understood that he was really talking about how she was feeling but her gut told her different. She looked around to see the sun was not out like it was and the mood today was mysterious yet unknown. It was like déjà vu to her as she thought back to a time in her turbulent childhood of the day she almost killed her father.

Noticing Pain was not paying attention as he asked her a question as her mind flashed back to seeing the blood on her hands and the knife as it dropped to the floor.

“Pain” he called out as she snapped her head in his direction


“Did you hear what I said”

Her eyes soften as she asked Chris a question “Everything is okay”

Suddenly Chris came to a stop as Pain followed as they stood in the wet grass on campus since it rained a little while ago. Chris put his hands on her shoulders as her soon embraced her into a hug as she held on to her books as he kissed her on the forehead. Pain was a little taken back by the way he hugged her and kissed her on the forehead as if it would be the last time she would see him. Pulling out of her embrace she saw worry in his eyes more than hers.

“Everything is fine, I promise” he said giving her a fake smile as she saw right through it but decided not to say anything about it right now

They continued walking across the campus to his car as he opened the door for her to get in as he soon saw a black truck speed away as he hopped into the driver’s seat.

“Chris” she said as he looked over at her “You meant what you said about everything being okay”

He looked into her eyes as he saw Jade in them and gave her a small smile her “I do always P” suddenly he had bad feeling in his gut but ignored it.

Pain smiled back at him a she started the engine and pulled out of the parking lot and drove onto the express way.

Run it

pain is dumb af she moves away from the ppl who truly love and care about her bc she supposedly cant love but yet she dates other guys like u stupid af -___-
stop tryna run from ur heart and maybe u won't get put in these situations girl blaze loves u and hes trustworthy
"love or maybe its lust" blinds ppl
run it

Awe hell naw RUN IT !!!!!!!!!!!

Chris needs to hurry up and get someone to follow her around cuz Jesse is a snake. I knew it was some shiid in the game. I just hope they get to Jade and Pain before something happens to them...
Run It!!!

run it!!!

After what Pain had told him earlier that morning Chris decided to go see Blaze at his new <a href="">house</a> that he brought since getting rid of his apartment.

Knocking on the door which soon opened as <a href="">Blaze</a> appeared greeting him and stepping aside to let <a href="">Chris</a> in as he followed him into the living room.

Chris looked around the <a href="">living room</a> and sat down"This place looks nice my dude"

Blaze sat down handing Chris a drink as he took it"Thanks man but Tey helped me out with this"

Chris nodded as she did the same for him when he brought his house"Yeah I told her ass she could be a interior designer or some s*** but she said she rather do it for free" he shrugged

He nodded"So what's up man" he asked sitting down his drink on the coffee table in front of them

Chris released a breathe that he felt like he held for years as he looked over at his best friend"I wanted to ask you about.." He stopped for a minute as he gathered the courage to say her name"Jade"

Blaze turned the tv off off as he gave Chris his full attention"Yeah"

"You said you don't think she died and you felt it too. Well I been having the same feeling too but I thought I was just being crazy and couldn't let her go but this morning Pain had woke me up."Blaze looked over at him as he wanted to hear the words to make sure he wasn't dreaming"She had a dream about Jade being in like a place and being held captive"

Blaze took in his words as he soon felt the sadness and anger of his sister being held against her will and having no way out to reach him.

"What worse did she say about the dream?"

"She said she was in a dark room and there was one window like up top so it was a basement but she was still in the dark and couldn't see anything. Pain said she called out for us but we weren't there as she was handcuffed behind her back on a dirty mattress on the ground"

"Was anyone else in the dream with her that she could describe"

Chris shook his head side to side"Only saw Jade and she soon woke up out of the dream"

Blaze thought about anyone hurting Pain and couldn't allow that to happen he loved her too much to allow anything to happen to her like it did to Jade"Is she okay?"

"Now she is but she was a little shaken up when he told me I could see the fear in her eyes B it was so surreal."

Blaze nodded as he took a sip from his drink and sat it down as Chris waited for his response"Pain must have someone with her 24/7 at all times I don't care if she doesn't like it. It's for the best and if she doesn't like it then too damn bad."

Chris nodded"Aye you know anything about that dude she dating?" He asked curiously

Blaze shook his head"No but he look too familiar"

Chris shot him a look"What you mean?"

"I mean I don't trust his ass"

"That's what I told Pain"

Blaze nodded understanding"Yeah but he up to something and I'm gonna find out what it is" he took a sip from his drink as he turned the tv back on as him and as they watched a basketball game on tv.

<a href="">Jesse</a> kissed <a href="">Pain</a> passionately as they stood by her car in the school lot.

"I .....have.... to .....go J" she said inbewteen kissed

"Alright" he said still holding her waist as he kissed her again"One more"

She giggled"Okay"

They kissed again as he pulled away leaving her with butterflies from it.

He looked over at her and smiled"Call me later, okay"

"Alright" She said finally getting into the car as he stepped back and waved as she speed away until he could no longer see her.

Soon his smile disappeared as he wiped his lips and got into his car. He arrived at a warehouse as the guards greeted him as he pasted and went up the stairs into a a office as he stood in front of a desk with a chair on the other side facing out the window as a person sat down

"Everything's a go" Jesse said

"Really"the person said

"Yeah got her eating out of my hand doesn't even know what's going on"

"Have they noticed anything we can't afford for your cover to be blown"

"No they haven't but Im keeping an eye on Chris and Blaze just in case"

"They won't know what hit them or better yet killed them like it did Jade"

"Or so they thought" Jesse said with a smile

The person in the chair turned around as <a href="">he</a> soon smirked looking over at Jesse"Exactly"

Run It....

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Noooo you cant just leave us hangin like that!!!
Run It!!!