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8 Fans Online

this the brodie chris

wat yall think about my bro ? lol

Posted by _Kevo0


HEY HUBBY DIS RAH RAH N YU HELLA sexci n sum ppl thank dats nt yu but oh well. but i juzgt ma own profile on dis so hit mehup or sum......deuces

Damn u look just like chris! too sexii hun ;)

yes he looks like cb!!!cute :)

u look just like him

OK WHERE U @ CUS U DO KINDA LOOK LIK HIM mmmmmmmmmm good lawd

haha wow u hecka do look like tepted to say it is him..hmmm

yoo my lil sis said to holllaaaaa...her facebook is Desiree Florencio...DO IT!

are you b****es blind or somethin? this IS chris - look @ dudes profile and his other pics besides this one & check the caption to this pic . as in CB is asking ya'll what we think about his "bro"

i swear yous gotta be some little high schools girls or somethin ,,


w0a!! yhu got it bruh!!!1 and yhu izzzz FFFIIIINNNNE! now roger dat!!!