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charles again =/

Posted by Momo_monell


srry but the truth

you dont look like Chris
you look more like The Dream
Jαzмίиε Aмαиί™•
[((ρєαcє; ♥ (++&&] мίjσ))]

ya do

he ain't nuhtin ma type of guy
but he look cute to most of ladies
whateva he's okay :)
• √ΐv_i ♥¨ ღ ™ As I Am

oh yes baby you do look like CB jst a pity we cant hook up

you are sexy like chris so yup yup

He looks like the guy from around my way that looks like I guess he does favor Chris.

I mean for real?

i have to give it you, you r hot like cb but do you have the dimples?

Most incredible

He iiS SO CUTe