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Symphonic Love

Team Breezy & Symphonic Love Unite For RVA Feed The City

Team Breezy &#038; Symphonic Love Unite For RVA Feed The City

<p>Richmond, VA, November 23, 2013<strong>. </strong>The Symphonic Love Foundation &amp; Team Breezy came together once again this weekend to help those less fortunate in the 2013 annual RVA Feed The City. Our wonderful team donated goods such as shoes, hoodies and food items to share the love and help the homeless in the city of Richmond.</p>
<p><em>The purpose of RVAFTC</em> is to provide full Thanksgiving courses, non-perishable to-go boxes, winter clothing, haircuts, health screenings, employment opportunities, and other free services to the citizens of Richmond who are in greater need. Last year, they fed <em>over 1,500 men, women, and children</em>.</p>
<p>“This year we want to go a step further and provide a love experience in Monroe Park for our homeless citizens and those less fortunate by helping them to celebrate life despite the odds with feel good music, fellowship, much-needed resources and food,” said Tamir Francis, visionary and founder of RVAFTC. “Working together as servant leaders, in a collaborative manner, is the formula for a successful future for our community.”</p>
<p><em>2013 Sponsors:</em> McDonalds, Sam’s Club, Gold’s Gym, Wal-Mart, Zenedge Energy Drinks, Buzz Loop Marketing, Symphonic Love Foundation, Goodwill, WTVR CBS 6, Hot 100.9 &amp; 103.7 The River, The Main Studio, Return of the Curls, BMC, North West Fresh, Gratitude Rising Events, Old Navy and Macy’s.</p>
<p align="center">###</p>
<p>About RVA Feed the City (RVAFTC)</p>
<p><em>On Thanksgiving Day in 2009</em>, a selfless request from a homeless gentleman to help feed his friends in Monroe Park has now culminated into an annual giving gathering where the city joins together to bring food to our homeless and less fortunate neighbors of Richmond, while also providing much-needed resources and entertainment.  To learn more, visit <a href="">RVAFTC</a>.</p>