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  • I am going to this!!!

  • @Nicole Then wy are u on here??? I smell a hater and it stinks!!! But as for as my opinion on this article. ONLY BREEZY DOES IT!!! and oh did yall see that sign that girl was holding up in the crowd it said 1,2,3 TEAM BREEZY!!!!! #LEGGO TEAMBREEZY

  • on ....

    this pic is Chris brown...its from his DVD when he was in london...cnt fool a real fan

    Hey, there it is
    U can feel My legs tremblei
    I can feel the sweat drippin from your chest
    And I be like "Ohh Ohh Ohh baby don't stop"
    Then You be like "No I won't imma take ya
    Yupp I am ready, ready 4 us
    Chris I am ready, t0 gLoW !n tH3 D@rK!!!

  • omg this is too kut3

  • aww this is kute

  • I loved it everytime he did the "YAAAY ME!!!! STARRING LONDONN TIPTONNN!!!!" I love him so much and he was so kute doing it and London makes that show funny with yay me!!!!


  • GO GIRL!!! u sing and write ur own music I do too!!! ha I DEMAND ima do a duet with Breezy haha


  • how did yu get these picz??? i couldn even take none with my digital cam..I had to cam cord!!!! (of course I ran out of room) also my cam went dead when he performed "Lottery" i was sooooo SALTI!!!!