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  • Votación: 

    I-M-P-R-E-S-I-O-N-A-N-T-E! Dentro de poco lo tendre^^

  • Hello! I imagined that song look at me now''out''to go that far, I love this song! Chris Brown would vote for 100000000 times if I could! To me that Chris deserves to win! Well see anyone says! passing no fans of Chris? Chris good to know that I always as a fan you'll have yours!

  • Hello! Chris in this video comes out very sexy and very handsome! although the dance he does is a bit weird!
    The blond hair looks great! with color before you saw more more good and bad now! thing I like! and tattoos on his arms that bears OH MY GOD! you look great! Chris seems to makeover this year!
    And the voice you have! looks like an angel! I love it! hopefully come to Barcelona! And in the video that takes the shirt, sweat, he looked very sexy!
    and how to dance! awesome! but at the end of the video, I like to be my girl! though a little piggy!

  • Votación: 

    Hello again! do you think you nose but the songs
    Chris is awesome! those who think the same as me
    add or send me a message!
    I'm new to this site and have not made ​​many friends, please add me!
    I like Chris Brown long ago! and I love every day! and I have many friends that also like Chris! so I want to make friends here!
    will seem a little bored with so much history on me! :)
    PS: I love Chris Brown! and all their fans!
    indeed I am from Barcelona! and the December 14 concert will go to Rihanna in Barcelona :D

  • Votación: 

    I like all their songs! and this is one of my favortie!

  • LOOVE^^
    I do not know, but Chris Brown is the best! My idol and I want to come to Barcelona for a concert! I want to see! And Justin Bieber want to return to Barcelona! And if they come together better!
    LIKE ME! I love Justin and Chris and all those who also like them!

  • LIIIIKE*______________________*
    I love, I want nobody to give a concert in Barcelona!