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  • Amazing show! Keep it up Chris!

    Your oldest fan,

  • ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! Can't wait to get it! OMG! Come back to VA so I can come see you in concert!


  • Can't wait! SNL is one of my favorite shows! I know you are gonna rock it out!

  • Awesome new song! Everybody -- get out your vote for Chris on the AMA awards!

  • Thank you Chris for the outstanding tribute to a legend! You are the next generation! Never forget that! The performance was so in sync with MJ's dance moves, I'm sure his family is proud of what you brought to that stage last night. I know I am! i have always been a fan of your work and will always be. You certainly have taken a look at that "Man in the Mirror!" I wish more people could take a good look at themselves.

  • AWESOME SHOW!!! Best concert I have ever been to! Will go see Chris anytime he's in the area!

  • Hey Chris -- SO GLAD YOU'RE GONNA BE IN VIRGINIA ON MAY 15TH!!!! -- Got my tickets for the show and can't wait! Want to know how I can get backstage so that I can get Chris' autograph? If you have any suggestions let me know.

    Your oldest fan,

  • That's what I'm talkin bout! Chris is back in the house! Love it! Can't wait to see ya on Spring Bling! You are beautiful! Your music is AWESOME! Can't wait!

    On another note -- Loved hearing an Idol contestant sing your "Forever" song last night on American Idol! A great compliment to any artist! Though no one can do it like you!!!! Keep the faith my brother! Keep bringin that music and those dance moves!!!

    Lots of Love from your oldest fan!

  • Good cause -- great benefit - great music - LOVED SEEING YOU ON THE STAGE!!! YOU ROCKED!!! BEST PERFORMER OF THE NIGHT!!!!!

  • Chris,

    Excellent! I like the new design -- when are you coming back to VA? Have never been to see you in concert but want to -- BAD!

    All of you who post comments to this site need to calll your local radio stations and ask -- NO -- tell em -- you want to hear more of Chris Brown on the radio! I think with the BS media (TMZ sucks) radio stations don't wanna play this Graffitti CD -- and it ROCKS!! You rock my world Chris! Keep the faith!