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  • i love the tour section because i wana keep up with it just incase hes guna come here soemtime UK

  • Chris Brown Please Come To The Uk O2 Arean I Love u man got all ur albums a fame & fortune hoddies & also i gotta Fortune T-shirt i love listenin to ur music & to dance like its amazing ur awsome man keep doin what ur doin GREAT! ur guna make micheal jackson proud R.I.P MJ....... to have a piture with u wud make my day & also maybe a autograph love u chrisy <3

  • Votación: 

    i really wana see chris brown 1day chris beg u come to london please o2 arena

  • Votación: 

    i love dis song if chris is ever gunna finks bout doin anuva song wiv sum1 thn he should defo do it wiv JB Coz them 2 doin a track 2gethr sounds awsome!