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My Reviews & Blog

  • You know I'm A strong Lady

    You know, I'm a strong lady
    But I kind of overstepped my boundaries today
    At work I mean
    I wanted to get a dress, that someone else would have maybe seen
    And I was late to work
    when I came through the doors
    I was appropriately scolded by my superior
    Doesn't mean I meant to override her
    I just didn't want someone to take my dress
    The cutest thing I ever seen
    I couldn't possibly pass up a deal like it
    It was the only one left
    What if after work, I was stiffed
    I had the money right then and there
    Had I not grabbed it, someone probably would have. Fair.

  • Maybe


  • We're All Just Acting

    We’re all just acting
    Living day to day
    Having conversations, but not thinking
    With a coffee in our hands, but not drinking
    We’re all moving around on a stage
    Playing parts, but not getting paid
    Living pointless in this day and age
    Walking blindly through an open maze
    No one has the answer…
    Under using our brains
    We accept what is socially the rage
    But who is talking with thickness in their tongue
    Substance that can change almost everyone
    Who has the truth we’re missing while so many are drowning in the “fun”;
    The nourishment of truth that feeds the hungriest of us?