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Concert @ the O2 arena, Dublin 31st January

Hi, I was at the concert last night 31st Jan and of course chris was amazin, brilliant performer, so energetic and knew how to put on a freat show, it was an event i will never forget. However as much as i enjoyed it i have to say i was very disappointed in the crowds participation. They werent passionate enough, didnt sing along loudly or enough plus as i had already seen video footage of his other 2 dates in dublin i knew he had done a medley of Michael Jackson songs which i was really looking forward to but he didnt do them at last nights final date in Dublin, and i cant help but wonder was this because of the poor reception he was getting from the crowd. I put my all into it and enjoyed everything he did but i had such a sense of regret for that reason, especially when he said at the beginning of the show how great the audience were in his other 2 shows here and hoped we would be the same. oh and i really enjoyed the dance he did with the little boy from the crowd. Anyway i hope it doesnt stop him coming again. Chris Brown youre a true star, keep up the good work!xxx