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What do y'all think????!!!!

Dude when there are some haters that get on the website and they pretend they love Chris Brown soooooooooooo much, but they talk crap about him what and how do u think he feels when he reads the comments that they make, I yeah we all love him, although there are some people that are just jealous of him and now their all talking crap about him what do YOU guys think, well holla back! PEACE!!


lol...well thats can you say you love him and talk down about him...well..maybe its not love..maybe they ENVY him and they like...have some crazzi jealous obsession with him because he is so famous and makes so much money and is so successful...
Tsk..Tsk...its a shame sometimes but yea...he knows who his true fans are and anyways...its all part of the business...its his job..he aint gon let haters get him down...he is CHRIS BROWn,lol