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i love you and admire you so much. your so cute and im 23 years old

i love you and admire you so much. your so cute and im 23 years old

Just getting aboard and happy to be aboard. Chris Brown, this is Akagi from Williamsburg, Virginia Lafayette High School. I just want to say that there are plenty of brothers from the Apartheid state of Virginia who have been subjected to the rags to riches experience and how the commonwealth hunts brothers down to lower them to rags again. I have had similar experience and friends of mine have had the same. Griminal system hunting down folks who are trying to make good out of complete nothing or less.
The appalling thing about it all is they can hunt Lawrence Taylor down in a hotel room and illegal activity but Jerry Sandusky can have a high profile charity in the community and they can't seem to find the injured and helpless kids about the town. Just look in his basement. Be aware of the Prussia refugee(s).
Nevertheless, just wanted to let you know that brothers from the apartheid state are supporting you in anyway we can and want you to keep the good creative work up. There is plenty of admiration for your product and creations. Barbados women are an interesting colony.

Camy wait to leave school

man at school chillin with my bffs in 3rd period tryin to get this education so i become somethin in the real world like you chris:)

whats up !!!!!!!!!!!!!chris just wanted to let you know that i support you 100% in all you do and when are you going to get some new tats?

OMG!!!! just got through listenin to til i die on my ipod and im lovin it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My name is jasmine and I'm 23 years old actually 4 day's older then you LOL. I just want to say I love everything you do and got going for yourself. I am not a fan and I don't mean that in a bad way at all. Don't get me wrong I love you're f***** music LOL. What I mean is that I rather get to know you as you and not the famous guy. I see you just like everyone else on this earth. I mean just to be real if you didn't have the talent you got you would be just another guy on this earth. I would love to get to know Christopher brown as a person. You have talent dude keep up the good work I'm behind you 100%. No matter what you do. I wish they would let you're past go people make mistakes and learn from them. Just do you and don't let these people get you down keep you're head up. Hopefully one day I will get to meet you or talk to you. (I'LL. NEVER JUDGE YOU) Love Jasmine ^_^

Hey! Chris when are you coming to Alabama and do a concert? I want to see you because I've never saw you in real life, up close in person so holla back at me and let me know ok? Love you!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you chris with all my heart and please never forget that. im one of your biggest fan. everything i have has your name on it.SWAGG!!!!!!!!!!!

GLOBALGRIND EXCLUSIVE: Chris Brown should be more famous! He needs an intervention...

Im new yhu guys do yhu chat with chris brown

so loving you rite now so baby lets get naked :)



chris i luv u so much nd diz drake s*** dont even worry bout id babe ur da bigger man nd datz all it iz 2 id juss keep doin u bbez i luv u <3 :)

Hi everyone and Chris!!! Happy New Year guys. I just wanted to say how much I love Chris Brown, he's so amazing! More amazing than anything in the world, and I could go on, but I can't express it enough. Keep up the good work Chris! I hope 2012 blows us all away like 2011, and make the best of what's to come.Your the best artist goin' I don't care and ur a triple threat, because ur SOOOOOO talented at singing, dancing, and acting. Team Breezy till I die! And may I also say that I hope youi'll be aloud in the UK sometime sooon!
Team Breezy :D
I love you!

Just Want TO Say Chris Brown Is The Best Male Singer Ever .Period


So is there really any reply from Chris on these chats? Whether it be someone he pays to answer questions for him or himself. I think he needs to think about doing a world tour, not only in the states in a unfair for those in Canada who would like a chance to see him perform. I also think he needs to find a girlfriend that's not famous or in the biz. Just my thoughts.

hey chris if you got time do u think you can come over to fort hood texas and sing a song to my girlfriend so i can prove i much i love her plz.

hey iam a fan my name is zakiya iam a big fan...... in i never been to any of your conserts yet ... love ya chrisbrown

Hi chris i wish you could teach me how to dance like you

Hi! Chris Brown i have a question when are you coming to McGehee Arkansas i want to see you and your Lamborghini? i seen it on the internet but i want to see ot in person. i live on 115 park st if you came by WALMART way you'll see a snowcone stand then you turn left and you'll see 2 camaros in our yard i luv you chris brown!

every breezy fan should watch this video now!
its a happy birthday video to chris brown also follow me on twitter @mrszbreezy .

every breezy fan should watch this video now!

i think chris is an inspiration to alot of people around the world especially my ex boyfriend ron.he is his idol

how you doing


hey chris im leah i love you so mouch you have ALWAYS and will always be my favroite singer and my favroite love i love you with all my haert you are the best i would give anything just to see you for a day and spend time with you you are awesome and i know that someday i will meet you face to face