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kingsdominon = ] ** major funn

omg - - IT WAS MAJOR FUNN ; i got close to the side of the stagee && he came on the speakerr ahhh best moment of my life because he came soo closee too us

im so glad he came to virginiaa = ] his hometown i bet he was VERY HAPPY to come down mann haha i saw his mom mrs. hawkinss walking aroundd ; ]

mann i had soo much funn - - i hope he comess to virginiaa agaiiinn

&& he performed some of his new songs from the new albumm they were soo good i can't wait till the album comes out = ]] i really like the 2 songs that he coloborated with t - painn



i was 8 tickets away from winning his shirt and getting backstage passes. 8 tickets! ugh. i cant get over that
im a.krunkk bby and you know what it do

LOL i went too it was crazy i was tryin to scream chris when errybody got quiet but it wasnt happening my boyfriend took me
he looks like chris brown a lil but he's puerto rican n black

HA HA that was so funnie when the gurl gawt kicked out she was actin' like she was goin' to jail! it was so funnie.She gawt kicked out while he was doin' pawppin`!
VA representa!! 2up 2down ALL DAY!! [757

yeh this ladyy got mad at security bc they were pushing her husband and her lil kid den she was bout to fight the secruityy it was crazyy

- - love chris with P A S S I O N ** <33

dang sumbodi got dragged out?? i must've been on otha side

omg i was on the side too gurl but i was in the front where the gate blocking the speaker was it was bout to open but i closed it bc if it was open all of us would of fell through itttt haha so much fun and i saww the ladyy get dragged out it was soo funny bc even chris brown was looking at her getting dragged out

ur from woodbridge??? im lyk 5 min away from u!!

omi gosh i was on the side where he got on the speakers too! lol i got excited. did anyone see that lady get dragged out?

im not from trinidad im from wooodbridge virginiaaa

wat r u from Trinidad??????????? or been to Trinidad??????????
i believe that he would come here and perform

i dun't know probably because chris got talent && hess backk sooo hell be big && maybeee a world tour will come

u real lucky.....wonder if he will ever come to Trinidad????????????????

yehh but the left side goddd the security was TIGHT so much pushing and shoving my side was kooool but still pushing and s*** but i had mad funnn chris just need to come to va againn but i live in northeren va which make its a lil hard to come down to deep richmond but kingsdomoin is like only 45 minutes away from here

cause like, i'm not even gonna lie. it was kinda fun and Chris, Trey, that one guy, and those dancers at the beginning did their thing, but security, that wack girl singing, and some other stuff made it a little wack. like, it was real hype, but nobody was REALLY hype over C.B. and the other artists. like, everybody was getting mad with everybody. i was standing around waiting for a brawl or something

yes we should sue them my cousin said if one of them touches her she was gona sue them but by the right saide the one ladyyyy at the front front by the speaker which was where i was at well she kindaa nice bc she lets girls get on the pavement and take piccsss but then when chris climed on the speaker is when the girls rannnn bc me and my cuzzos here at the ate blocking the speaker but the security gaurds didnt care but chris goot soo close

omg best momment ive ever hadddd ahh man

OMG! me and my friends were dancing in the walkway area, and this lady kept telling us to get back. she was old, we could've taken her. but then some other people went up there and she didn't say anything to them even though they were blocking everybody's view. so when i tried to go up, she kept saying, "move back." and at the gate they said my disposable camera was fine but she told me to put it away. i just kept using it anyways. and then another security officer broke my girlfriend's flip flop while she was chasing Teriffic. she was so pissed! she was like, "i paid $2.50 for these flip flops nigga!" lmao... then when i was walking up in the grass trying to get around everybody to find my friend, this other security gaurd pulled my leg and i almost fell like, 3 feet onto the pavement. i think we should all get together and sue those gaurds

alsoo did anyone get a green wristbandd s***t that fat guy was only picking the gurls who were half naked but there was another guy picking ppl but he picked mostly little gurls and teenss he was nicee but my cousin asked the other guyyyy for one but he was like NO shiiiiiiittt its w/e because i still got close to chrisss

also i wonder if chris is gona be at the bet awards because if he is he must of left today or yesterday night to las angelos or something that sucks he gotta leave va i misss him alreadyyy

yeh ugh the security there was a painnn = ] OMGG HAHAH the fight with that ladyyy and the security gaurd was sooo funny when chris came to our side where it was happening he was looking at the police arresting her haha while he was singing lolol

oo and that chick her voice was getting annoying omggg when she was like THANK THE LORD FOR AQUAFINA tis gurl in front of me was like THANK THE LORD FOR CHRIS BROWN haha that ladyy wasnt a really good singer and one of her dancerss had a asma attack or something bc u could see backstage that she was getting carried down by paramedicss

this one grl where i was wuz trynna fight a security guard, bcuz she sed he pulled her hair, .... but me n my frend got outta our seats and we were right next 2 the stage trynna take pics of chris and the security guy kept blockin here so he's in almost every pic/video.... i wuz so mad!! but security wuz causin wwwaaayyy 2 much drama.... me n my frendz were tryin so hard 2 meet chris, so we started talkin 2 this one security guard that was 18 and he was givin us information on when chris wuz levin n stuff, but this otha security guard came and started blockin!! i had a lot of fun even tho i didnt get 2 meet chris (mayb next time =])

I think he was lil spade or whatever they were called.
And that chick that was singing before Chris was badd.
AND i was sittin next to his cousin =)

my cousin got the dancer terrific to take her camera and go on stage and take pics of chris brownn i was sooo happy and he did look like treyy

secruittyy WAS TRPPING danggg they were pushing little gurlss haha chris knew if he came close to the audience or if her threw something that them gurls would kill each otherr haha he was cheesinnnggg specially when he came to the right side where i was attt dang thrm gurls was pulling my hair and shiiittt gooodd but haha i was close to him it was worth itt !!

hmmm... so... you wanna give me that number? lol

my dad would kill me when he saw my phone bill for the month if i had that number lmao... your friend is lucky.

i kno he wuz sexzi!!! =] he does look a lil like trey songz tho (ii wuz so0o hapi 2 c trey perform), but lyk an hour after tha concert ended, we saw him on tha rebel yell and aftawardz we talked 2 him and took picz, he even gave my frend hiz numba!!

lol... i was one of the girls following him. he's a dancer/rapper named Teriffic and he was sexy. he was saying he was trey songz brother and he did kinda look like him but i think he meant brother like they're really good friends or something. i don't know. but my friend got his hat and he autographed it then he was telling me and my girl about how he gives lap dances at his concerts. it was kinda funny

i kno!! i had so much fun, even tho tha security wuz trippin real hard......but did u c wen all those grlz were screamin ova that boi with tha red hat and how they followed him after the concert??? smh.... who was he??