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Why "Throwed" is cut in Exclusive?

I always download all type of music, then if I like I buy the CD.

I have CB's first album and I hope to buy it but the problem is that we're retarded in Spain, really, it's true LOL. In Spain Chris is not famous so we don't have his music.

Sometimes I have to buy it on the net.

Well, my question is: Why "Throwed" is cut in Exclusive?

The part at the end when there is a percusion music like brazilian part of "The don't care about us" of Michael Jackson.

This part isn't at the CD. :(

I download Exclusive to listen it before buying. I'm listening now and I have to recognise that it's amazing this album.

Chris Brown's albums are great, I have to buy it.


That's like the best part!
Go to and download it!

~SouljaboyShawty~A.K.A Bri

yh i havn't been able to heat the CD yet it only comes out on tuesday....but im not sure is it cut on the albumor actual CD?

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