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~*%&$#~When i found my dad i found the love of my life~*&%@~

My story is about a young girl named kimi she’s 16 and the only thing she ever had in life was here mom now here mom was a stripper and kimi worked 2 jobs after school and on the weekend they never really had that much money so kimi mom would do what she had to do to take care of her daughter even if that ment sleeping with her customers kimi never knew her dad, all her life she grew up thinking he was dead her mom would never tell her anything about him only that they were high school sweethearts and he moved outta town without knowing she was pregnant. But a lot is going to change in kimi life more then you would think………….

OK. For this story I need two girls 1 will be Chris sister the other will be my big sister and I need two guys for yall also

I also need a co-writer because without one yall will be waiting for ever for me to post new parts

So thanks and enjoy


wat up my name Christina and I can be Chris' sister

RUN IT!!! :*)


Run it

run it!

I'm not a gold digger but........
I got a house, but I need new furniture,
Why spend mine when I could spend yours
The truth is I will love you the same
But why complain you buying gucci babe

Name is Mykia I wanna be main character's big sister. Man J.Holiday or Chozen

i wanna be chris lil sis a year yunga than him and a wanna be wit shad , llody , sammie, or plies or brandon t jackson.

Reppin CBH To the Fullest We Do It Big Cuz Theres No Other Way To Do It!!!
~*Chris' Shawtiie*~