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Can u plzzzz join my board and add some stories and stuff, because I dont know how to read replies to stuff on here. I made this so that people can talk and post they stories on here. And if MISS LANA is reading this plzz join and put RAW and the Babysitter on the board lol...... but thankz!

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Hello Chris, Hi TeamBreezy

I'm a 18 years old clothing-designer based in Switzerland.
One of my big dream is, to see chris in one of my t-shirts.

I also would like to put another and new name on the fashion-world
with my clothing-line "Freedom In Prison"

I designed Freedom In Prison to highlight the good of somewhat dark.
So I'm really concentrating in colors black and white.
Another point is, that i would like to cancel all that mainstream stuff!

Everybody is walking around with some "comes des f***s down" or "pyrex-vision" or "givenchy" etc.
I want that people doesn't see the same t-shirts, that their wearing on every street corner!

So “Freedom In Prison” is a limited clothing-line!

I would be thankful if you visit “Freedom In Prison” on Facebook or Instagram:

Facebook: Freedom In Prison
Instagram: freedominprison

You can also place your order at:

Thank you very much for your support!

*Freedom In Prison*