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Who from San Diego?

where my daygo ppl @?!?


the anaheim show was hott!!!!
he brought a little girl on stage when he sang with you.
it was the cutest thing ever!
& they were filming! =)

I'm for SD...but man he never comes here it makes me sad...but damn i drove all the way to Universal studios just to see him but it was a GREAT concert... i WISH i could go to the anahiem one


i was gonna go to that one, but i'm going to the one in anaheim instead.

im from daygo
i kno it sucks no body comes down here! EVER
but im going to his concert at the gibson theatre cant wait!

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it seems like a lot of people aren't from daygo, most from LA or something.
sad, chris isn't going to daygo.
you going to any of the shows though?
me & my friends are going to the show in anaheim.

here i'm is! daygos finest!
lil' bit