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okai even though i can't see wether ppl been running ma storrii on this forum or not, here it go. an update:if u running it please leave a comment in the blog for it on ma page. ThankZ

Waiter: excuse me sir. i'm sorry to have to say this but i saw your date back there and she's badly injured

Chris: what?! how?

Waiter: i'm sorry sir. shes in the back 'pointing that way'

Chris Pov: I went to the back and saw Jade covered in blood. She could barely talk. I lifted her up, took her through the back door and put her in ma car. We arrived at my house and my momz wasn't home yet. So i decided to go along and get her cleaned up. I ran her a bath and put her in. I didn't put too much water so she wouldn't sink. I kept on checkin on her every five minutes to make sure she was okai. She was. After 20 mins i got her out and went through my sistaz old stuff to see if there was something that she could wear. i finally found something. By then my mom was home and i told her Jade wasn't feelin well and i thought she should stay the nite. She understood but told me to remember to call her house and let her know. Then ma momz helped Jade get dressed and i put her on the couch and watched her sleep.

She finally woked up about 2 hrs. later it was around 12

Jade's Pov: i woke up to see Chris sitting next to me

JAde: hunh?!

Chris: heii buddy

JadE: heii what r u doin here?

Chris: we're in ma house

Jade: oh.when did we get here? and what time is it?

Chris: 12 midnite

Jade: o man. i gotta go home. my step mom is gonna be trippen

Chris: don't worri bout it. i alreadii called home


Chris: yea so u readii to tell me what happened back in the restaraunt

::Rite Den Jade's Cell went off::: The RIngtone rite?


chris: u gonna answer that?

'Jade looks at phone'

Jade's pov: he got some nerve to call after that ish he did to me

Jade: nawh i'm good

' chris looks at phone and all he sees is the name D'

chris: avoiding someone? 'looked at Jade wit a questioning face'

Jade: hunh? uuhhh....i just don't feel like answering ma-GCO

'phone starts ringing again. chris picks it up w/o asking'

chris: hello

D: whos dis?

chris: chris...whos dis?

D: dis is Jade's man. can u put her on the phone?

'looks at jade' she ain't here rite now

D: i knoe she's there.this between me and her so just put her on and stay out of this

chris: sorry, but nope!

D:iight well tell her we need to talk

chris: 'click' i c y u didn't want to answer ya phone 'gives a lil laugh'

Jade: why did u do that?!

chris pov: jade realli went off on me. she looked realli upset and scared. i felt bad. i shoulda left her phone or at least asked her if i could pick it up. she was cryin. she looked like she was in trouble

chris: yo Jade i'm so sorry

chris pov: i went up to her and hugged her for the longest time and brushed her hair away from her wet face. then we sat in quiet on the couch so i turned on the tv to break the silence.i mean what could i do? i didn't knoe what else to say. she fell asleep on my chest.
i gotta try and help her or at least figure out wats going on. i have a feelin' she's in danger. i just gotta be sure that i do the right thing or who knoes what kind of ish could pop off