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The Young Chris brown

Red eye removed 2 (4).jpg
Posted by D-Dub21


u dont look nothn like him:(

u look nuttin lyke him boo boo... but ur kinda cute.

Not like a Chris Brown, you have pretty eyes though

damn yall comments be hella mean!

chillax damn!


nice pic.


"Funk you, you yellow ba$tard, you damn tall lanky clown, why you ain't come to my city? The messageboard on Cbworld dead the children are sad, Micheal would've came on his board and talk, what you knee deep in too much groupie vajay-jay?"
-Niya aka Simp

hw in hell do u look like chris
u r cute dnt gt me rng bt nt my Chris

naw lol but u fine hit me up

y me

you dont look anything like him