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→ ╚»☆ S3CR3tS iN tH3 DARk™ ☆«╝→ [[A MUSt R3AD!!!!]]


I stared at the blank wall as the tears slowly, but silently started to make their way down my face like a snake as I listened to Trey Songz sing to me about him hating love and then moving on talking about how this would be the last time, letting each word take me to a higher state of mind, hopefully taking me to another place (forever). After listening to Beyonce explain her being Dangerously In Love, Erykah Badu sing about her friend becoming the love of her life and Crime Mob tell their stories about goin' 'round in Circles I turned my iPod off as the salty tears continued to make their way down my face. I felt numb. I let the silence around me take me away as i laid back on my bed and listened. For anything to make me feel not so lonely. But yet, there was nothing, but the rhythmic sound of slow steady tapping on my window from the light rain. Why was I so numb, but aching at the same time while, everything seemed so peaceful. Too bad this peacefulness wouldn't last forever, it never did. Nothing ever did.

RUN it???
DUMP it???