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AIn't Thinking About You.....

This story is also on but i decided to put it on here to, so her it is........

As I was attempting to get ready for my “night out with the girls”, Ne-Yo’s song “Ain’t Thinking About You” started to blare out of my radio system. It reminded me of my situation. Something I can relate to. It’s kind of funny how a song can tell your whole life story like the person took a ride through your brain. But my situation was different. It wasn’t one of those mushy love songs that you hear that make you think about “that one”. “That one” in my book, can kiss my ass. As I sang along with the words, “Ima Get up get out I ain’t thinking about you…” I thought to myself, “That’s exactly what I’m going to do.” I’m leaving, tonight is no drama, no stress, and for this moment in time…I Ain’t Thinking About You…..