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wuts up chris brown fans. this them creative story writers chris_#1_twins. if you aint reading one of our stories you need to be. but anyway. this how you get to the fanfiction, incase yall didnt know.

first: type in

second: go to artist

third: go to chris brown message board

im assuming yall gone know what to do after that. so lyke i said, if yall aint reading one of our stories, start reading them.

1) Ya Man Aint Me
2)Tryna Get Out
3)Someone To Love Me
4)Why Did I Get Married Young

okay everybody.


thanx girl - i was about 2 be highly upset if they took away fanfic - this board is a mess!

~*Courtney B*~

thanx 4 tha link im on it rite now....couldnt live wit out thanx again!!!!!