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Larvae of the rise to see upstairs, still drying her laundry on the balcony, Sha clothes.When washing, larvae of the tender links london sweetie necklace heart but also his mouth until it falls out one invoice, holiday <a href="">links of london</a> hotel accommodation invoice. Time yesterday, but yesterday, Sha later came back, said to be overtime.Looking at the invoices, larvae of the links of london raindance unconscious. Laundry is just coldly, coldly <a href="">links london</a> laundry, cold room to pick up again. Or, numbness, larvae of an excuse to convince myself have been unable to forgive.Each time, found evidence of Sha derailment, classic links of london heart necklacewhile larvae of the pain is always thorough heart of despair. Her tears have been shed much of the night, now dried up.She curled up on the sofa, so Sha. disc charm braceletRetreat a little bit of light outside, the cold section <a href="">Links of London Watches</a> of light &quot;suddenly&quot; to light up, come in through the glass wear, thorn raw so raw so the whole room.The phone rang, Sha said overtime at the office, come back later. Larvae of the said &quot;Oh&quot; and then hung up the phone.She opened the computer, send a message: Who Take me away, one called the &quot;midnight love&quot; of the ID said: Where are you, I'll pick you up. I drove a white Buick. Larvae of the car, she knew what would happen, but she was not <a href="">links london sweetie bracelet</a> afraid.&quot;Hello, my name is Candy. Miss links of london triple ringyou encounter any trouble Can I help you Relic of the cold to look, with a laugh, a kind of ironic, interesting to say: you do Well, good security measures. Candy about coughing up, links of london sweetie watch with a loss of surprise. Miss, you are mistaken, I do not find Miss. You look very innocent look. Online does not mean that good, huh, one night stands, after no one turn. The &quot;midnight loveonline <a href="">links charm</a> a loose appearance, reality, and is still shy.And seven years Sha together, really is seven-year itch. So, lie every day of the multi-Sha, Sha give yourself less and less time. Sha before holding his own in the palm of the hand, care of love with now In addition to the two people in the dark to ****, what a perfunctory exchange as well.Time is always the world's most sharp knife, cut the warmth, care, compassion, at the last time, is the indifference to each other, in the cold in the injury, in the cold in despair. Larvae tired <a href="">links of london sweetie rings</a> of waiting for years, so she chose to hurt. Hurt themselves.Sha came back, has been the morning of. He gently opened the door, gently turn on the lights. The larvae did not sleep, she curled up on the sofa, looked at him blankly.Sha a bit surprised, but slightly calm a links london charms sweetie bracelet little ;how not to sleepI have sex with another guy. Relic of the light to say that there is no trace of expression.What did you say Do not joke, I came back late that I am wrong, but that report <a href="">Links London Necklaces</a> to catch a cross, a lot of people are busy. Sha came over, sat down, a look of sincere and have to say, can not find some trace of cry, and Sha looked at her links of london silver with disbelief and then dumped a slap in the face over. links silver jewellery He began to fly into a rage! He pushed forward, pinch grip, shaking, cursing.Even.Candy to go off, there is no attempt to hide a surprise, Where are you going, I give you Moving How swollen your face, how is it You walk away, Who are you, so how about me. Candy blushed like a child to make mistakes. links silver jewelry He just grabbed the hand of the larvae, have to take her to the car. His eyes can not be firmly rejected, with a stubborn and willful. Reprinted from: