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Love existing in the eggs

He turned around for several rounds with his links of London watches, and he can not wait, he knocked at the door, have you finished? And then he heard the sound inside. The door opened, he is ready, but the girdle solution was <a href="">links of london</a> a big mouth: "brothers" inside out should be a woman with a links of London necklace.The other party long once, then a matter of bay’s arm with a links of London friendship bracelet: "try to make a trouble!" Li is not closed his mouth lodged open like the type O. He looked at the woman expression, and a wash drying, feeling incredible. The woman in the mirror, he said: "what can see is not go wrong door next links of London store?" After work, told the story about a girl with Sweetie Bracelet in Sterling Silver with 18ct Rolled Gold to listen to, the girlfriend she Chou make her laugh, she Chou straight-faced transfer the topic: "you exactly what to buy a house near links of London UK Company?" Li bay’s in a good mood suddenly. Indeed, in three years to about marriage. Li want to buy a small house, 60 square meter, after all older parents, he cannot invested all his money in the house, the problem is determined to buy capacious house with links of London charms <a href="">links london</a> Chou, should be at least 80 square meters, or married no way!Work the next day, the supervisor to reception, he said, after insurance on you and cuckoo cooperation. Li bay’s mouth lodged open like the type O again, right, in front of the gate is that go wrong Dugan woman. She's not very friendly to: "these days, Mr. concerning me that joke alive?"Li said: "you and full name, you don't seem too." Say that finish, feel oneself accounted for cheap, laughing. Cuckoo stare at him: "you and your name, neither like nor too matching, qualified called lid? Do poem let me hear." Li in the company, is leading the handsome, but his female friends, the beautiful girlfriend she Chou, this is the first Dugan attitude to his woman may wear his links of London ring. Li bay, but rather angry for bickering opponents and excited.Li to negotiate the business, about good in business hotel, front see as a bodyguard left, right, such as customer to watch, but no cuckoo's shadow. Li bay flustered and frustrated dial telephone, her long, her talent to pick up that two hearts charm-red: "the party to immediately to give me a minute, just a minute."Fortunately, the customer is before coming to the rhododendron. Li bay, great evil away customers of Love struck necklace, pave diamond go forward, wearing one pace skirt, closely with Dugan behind him. Li after listening to the sounds cleansed high-heeled shoes and cuckoo said the sorry, countless secretly laughs: small, like to my hand.Cuckoo followed up: "hello, surnamed lid, how so stingy, man?" Li suddenly turned around and not stand straight Dugan step pitch lid bosom with a classic links of London heart necklace, face immediately <a href="">friendship bracelets</a> flush. Li how bad smile: is a man's chest, otherwise, some people can blush with shame?" Sun lid, neatly at cuckoo bang, white skin; feel is another kind of temperament.Li said: "please, I'll forgive you eat." He thought cuckoo will obediently promise, but a thought cuckoo mouth: "I forgot to bring my wallet, you please me!" Li bay Doug: "you know my luck." Look around, there is a western restaurant, and he pointed to the means to go there to buy a links of London chains. Cuckoo shook his head, and his sleeve into a snack bar nearby.The face <a href="">london links</a> of steaming, she walked the wan sleeves, to eat, but also tit-bit Chili issued Chili voice.Thought, it is ok to feed, she Chou hates to the shop, she just likes the taste of the restaurant is.Li bay and she Chou to see a house of 80 square meter, conveniently again see a set of 100 meters, she Chou shine at the moment: "why don't we buy this room, you see more bright." Li bay was holding her hand: "so we just discuss without moneydecorated..." Words haven't finished, she Chou is behind his arm, and anger.Cuckoo call: "my resume is the customer in your briefcase?" Li have doubled in here. He really Cuckoo said: "in my company, please you!" Li bay, frowning said: "you want oneself to take."Li said in accordance with the address of the cuckoo, very not easy to find his house, take a walk, after the <a href="">links jewellery</a> resume of took her: "you seem to owe my meal? Refrigerator has food, you do for me." She put out of his hand, arm pull against a way: "really mean, remember that thing."Cuckoo braise in soy sauce made with celery lily, hair tail a tomato eggs. He swallow saliva, but still don't eat eggs, he was not love to eat eggs. Cuckoo eggs into a bowl, chopsticks, he knocked his bowl: "quick, or don't want to eat the other dishes." After meal in the kitchen door, washing the dishes at cuckoo figure, he thought, three years, she Chou has never once for his kitchen.With her Chou, fight, again and again, the house also no quarrel settled <a href="">links jewelry</a> down. After talking with azalea, usually after business dinner together, each one has main Dugan eggs, gradually, eggs and not so terrible.The meeting 40 years old female clients, to endure the perfume of various cosmetics mixed taste, nice to other narrative related projects. Li in the face of such things not for the first time, politely refuse: "a little something tonight, I ask you." Female: "that is demanding customers when you have the time, when I sign again." Always <a href="">new links of london</a> keep silence in the cuckoo "zoom" stood in front: "how women customers, rich amazing? Money, my boyfriend will accompany you? Old witch!"Female customer angrily walked. Li bay and cuckoo looking at each other, also laughed out, clapped her shoulder: "you can really hard, and lie still call somebody else old witch.. Reprinted from: