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Never say give up

In that day the disk files, finishing a student's photo, colleagues jumped. She says that is you? A: how was the shadow is now out of sight. The youth and simple.
The picture is in 1995, the summer <a href="">pandora charms</a> campus, I wear blotting out the shaded white shirts and green skirt CanRan a smile. Once again, the smile with unfamiliar, spotless young face, there is no point in the eye of the mind clear. 95 years, haven't finished first year of college, fresh life is just beginning. Never knowing the complex, various dreams imagined sun flower. That spring sowing <a href="">pandora jewelry</a> the television began in Tokyo love story, as we like spring outing in military training, the back before the building things are warmly ZiTengHua pandora beads and charms blooms, from the dormitory pandora glass beads to lower the right path, every sweet full size.

But years of effort, the picture that little girl disappeared. The old man still eyebrow eye, however, is quite different. Then many of the future fantasies, pandora rings products in a short span of years, just like pandora bracelets sale the <a href="">pandora braelet</a> beautiful colors, bubble, at a rapid and disillusioned. Could recall, everybody has hurried goodbye campus, each with a pandora style beads satisfactory or boring work, wondering when her to marry off, or change a little closer to home better treatment, or to fly to a distant nation, and let all the zero, and start again.

After the marriage, marriage of reading books, each <a href="">pandora beads</a> have each troubles and helpless, day after day, don't see any change and colour. Thousands of women from the road came to us, and now, the wheel. Human life is about. Others, will come authentic pandora beads to his head. The thing that oneself have nothing to do with that will happen to them. Once thought that oneself can be different, or with the people <a href="">cheap pandora</a> behind. Perhaps this is the most common destiny pandora rings jewellery of women's secular, what's in YongChang boring SiShuiYiTan days, slowly, slowly.

Life is a struggle, the piece, the deeper the sink. Still have all sorts of choice, lack of understanding and is squeezed out of hopelessness, strives for the survival, to grasp the future for the loss, when all the mid-night, I didn't real <a href="">discount pandora</a> courage to face, only went to sleep. His life was like in the bound on the wheel, not to move, merely mechanically rolled day after day, the heart began to rust. Slowly I turned a puddle of water, with pandora rings jewellery different change. I don't care what is what.

Surprised, the students themselves, I call sometimes <a href="">pandora jewelry locator</a> can complain that one or two hours. The same thing, can speak countless times talkative. FanLaiFuQu, is actually a few things. But the repeated chores like a net, and put me tight, wrapped in a tired, don't break, even I breathe in subjection. I was surprised to find that, in <a href="">pandora jewelry sale</a> this year, I have become all not know oneself. In another first, before I loathe my very tired of my own.

Of small, I wanted to be a simple gentle person. pandora gold rings jewellery But the old campus photos, but let me suddenly found I had. Actually I don't always nagging backstabbing complain, but unconsciously, I was once the most worry gradually moving into that kind of woman, this discovery frustrating.

My idea of a beautiful woman, not very beautiful, not very clever, but not very outstanding, must be simple and gentleness. Her eyes QingLie <a href="">pandora jewelry discount</a> like ice, soft water, not vanity, no frills, can not find out a lot of fireworks, all the pathos and sink to the bottom are quietly. Such a woman, not the vale of solitude, she lives in strongly in the world, pandora silver bracelet but the balance of power in inner turmoil, not for the world, not is five-colour temptation to scare.