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that be nice

Posted by prettygirl2745


I had this poster... an it wuz signed by him. I cried halfway to death when my cuz got sick of it an ripped it up lyke 2 years ago. *tears up* still mekes me sad. I did nearly kill my cuz though.

Doesn't he look kinda mad? I mean me an my cuz (b4 he ripped it up) used to crack jokes! my cuz was lyke "He look like he sayin 'Imma kick yo ass *turn* Imma kick yo ass *turn other way* An um DAMN sho gon' kick YO ass, cuz you ate the cream cheese off my bagel!'" an um dyin of laughter! Then my cuz was lyke "I got another 1! He lookin lyke 'ware da hell is my bagel!?' An the coffee boy's lyke 'here's ur bagel, sir.' an Chris goes 'Thanks- wait. Ware's da cream cheese?' an the coffee boy wipes his mouth and puts the cream cheese on the bagel an Chris is lyke 'Thanks' an punches him in the face, then you see cream cheese and teeth flyin out his mouth. Then Chris catches the cream cheese on the bagel an goes 'Thank you' throws the bagel away an fires the guy." I have died of lack of oxygen cuz I laughed so hard for so long. XD->--<


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I have this poster :)