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How much time to tear down

I know this question may seem silly. Then why ask, tear, drop the time
But I often think, shed a tear, you need a long time. The more people grow up, the more used to suppress the true inner feelings, no longer <a href="">bracelets</a> burst into tears burst out laughing, and everything is just a touch of go beyond. Nothing seems more and more things that can make me sad to immediately to tears, like the legendary lost camel lacrimal gland, can not find anymore the release of sad exports. So tear in the eyes leaking pandora jewellery before brewing for a long time already in mind, even before the fall, has quietly evaporated.

A while back a friend and her boyfriend parted, a gang of buddies was supposed to come to comfort her wounded heart, but she laughs <a href="">sale</a> pandora bracelets we're too nosy, life and the movie's sad farewell as a reality. Girls to work as usual every day, eat, talk dirty jokes, live moist and full, like the former than the break even radiant.

Then one night, a few buddies joke against the wishes candles, put candles all the way again, saying it could blow out can only wish. pandora rings A few people laughing and joking all the success, and turn to her when it happens that <a href="">jewelry</a> stubborn candle, how to revive the dying can be, where the provocative swaying like, so that you have a shot of the crowd booing ... forget it ...

Moment spewing out of her tears, rolling down, not stop blowing hard still uphold. I have never seen such a raging cry, it was not in tears, simply waterfalls three thousand feet, as if suddenly the water in her body must embankment. She just <a href="">pandora beads</a> burst into tears crying for a long time, finally admitted that she also likes him, she was pandora necklace quietly disappointing wish, you can reunite.

She has endured endured hard, do not want so weak, do not want to give people an excuse for sympathy, she would not let him think that silver <a href="">pandora sale</a> pandora chains she will not do without him. In fact, she has been in tears, but we can not see, and silently flowing out. So long, and finally at that moment can, blew out.

Some miss was a baby, crying, as arbitrary, pandora silver charms dripping fun. Not only that, when the tears, but also often in exchange for the warm comfort of our care and carefully. All along, crying all the human instinct to alleviate the <a href="">pandora jewellery</a> distress to protect themselves, both men and women also need to like children, to vent pandora silver beads their feelings by crying, wet dry eyes. After all, is not only that we do not want to be reconciled, to such a weakness in front and ended up in public suspicion of coquetry. Moreover, how can even cry, wipe away the tears still have sole responsibility, why waste time

A girl said, already, too lazy to cry ... ...

Sometimes sad, it has been said to myself, pandora silver necklace do not cry before the first endured, and now go to school and parents to go to dinner, etc. After a while, back home and then closed the door crying. Then looked up and take a deep breath very hard, as if put the pressure back to tear relentlessly heart, look as usual, rushing, busy, greeting, smiling. But finally came home, had been too tired to exhaustion, in addition <a href="">pandora bracelets</a> to difficulties also attend to the other, or go to sleep or not to wash so sentimental, crying swollen eyes tomorrow will be how ugly, let the nerves a little hard a little rough, and I cry.

One morning, the weather was cool, wrap pieces pandora silver chain of clothing on the balcony to see a long, rain. I have been so standing, inexplicable sadness, there is such a rare moment, the atmosphere is so gloomy, the world is so quiet, I am a man stood and watched the rain, in the invasion of cold air under some of shivering. I said to myself than to present it, and rain with the sensational one, and then did not hesitate no <a href="">pandora</a> preparation, tears really came, the heart began to sharp pain, as if all the senses, suddenly revived. As with a sharp knife cut open and full of orange juice lovers can not stop an instant, so the pandora charm bracelet soft flesh exposed to air, all the vulnerable will be shown.

I do not know how long this is forbear tears, but it was finally in such a humid morning, the rapid fall, the release of arrogance. I think you can have time to have a chance to cry, is always good; also bitter tears, it means the heart has not dried up; pandora jewellery charms you can feel the pain, it is because the soul, not yet old numb.

A tear, how long before they can be free to release ... ...