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Accompany beside you, to guard you.

Some say, it has been warm smile man.
Someone said, he is a very good voice of man.
Someone said, he is a kind-hearted man.
Someone said, he is a hard man to dream.

Childhood of gold <a href="">gap card payment</a> finish, dreams of one day can fly to the sky, like Ferdinand ossendowski so, be a hero.
Teens and dream to be an actor, experience natures life.
Because in the street holding bear fearless and versatility, then add myth, less than twenty young, full of dreams of the future, in fear and expect and ambitious.
In 1998, March 24 first stood on the stage, gold 烔 finish and his brothers, feeling below came from the battle cry, <a href="">gap code</a> feeling oneself heartbeat frequency. First, they found on the stage, stage of myths, is so dazzle beautiful and dazzing.
Hence, he practicing hard, striving to want to let oneself become more outstanding, to let more people know him, like him.

Suddenly, ten years.

Ten years, had tears, <a href="">gap stores locator</a> has had the pain, had because massive blow and mute pale.
Ten years, have lost, have pity, had a coward, but always towards dream and efforts, never escape.

10 mill rocks.

Ten years, he worked as a DJ, as host, clap, clap the TV commercials, play the film, hair album, first with individual name to China, for the first time in Japan open FAN MEETING... -
That man, <a href="">gap pants</a> finish gold carefully take step and every step, but walk firmly and clinking.
Is no longer had the ignorant boy, young withdrew childishness appearance, ten years of experience, this call gold finish of man, laugh more confident, more shining.
Just warm, always unchanged.

Yeah, ten years doesn't change, gold finish, just finish. gold

Gold finished, he is a nice person.
He happy time, <a href="">gap men coat</a> will laugh like a leap, everywhere, completely indifferent their image.
This time will be very think honked his and asked gold finish did you forget to oneself or an entertainer? ! But see his elated, everywhere SaHuan appearance, mouth but uncontrollably abundance, by his smile infection, the mood is inexplicable good terribly.

Gold <a href="">gap 1969 jeans</a> finished, he is a kind man.
He often to those who need help donations, eager to charity,
He put the mother as the most important treasures, meticulous care, so my mother would say he is a "like his father's son",
He has a call "sweet potato" dog, he likes to wear clothes, like a handsome photographing it, like to bring it for a walk. Sweet potato injured, he would pick pachyrhizus sit on sofa, take care to caress. The picture, the man, warm such as yesterday.

Gold finished, he's not a star shelf.
He likes and rice to exchange, will like my elder brother teach those same sense not make track for a star meals, <a href="">gap sale</a> to rice said. "I love you",
He has a called "small" web pages, he is used to write diary. A few photos, just a few word, sometimes vents, sometimes tell us his recent situation, however sometimes puzzling sea...
Someone says, gold to complete rice is the best. Suddenly, the diary spoilt by our eyes, always stars form of waiting for his small, waiting to see him, see his well recently.
Although nationality is different, the language, but it doesn't matter, we have gold 烔 over of small, as if he was in our life.

Gold finished, he is an ordinary men.
He can also be ill, <a href="">gap outlet</a> will be painful, be bored, also can have could not support want fell.
He tired, pain, want to give up, we only firm keep beside him, silently support him, buchibuqi, give him up strength, as he gives us the same.

Want to say to him, two series of pressure, forthcoming enlisted disturbing, surrounds him unpleasantness, please brave face!
Tired tired, fear, and we, accompany beside you, to guard you.