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Make hay while the sun shines

Brent had been gone <a href="">Vibram Five Fingers shoes</a> for eight months now, the victim of a virulent strain of testicular cancer. Adrienne had watched Amanda sink into a deep depression, and yester¬day afternoon, when she dropped off the grandchildren after spending some time <a href="">vibram shoes</a> with them, she found the drapes at their house drawn, the porch light still on, and Amanda sitting in the living room in her bathrobe with the same vacant expression she’d worn on the day of the funeral.It was then, while standing in <a href="">five fingers shoes</a> Amanda’s living room, that Adrienne knew it was time to tell her daughter about the past. Fourteen years. That’s how long it had been. In all those years, Adrienne had told only one person about what had happened, but her father had <a href="">five fingers kso </a> died with the secret, unable to tell anyone even if he’d wanted to. Her mother had passed away when Adrienne was thirty¬-five, and though they’d had a good relationship, she’d al¬ways been closest to her father. He was, she still thought, one of <a href="">Vibram Five Fingers US</a> two men who’d ever really understood her, and she missed him now that he was gone. His life had been typi¬cal of so many of his generation. Having learned a trade in¬stead of going to college, he’d spent forty years in a furniture manufacturing plant working for an hourly wage that increased by pennies each January. He <a href="">Vibram Five Fingers US Sale</a> wore fedoras even during the warm summer months, carried his lunch in a box with squeaky hinges, and left the house promptly at six forty-five every morning to walk the mile and a half to work. In the evenings after <a href="">Vibram Five Fingers Classic</a> dinner, he wore a cardigan sweater and long-sleeved shirts. His wrinkled pants lent a di¬sheveled air to his appearance that grew more pronounced as the years wore on, especially after the passing of his wife. He liked to sit in the easy chair with the yellow lamp glow¬ing beside <a href="">Vibram Men Shoes</a> him, reading genre westerns and books about World War II. In the final years before his strokes, his old-fashioned spectacles, bushy eyebrows, and deeply lined face made him look more like a retired college professor than the blue-collar worker he had been. There was peacefulness <a href="">Vibram Classic Men Shoes</a> about her father that she’d al¬ways yearned to emulate. He would have made a good priest or minister, she’d often thought, and people who met him for the first time usually walked away with the impres¬sion that he was at peace <a href="">Vibram Fivefingers Classic Shoes</a> with himself and the world, He was a gifted listener; with his chin resting in his hand, he never let his gaze stray from people’s faces as they spoke, his expression mirroring empathy and patience, humor and sadness. Adrienne wished that he were around for Amanda right now; he, too, had lost a spouse, and she thought Amanda would listen to him, if only because he knew how hard it really was.A month ago, when <a href="">Vibram Fivefingers Kso Shoes</a> Adrienne had gently tried to talk to Amanda about what she was going through, Amanda had stood up from the table with an angry shake of her head. “This isn’t like you and Dad,” she’d said. “You two couldn’t work out your problems, so you divorced. But I loved Brent. I’ll always love Brent, and I lost him. You don’t <a href="">Vibram Fivefingers Speed Shoes</a> know what it’s like to live through something like that.” Adrienne had said nothing, but when Amanda left the room, Adrienne had lowered her head and whispered a sin¬gle word. While Adrienne sympathized with <a href="">Vibram Fivefingers Sprint Shoes</a> her daughter, she was concerned about Amanda’s children. Max was six, Greg was four, and in the past eight months, Adrienne had no¬ticed distinct changes in their personalities.