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GUCC send force that buys market

Beijing shangbao October 14 - GUCCI, PRADA and other international big start to play the deepening domestic e-commerce market. International big-name figure in the recent call ha nets etc website to start increase, and a lot of brands is <a href="">gucci shoe online</a> global synchronous shelves, the overall price can even equivalent to the entity shop 4-8 fold.
Aimed at the online sales channel
E-commerce gens discover not hard, since this year, locating in high-end consumption of e-commerce <a href="">gucci</a> sites (such as call ha nets, rob fresh nets, qianhe nets etc) have increased international big-name brands of ratio.
According to shout ha nets relevant controller introduces, in the first half of this year the site added "international high-quality goods" area, with the international brand suppliers directly cooperation, Burberry, Dior business such as luxury <a href="">gucci sunglass</a> brand. "Due to the special overseas direct purchase channel, website commodity can global synchronism shelves, and part design is domestic entity shop never had." Call ha nets above chief discloses, covet potential domestic consumption market, currently Italy, USA supply are quite <a href="">gucci shoes</a> preferential price chamber.
A called global luxury pithy stores in entity shop outside technically still opened e-commerce platform, consumers can browse through the mouse store within 20 brand <a href="">gucci sunglasses online</a> commodity, and all the single exempt freight.
Domestic high-end buys <a href="">gucci handbags uk</a> trend
From the statistics show called ha nets, its daily visitors amount nearly 20 million person-time, daily guest list quantity achieved 500 single above. In unit price, clinch <a href="">gucci handbags</a> a deal guest international high-quality goods of average guest unit price reached 35 yuan, domestic goods guest unit price also 5.5 yuan. Because it involves a commercial secrets, shout ha <a href="">gucci jewellery</a> nets refused to disclose its luxury sales of the specific conditions of customs declaration says only "surge".