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Psychological Disparate

Psychological Disparate
Always wants to see you, also is always willing to receive your telephone call, can follow you freely narrates his story, but never try to put their own lives in touch with you together. For your sorrow and <a href="">oakley gascan</a> worry, for your comfort and joy, for you want a book often go shopping for you suddenly bookshop, flu and anxious, but have never consider let yourself get involved in your life-changing midst.
Can't say we love one another, because <a href="">oakleys</a> we don't want to have each. But, but we are not ordinary friends, because we each other's concern has permeate deep heart. In love and like squeezed, we walk was not a bit cramped, fall to any side is not our expectations of choice. We have their own emotional world, who is not each other, but the love story of the protagonist lover and friend <a href="">oakley sunglasses sale</a> cannot give us but we can satisfy body from each other. Perhaps because it is opposite sex friend, so personality, psychological disparate make both parties will mutual complement and mutual encouragement enlightenment, so easy to give inspirational, the efficiency, it is because the connivance understand each other and more mutual appreciation. I think that life is not chemical element, how to tell is hydrogen or oxygen? It <a href="">oakley goggles</a> is a water hydrogen 2 oxygen. You cannot reduction, restore the is not water. Someone said between men and women emotion which is human except family love, friendship and love outside the fourth feelings. Is the fire of ice, not the ice melted into water quench a fire, is a fire too prosperous the evaporation of the ice water. So this kind of emotional sustain up too difficult. But I think, want to have a <a href="">oakley ski goggles</a> fourth feelings and no fault. Living in an open and rich society, the face of a variety of people, natural meeting has different feeling. We are independent, society is also very tolerant, if we choose a heterosexual become friends, no one berating we must love union, we see each other as friends just because she likes. If say the opposite sex, it is just hit and miss. Have an umbrella rain hold for a long time, the rain stopped still <a href="">Cheap Oakley Active Sunglasses</a> refused to accept. Have a bunch of flowers smell for a long time, withered will not lost. Have a kind of friendship, hope forever. Even if become white-haired, also can heart retained. This period of classic text again read, still can make my mind kissing aroused the margin of a man, every bits of bit warm bright life way of fine. In life's walk, will experience many things, meet many people, in the meantime have I want to close and want to near my people, and interpersonal relationship is things of constantly update with alternating process. And then there are many people say margin, meet is a good luck, it is fate, and met also rim. Be honest, cherish each other understanding that copy of the beauty of fate, and grasp <a href="">Cheap Oakley Dirt Bike Goggles</a> the precious good affinity, feel English with margin brings me better feeling, feel a margin to the process of ah bright, the feeling of this life mileage experience.
No matter the flower blossom, margin will be in my heart leave traces, as the song is recited "it is a song to meet". You once said to me: it is a song to meet, the eye is spring sea, youth is a green river, it is a song to meet, the counterpart is you and me, the heart is the young sun, sincerity and lively,... You once said to me: it is a song to meet, including the way of tomorrow, missing also fire, the heart is the eternal <a href="">Cheap Oakley Lifestyle Sunglasses</a> strings, firm and persistent... Lyrics power lies in real life appeal, friends and condition of my colleague in the life on the road.